Monthly Bulletin, Volume 2

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1913
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Page 134 - An Historical and Descriptive Account of the Peruvian Sheep, called Carneros de la Tierra; and of the experiments made by the Spaniards to improve the respective breeds...
Page 323 - A description of the genus Pinus, illustrated with figures, directions relative to the cultivation, and remarks on the uses of the several species. [Also descriptions of many other new species of the family of Conifera.] 3vol.
Page 123 - Museum rusticum et commerciale: or, Select papers on agriculture, commerce, arts, and manufactures. Drawn from experience, and communicated by gentlemen engaged in these pursuits. Rev. and digested by several members of the Society for the encouragement of arts, manufactures, and commerce.
Page 124 - Tull, Jethro. Horse-hoeing husbandry; or, An essay on the principles of vegetation and tillage; designed to introduce a new method of culture, whereby the produce of land will be increased and the usual expense lessened.
Page 203 - A HANDBOOK FOR TRAVELLERS IN INDIA, BURMA, AND CEYLON. Including the Provinces of Bengal, Bombay, Madras, the United Provinces of Agra and Lucknow, the Panjab...
Page 152 - Building is owned jointly by the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Institute of Mining Engineers, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, the four national engineering societies, known as the Founder Societies. Its erection, and that of the Engineers' Club which adjoins, was made possible through the generosity of Mr.
Page 7 - COLUMBARIUM; or, The Pigeon-House : Being an Introduction to a Natural History of Tame Pigeons, giving an Account of the several Species known in England, with the Method of breeding them, their Distempers and Cures. The...
Page 251 - Dictionary:/ Containing/ The Best and Newest Methods/ of/ Cultivating and Improving/ the/ Kitchen, Fruit, Flower Garden, and Nursery...
Page 135 - Harley William: The Harleian Dairy System, and an Account of the various Methods of Dairy Husbandry pursued by the Dutch. Also, a new and improved Mode of ventilating Stables. With an Appendix, containing useful Hints (founded on the Author's Experience) for the Management of Hedge-row Fences, Fruit Trees, &c.; and the Means of rendering Barren Land fruitful.
Page 247 - WATERPROOFING CONCRETE. By MYRON H. LEWIS. Modern Methods of Waterproofing Concrete and Other Structures. A condensed statement of the Principles, Rules, and Precautions to be Observed in Waterproofing and Dampproofing Structures and Structural Materials. Paper binding. Illustrated. Price 50 cents DICTIONARIES STANDARD ELECTRICAL DICTIONARY.

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