1 Then shall the Priest say, Hear the words of the Gospel, Let us pray:

written by Saint John in the (1 And here all the Congregation

third Chapter, beginning at the

firit Verse: Shall knee!.) AG, WOW and everlafing There was a means the cy didtt fave Noah and his family mus, a ruler of the Jews: The in the ark froin perithing, by fame camelo Jesus by night, and water, and al.o didit fately icad said unto him, Rabbi, we know the children of israel thy people that thou art a teacher come through the Red fea, nuring from God; for no man can do thereby thy holy Baptifin; and these miracles that thou doeit, by, the Baptirn of thy well. except God be with him. jelus beloved Son Jesus Chriá in the answered and said unto him, river Jordan, didit fanctify the Verily, verily, I say unto thee, element of water to the mystical Except a man be born again. he wathing away of lim; We beleech cannot see the kingdom of God. thee for thine infinite mercies, Nicodemus faich unto hion, How that thou wilt mercifully look can a man bo born when he is upon these thy servants : waih old! can he enter the second them, and landi.y them with time into his mother's womb, the Holy Ghoft; that they being and be born: Jesus answered, delivered from thy wrath, may Verily, verily, I say unto thee, be received into the ark of Except a man be born of water Chrift's Church; and being fted and of the Spirit, he cannot en faft in faith, joyful through ter into the kingdom of God. hope, and rooted in charity, may That which is burn of the feth, fo pass the waves of this trouble is fleth: and that which is born tome world, that finally they may of the Spirit, is {pirit. Marvel not come to th: land of everlafling that I said unto thee, Ye must be life, there to reign with thee, born again. The wind bioweth world without end, through Je where it lifteth, and thou heareft fus Chriit our Lord. Amen.

the found thereof; but cant LMIGHTY and immortal noc tell whence it cometh, and A fu the helper of all that fee to thee that is born o the Spirit. for succour, the lite of them that 1 After which he shall say this Exbelieve, and the resurrection of

hortation following : the dead; We call upon thee for there everyone that they coming to BELOVED ye hear in this Gofremission of their fins by spiri- a man be born of water and of

our Saviour Christ, that except tual regeneration. Receive them, O Lord, as thou haft promised the Spirit he cannot enter into by thy wellbeloved Son, laying,

the kingdom of God. Whereby Ask, and ye shall receive; leek; ye may perceive the great ne. and ye shall find; knock, and ceflity of this sacrament, where it thall be opened unto you: mediately before his afcenfion

Likewife im

it may be had. So give now unto us that alk; into heaven, (as we read in the let us that seek, tind; open the last Chapter of Saint Mark's gate unto us that knock that Gospel, he gave command to latting benediction of thy hea- all the world, and prezch tbe the eternal kingdom which thou that believeth, and is baptized, venly wathing, and may come to Gospel to every creature: He haft promised by Christ our Lord. Thall be saved, but he thar be.

lieveth not, thall be damned. Then fall the people stand up, which allo theweth unro us the and the Priest shallgay, great benefit we reap thereby.



For which cause Saint Peter the 9 Then the Priest shall Speak to the

Apoftle, when upon his firft Persons to be baptized, on this • preaching of the Gospel many wise;

here to him and the best of the Wecome hinner'dewing 6 Apoftlez, Men and brethren, receive holy Baptism, ye have what thall we do? replied and heard how the congregation said unto them; Repent and be hath prayed that our Lord Jebaprized every cne of you for sus Chriít would vouchsafe to the remiflion of fins, and ye thall receive you and bless you, to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost release you of your fins, to give For the promise is to you and you the kingdom of heaven and your children, and to all that everlasting lite. ne have heard are afar off, even as many as the also that our Lord Jesus Chrift Lord our God shall call. And hath promised in his holy Word, with many other words exhort to grant all those things that we ed he them, saying, Save your have prayed for; which promise telves from this untoward gene he for his part will moit surely rarion. For (as the same Apoitle keep and perform. teftifieth in another place) even - Wherefore after this promise Baptifm doth also now fave us made by Chrift, ye muit alfo (not the putting away of the faithfully for your part promise filth of the feth, but the answer in the presence of thele your of a good conscience towards witnesses, and this whole Con. God) by the refurre&tion of Jesus gregation, that ye will renounce Chrif. Doubt ye not theretore, the devil agd all his works, and but earnettly, believe, that he conftantly believe God's 'holy will favourably receive these pre: Word, and obediently keep his fcnt perfons, truly repenting and commandments. coming unto him by faith, that he will grant them remiffion of 1 Then Mall the Priest demand of their fins, and beftow upon them each of the Persons to be baptiz. the Holy Ghoft; that he will ed, severally, these questions give them the bleling of eternal following: everlasting kingdom..

the devil and all his Where!ore we being thus per. works, the vain pomp and glory fuaded of the good will of our of the world, with all covetous heavenly Father towards these defires of the same, and the car. perfons, declared by his son nal desires of the fieth, so that Jesus Christ. let us faithfully and thou wilt not follow, nor be led devoutly give thanks to him, and by themi say,

Anfw. I renounce them all. LMIGHTY and everlasting Queft. Din God the Father

God, heaven!y Father, we give thee humble thanks, for Almighty, Maker of heaven and that thou hart vouchfated to earth? call us to the knowledge of thy And in Jesus Chrift his only grace and faith in thee; Increase begotten Son our Lord! And this knowledge and confirm that he was conceived by the this faith in us evermore : Give Holy Ghoft, born of the Virgin thy holy Spirit to these perfuns, Mary; that he suffered under that they may be born again, Pontius Pilate, was crucified, and be made heirs of everlasting dead, and buried; that he went salvation through our Lord down into hell, and also did rise Jesus Chrift, who liveth and again the third day; that he reigneth with thee and the ascended into heaven, and fitteth Holy Spirit, now and for ever, at the right hand of God the

Father Almighty; and from


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thence thall come again at the the persons now to be baptized end of the world to judge the therein, may receive the fulness quick and the dead?

of thy grace, and ever remain in And doit thou believe in the the number of thy faithful and Holy Ghoft; the Holy Catholick elect, children, through jesus Church; the Communion of Christ our Lord. Amen. Saints; the Remiffion of Sins; I Then shall the Prief, take each the Resurrection of the Fleih;

perfun to be baptized by the right and everlasting Life after death

hand, and placing him conve. Answ. All this I stedfaftly be. niently by the Font, according to lieve.

his discretion, shall ask the God.

fathers and Godmothers the Quest. Winthois be baptiz

Name; and then shall dip him in Antw. That is my desire.

the water, or pour water upor

him, saying, Quest. ILT thou then obe. W diently keep God's N. Name of the father

, and holy will and commandments, and walk in the fame all the days of the Son, and of the Holy

Ghoit. Amen. of thy life? Answ. I will endeavour to to

9 Then shall the Priest day, do, God being my helper.

E receive this person into T Then shall the Priest say, O that the old Adam in these *sign him with


Hata perjons may be so buried; tha the fign of the

rries boll mare the new man may be raised up Crois; in token

4 Grots upon 14 in them. Amen.

person's forebead.

that hereafterhe Grant that all carnal affections thall not be atharned to confess may die in them, and that all the faith of Christ crucified and things belonging to the Spirit manfullyro fi ht under his ban. may live and grow in them. cmen. Grant that they may nave pow the devil; and to continue Chritt's

ner, aga init fin, the world and er and Arength :o have vict ry, taithful soldier and servant un:0 N and to triumph apainit the devil, his life's end. Amen. the world and the fleth Arsen.

Grant that they being here de. 1 Then shall the Priest jay, dicated to thee by our Office and Ministry, may also be endued S

brechren, that theje persons with heavenly virtues, and everJaningly rewarded, through thy the body of Christ's Church, lec

are regenerate and grafted into mercy, o blessed Lord Gd who doft live and govern all things, God for these benefits, and with

us give thanks unto Almighty world without end. Amen.

one accord make our prayers un. A

LMIGHTY everliving God, to him, that they inay lead the

whole mo dearly beloved rest of their life according to this Son Jesus Christ, for the forzive: beginning. ness of our fins, did thed out of his moft precious tide both water I Then

shall be said the Lord's

Prayer, all kneeling. and blood, and gave command. ment to his disciples, that they fhould go teach all nations, and

UR Father, which art in O

heaven, Hallowed be thy baprize them, In the Name of Name; Thy kingdom come; the Father, and of the Son, and Thy will be done in earth, as of the Holy Ghoft; Regard, we it is in heaven : Give us this beseech thee, the supplications day our daily bread; And for of thy congregation; fan£tify give us our trespaffes, as we for. this water to the my@ical wath give them that trefpafy against ** away of fin, and grant that us; And lead us not into tempo


tation, But deliver us from evil, (T. And then speaking to the netu Amen.

baptized Perfons, he shall pro..

ceed and say,). WE yield thee humble thanks, o heavenly Father, that

A thou haft vouchsafed to call us to

ND as for you, who have the knowledge of thy grace, and Chrift, it is your part and duty

now by Baptism put on faith in thee; Increase this

know. also, being made the children of ledge, and confirm this faith in God, and of the light by faith in us evermore. Give thy holy Spi Jesus Chrift, to walk answerably rit to these persons, that being to your Chriftian calling, and as now born again, and made heirs becometh the children of light: of everlafting falvation, through remembering always that Bap. our Lord Jesus Christ, they may tism representeth unto us our continue thy servants, and attain profession; which is, to follow the thy promises, through the same example of our Saviour Chrift, Lord Jesus Chrift thy Son, who and to be made like unto him ; liveth and reigneth with thee that as he died, and rose again in the unity of the fame Holy for us; fo should we, who are Spirit everlastingly. Amen. ! baptized, die from fin, and rise 1 Then all standing up, the Priest again unto righteousness; con: fhell use this Exhortation fol- tinually mortifying all our evil lowing; speaking to the

Godfa. and corrupt affe&ioos, and daily thers and Godmothers first. proceeding in all virtue and F have promiled in your pre

PORASMUCH as these persons godliness of living. fence to renounce the devil and it is expedient that every person, ail.his works, to believe in God,

thus baptized, Mould be confirm and to serve him; ye muft re

ed by the Bishop, so soon after his member that it is your part and

Baptism as conveniently may be; duty to put them in mind what a

that jo he may be admitted to the folemn vow, promise, and pro

holy Communion. feffion they have now made be. If any persons not baptized in fore this congregation, and espe. their infancy, shall be brought cially before you their chofen to be baptized before they come witnelles. And ye are also to call to ya of discretion to answer upon them to use all diligence for themselves; it may sufice to to be rightly infructed in God's use the office for Publick Baptism holy Word, that ļo they may of infants, or (in case of extreme grow in grace, and in the know.

danger) the office for Private of , Baptism, only changing the word and live godly, righteousy, and (Infant) for (Child or Perfon) roberly in this present world. as occasion requireth.

A CATECHISM; that is to say, An Instruction to

be learned of every person, before he be brought to be
confirmed by the Bishop.

Quest. What did your GodfaWHATuis Your Name thers and Godmothers then for Quest. Who gave you thisName: Anfw. They did promise and

Ant. My Godfathers and God vow three things in my Name: mothers in my Baptism; wherein First, that I thould renounce the I was made a member of Christ, devil and all his works, the the child of God, and an inheritor pomps and vanity of this wicker of the kingdom of heaven, world, and all the finful lufts of i



my life.

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the flesh: Secondly, that I should mife for you, that you thouldkeep believe all the Articles of the God's Commandments: Tell me Christian Faith: And thirdly, how many there be ! that I should keep God's holy Anw. Ten. Will and Commandments, and Queft. Which be they? walk in the fame all the days of


HE fame which God fpake thou art bound to believe, and Exodus, faying, I am the Lord to do, as they have promised for thy God, who brought thee out thee?

of the land of Egypt, out of the Infw. Yes, verily; and by houte of bondage. God's help so I will. And I 1. Thou shalt have none other heartily thank our heavenly Fa- gods but me. ther, that he hath called me to II. Thou thalt not make to this state of salvation, thrcugh thyself any graven image, nor Jesus Christ our Saviour. And the likeness of any thing that is I pray unto God to give me his in heaven above, or in the earth grace, that I may continue in beneath, or in the water under the fame unto my life's end. the earth. Thou shalt not bow

Catechist. Rehearse the Articles down to them, nor worlhip of thy Belief.

them: for I the Lord thy God Answer.

am a jealous God, and vitit the BELIEVE in God the Father fins of the fathers uron the and earth :

fourth generation of them that And in Jesus Chrif his only hate me, and shew mercy unto Son our Lord; Who was con thousands in then that love me, ceived by the Holy Ghoft, Born and keep my commandments. of the Virgin Mary, Suffered III. Thou shalı not take the under Pontius Pilate, was cru. Name of the Lord thy God in cified, dead, and buried, He de. vain; for the Lord will not hold fçended into hell; The third day hirn guiltlers that taketh his he rofe again from the dead, Name in vain. He ascended into heaven, And IV. Remember that thou keep titieth on the right hand of God holy the Sabbath day. șix day the Father Almightyi From shalt thou labour, and do al thence he thall come tojudge the that thou halt to do; but th: quick and the dead.

seventh day is the Sabbath of the I believe in the Holy Ghoft; Lord thy God. In it thou shalt The holy Catholick. Church; do no manner of work, thou, The Communion of saints ; The and thy fon, and thy daughter, forgiveness of fins; The resor thy manfervant and thy maid. rection of the body, and the life servant, chy cattle, and the ftran. everlasting. Amen.

ger that is within thy gates. Quest. What doft thou chiefly For in lix days the Lord made learn in these Articles of thy heaven and carth, the sea, and belief?

all that in them is, and retted Mw. First, I learn to believe the seventh day; wherefore the in God the Father, who hath Lord blessed the seventh day, made me, and all the world; and hallowed it.

Secondly, in God the Son, who V. Honour thy father and thy, hath redeemed me, and all man- mother, that thy days may be

long in the land which the Lord who fanátieth me, and all the Thirdly, in God the Holy Ghoft, thy God giveth thee.

vi. Thcu thalt dono murder. elećt people of God.

VII. Thou ihalt not commit Queft. You said that your God- adultery. fathers and Godmothers did pros VIII. Thou thalt not fteal.

IX. Then


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