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where all tribulation is at an end ; no need of any fights' ing grace, where there is nothing but vi&ory, light, life, love, liberty, joy, glory. You have a fighting life of it here, but then a song of victory ; victory for evermore.

7. The vail of Infirmities will be rent in twain: here believers have infirmities on their bodies, that have no small influence on tlie actings of their souls; infirmities on their souls, darkne's and dulness in their intellectual powers; infirmities of the new nature, the ch created in Christ Jesus, though supported by his power, and guided by his grace; yet still it is a weak thing, like a new-born babe: but none of these infirmities are in theo that are within the vail; they are become perfect; " Then shall we all come in the unity of the faith, to a perfe&t man in Christ,” Eph. iv. 13. Then that fcrip. ture shall be fully accomplished, Ifa. XXX. 26. “ The light of the moon shall be as the light of the fun; and the light of the sun shall be seven-fold, as the light of seven days."

8. The vail of Mortality fhall be rent in twain; for, .“ This mortal shall put on immortality ; this corruption, fhall put on incorruption; and death shall be swal. lowed up in victory." The vail of flesh, the clay tabera nacle will be rent ia twain; “ We know, that if the earthly house of this tabernacle were diffolved, we have a building of Gori, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens: for in this we groan earnestly, defiring to be clothed upon with our house which is from heaven," 2 Cor. v. 1, 2; O was you ever brought to that man's saying, “O mortality, mortality! O time, time! that * will not hafte away, to let eternity come!'. Was you never content to shake the sand-glass of time to win to cternity? was you never content to take death in your arms; and say, Welcome, welcome; O friend, welcome news, that mortality fhall be swallowed up of life?

9. The vail of Incapacity will be rent in twain; nowy you are not capable of that glory which you thall he able to behold and contain in heaven; your eye is fo weak, that you cannot behold the Sun of righteousness fhining in his strength. Tho' light be the most pleafing thing to the eye ; yet the meridian brightness of the


fun cannot be looked upon without destroying the fight; because the faculty is not so strong, nor capable to re. ceive the object: so it is here, we want a capacity to behold the light of glory ; but within the vail, or in hea. ven, the faculty will be strengthened, and the capacity enlarged, to hold an exceeding great and eternal weight of glory; the want of which hath made fome, in time, when their cup hath overflowed with .confolation, to cry out, i Lord, hold thy hand, thy servant is a clay. • veslel, and 'can hold no more.' Indeed it is little we get here below, and it is little we can hold, though we should get our fill; but in heaven the capacity will be so enlarged, that it will be able to hold a fulness of God, a fulness of glory, a fulness of the Spirit; fulness of joy. at God's right-hand for ever and ever.

10. The vail of wearinefs shall be rent in twain; here we soon weary of praying and preaching, we soon weary of sermons and facraments. I doubt not but many here may be wearied to the heart with this day's work. Indeed little wonder that the carnal heart say, What a weariness is this work?. For, as one says, you may take a carnal man, • tie him to a post, and then kill him with praying and • preaching only.' But even the spiritual man himself, while he hath a wearying body of death about him, he wearies of ordinances, he wearies of God's service; but in heaven, within the vail, they shall ferve him without wearying or fainting, Rev. xxii. 3.; there his fervan's fall serve him. Their weary service here is hardly to be called a service; but there his servants shall serve him indeed. O! will it not be a mystery, and a great wonder, if we, who cannot pray half an hour to an end, and hardly hear an hour to an end, but will be toiled, as if we had done some marvellous work, shall be brought to heaven, and never weary of the service of heaven? Here is comfort, believer, you shalt through all the years of eternity, praise him, and never weary.

In a word, all the vails of trouble and trials will be rent in twain;'" There remains a rest for the people of God.”—The vail of sorrow and anxiety shall be rent in twain; for all tears shall be wipt from their eyes: Sorrow and fighing shall flee away. The vail of 'lickness and : Vol. I.

uneasiness of body or foul shall be rent in twain: The inhabitants of that land shall not say, I am fick; the people that dwell therein Mill be forgiven their iniquity The vail of wandering thoughts and vain imaginations, will be ren in twain ; you shall not have a wrong thought or conception of God throughout all eternity ; for all your heartplagues, lusts, and corruptions, that you have been wreitling with all your days, will leave you; and I am sure you will leave them with such pleasure and satisiaction, and be so glad to part with them, that you will hardly shake hands with them ; but rather say, the back of my hand to you: many a fad hour, many a figh and groan have youceft me; but it is well for me, that now I am quit of you for ever. And I cannot but say, that they who now have a glad heart to think of 'a parting with there, and a meeting with Christ for ever, thev have gotten some communion with him this day. , . Finally, The Vail of Time will be rent in twain; and the streams of time will be swallowed up in the ocean of eternity. O how will you say with wonder then, O hath such a black and ugly creature as I was, gotten glorious Christ in my arms, never, never, never to part again ! O how wil his kind looks dart a sweetness and joy inexpressible into your hearts, when you Thall be led with the Lamb about the rivers of living water, when time fhall be no niore!-- Take all this this comfort into your hearts, believers, for the God of consolation allows you to rejoice for ever, and to rejoice in the hope of the glory of God, which you Thall see and be for ever possest of within the va l.

Ule Fifth, For Exhortation. All I shall now say, is this, if the vail be rent in twain by the death of Christ, O then come and fee, come and take, come and wonder, come and enter, come and sing.

1. Come and see. When the seal was opened, Rev. vi. then the voice cried, “ Come and see:” so, when the vail is rent, О come and fee; come and see. Turn aside and see this great fight, the vail of separation betwixt God and us rent in twain from the top to the bottom.: What was to be seen within the vail of the temple, you are told, Heb. ix. 4, 5: “ There was to be seen the golden


censer, the golden pot, the ark of the covenant, the tables of the covenant, and over it the cherubims of glory overShadowing the mercy-leat.” What all these did fignify, I cannot stand to shew ; but in thort, they all pointed out the glory of God in Jesus Christ. Now the 'vail is rent; then look into the holiest, and see the glorious my. stery of redeeming love ; see the wisdom, power, holinels, justice, goodness, and grace of God, manifested brightly in the face of Jesus, who by his death rent the vail, that we might see heaven, and the glory of it.

2. Come and take. The pot of manna was within the vail, as you see in that forecited text, which signified Christ the bread of life. Now, that the vail is rent; you may co:ne to the holiest and take manna : if you go away fasting this night, it will be your own fault; for you have liberty to come and take, since the vail is rent. Christ hinself is the manna; and if you take him, you take all things with him that you need. Do you need a pardon? Why, the opening of the vail is a proclamation of pardon upon a jubilee day. In the year of jubilee, the prielts entered within the vail into the holiest; and there was a discharge of debt, and liberty proclaimed; so here is our jubilee; Cbrilt our High-Priest having rent the vail, and entered into the holiest, he issues out his proclamation of indemnity; he proclaims pardon of debt. Many a bankrupt drowned in deb', is in this green; but behold, the cry is, “Go forth ye prisoners

of hope.” There is a pardon in this pot of manna, if . you will but take it; yea, there is life to your souls,

and death to your sins in this pot of manna, if you will take it. Object. But you will say, I cannot take what is offered to me. Answ. I wish you indeed knew your own weakness, and sensible of it; “ No man can come

to' me, says Christ, except the Father draw him :' - But, O! hath God drawn you so far as that you are willing to take Christ, though you can do nothing; and willing that Christ should take you ? Do you know what it is to believe? It is not to do some great thing by your own power, no: it is a grace that hath two eyes; with the one it looks to a man's self, and fees his own utter weakness, saying, “ Not that I am sufficient of myself to think · K2


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any thing as of myself:” and with the other it looks to God, and fees his infinite power, saying, “ My fuf@ciency is of God.” So, that to believe, is to see that you can do nothing, and to employ the power of God to do all things for you, and in you that you need. Now, when you are called to take Christ, you are called to take and employ the power of God to do all things that you are called to do, but cannot do of yourself; this power of God is in your offer, and you may give employment to it : Ifa. xxvii. 5. “Let him take hold of my firength, that he may make peace with me, and he Mall make peace with me.” Did you ever know before that the power of God was at your service ? Take hold of his. power, and give employment to his power, laying, Lord, let this power of thine be put forth upon an indigent creature, that I may take Chrift. Behold, the Father offers him for wisdom, rightecufnels, fanctification and redeniption; there is manna indeed, which you have for the taking in this manner, saying, Lord, take me, and I will take thee. Let thy power and grace be glorified upon me. If you be in earnest, it is a bargain ; for he never called a finner to take his Son upon any other terms, but that they only consent that Christ perform all the work, and take all the glory. . 3. Come and wonder: “ Behold, the vail of the temple was rent in twain, from the top to the bottom.” Come and wo:der, that all hinderances are taken out of the way of your access to God. Wonder at the love of God in lending his Son to rend the vail; wonder at the love of Christ in rending the vail, that you might have access to God; wonder that it was rent at all; wonder that it was rent in twain; wonder that it was rent from the top

to the bottom; wonder at the thing, and wonder at the occasion of it. Christ gave up the ghost, and the vail of the temple was rent. The rending of the vail cost him his life, it cost him his soul; his soul was made an offer. ing for fin, and then the vail was rent. O, is there no wondering at this? It would be an evidence of a good communion to you, if you were filled with wonder. A short wonder is better than a long prayer.

4. Come and enter. Not only fee and take, and won.


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