1 Or this:

palleth all God, we most heartily keep your hearts and minds in thank thée, for that thou doft the knowledge and love of God, voucafafe to feed us, who have and of his son Jesus Chrift our duly received these holy My; Lord: And the blessing of God iteries, with the spiritual food Almighty, the Father, the Son, of the moft precious body and and the Holy Ghoft, be amongft blood of thy Son our Saviour you, and remain with you al. Jesus Chrift, and doft assure ways. Amen. us thereby of thy favour and goodnets towards us; and that I collects to be said after the Offer: we are very members incorpo tory, when there is no CommuTate in the mystical body of thy nion, every such day one or hon, which is the blessed com,

more ; and the same may be said pany of all faithful people; ard als), as ofien as occañon shall are also heirs through hope of serve, after the Colle&s_ either thy everlatting kingdom, by the of Morning or Evening Prayer, merits of the molt precious Communiun, or Litany, by the death and passion of thy dear discretion of the Minister. feech thce, o heavenly Father. A in theie our fupplications

us fo to affist us with thy, grace and prayers, and dispose the that we may continue in that holy fellowship and do all such way of thy fervants' towards good works as thou haft prepar.

the at ainment of everlaiting eu for us to walk in, through falvation; that among all the Je'us Chrift our Lord, to whon changes and chances of this wi h thee and the Holy Ghoit, mfetaledite chey, may ever be be all honour and glory, world defended by thy moit gracious withon' edd, Amen.

and ready help, through Jesus

Chrift our Lord. Amen.
Then mall be said or sung,
Gand in earth peace, good will 0

everlasting God, vouchsafe towards men. We praise thee, we beseech thee to dirc&, sancwe blefs thee, we worthip thee, tify, and govern both we șlority thee, we give thanks hearts and bodies in the ways to thee for thy great glory, o of thy laws, and in the works Lord God, heavenly King, God of thy commandments, that the Father Almighty.

through thy mott mighty pro- ! O Lord, the only begotten tection, both here and ever, we Son Jefu Chrift; O Lord God, may be preserved in body and Lamb of God, son of the Father, foul, through our Lord and Sathat takest away the fins of the viour Jesus Christ. Amen. world, have mercy upon us. Thuge tharta kelt away the fins Granitiewe beeech thee, of the world, have mercy upon words which we have heard this

Thou that takeft away the tints of the world, receive' our day with our oucward ears, may prayer. 'I hou that fictelt at the through thy grace be so gratted fiabe hand of God the Father, they may bring forth in us

inwardly in our hearts, that bave mercy upon us.

For thou only art holy, thou the fruit of good living, to the oniy art the Lord, thou only, o honour and praise of thy Name, Chri, with the Holy Ghott, art through Jesus Chrift our Lord!

I oft high in the glory of God
the Father. Amen.
Then the Priet (or Bishop, if

PR REVENT us, O Lord, in

all our doings with thy moft he be present) hall let them gracious favour, and further us depar with this Blefing : with thy continual help, that



in all our works begun, conti. the worthiness of thy son Jesus nued, and ended in thee, we Chritt our Lord. Amen. finalizomiya thiy homercin obtain A promised to fear the petiti? everlafting life, through Jesus ons of them that alk in thy Son's Chrift our Lord. Amen.

Name; We beseech thee merci. LMIGHTY God, the foun- fully to incline thine ears to us

all , knoweit our neceffit:es before and supplications unto thee ; and we ask, and our ignorance in grant that those things which asking;

We beseech thee to have we have faithfully asked accord. compaflion upon our infirmi- ing to thy will, may effe&ually ties; and those things which for be obtained, to the relief of our our unworthiness we dare not, neceffity, and to the serting forth and for our blindness we cannot of thy glory, through Jesus alk, youchsafe to give us for Christ our Lord. Amen. 1 upon the Sundays and other Holy days, (if there be no Communion) shall be said all that is appointed at the Communion until the end of the general Prayer (For the whole ftate of Christ's Church milí. tant here in earths together with one or more of these Colleets last

before rehearsed, concluding with the Blessing. I And there mall be no celebration of the Lord's Supper, except

there be a convenient number to communicate with the Priet according to his discretion.

And if there be not above twenty Persons in the Parish of difcre. tion to receive the Communion ; yet there shall be no Communion, excep! four (or thiree at the leaft) communicate with the Prieji.

ind in Cathedral and Collegiate Churches and Colleges, where there are many Priests and Deacons, they shall all receive the Communion with the Priett every Sunday at the least, exceps

they have a reasonable cause to the contrary. I and to take away all occasion of dijeniion, and superstition,

which any person hath, or might nove concerning thé Bread and wine, it shall suffice, tha the Bread be such as is usual to be eaten', but the beji and pureji Wheat Bread that conveniently may be gotten. 1 And if any of the Bread and Wine remain unconfecratea the

Curate shall have it to his own fe; but if any remain of that which was consecrated, it shall not be carried out of the Church, but the Prief, and such other of the communicants, as he shall then call unto him, Jhall immediately after the Bleijing, reverently

eat and drink the same. I The Bread and Wine for the Communion shall be providedly the Curate and the Church wardens, at the charges of the Parish. And note, that every Parishioner Mhall communicate as the 'rait three times in the year, of which Eater to be one.

And gras? at Eafter every. Parifhioner Mall reckon with the Parson, Ticor of Curate, or "his or their Deputy, or Depreties, and pay to thrin or him all Eccl: ħaftical Duties, accuftomably' dur, then and us

That time to be paid. 1 After the Divine Service ended, the Money given at the 012r tory hall be disposed of to Juch pious and charita'le ules, as the Minisler and church wardens Jhall think fit Ivherein' if they disagree, it shall be dispofed if as the Ordinary fall appoint.

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" of the Lord's Supper, that the Communicants thould 4 receive the same kneeling; (which order is well meant for a fignification of our humble and greatíul acknowledgement of


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" the benefits of Christ therein given to all worthy Receivers, " and for the avoiding of such profanation and diforder in the

holy Communion, as might otherwise ensue :) Yet, left the “ lame kneeling thould by any persons, either out of ignorance ss and infirinity, or out of malice and obftinacy, be misconftrued “ and depraved ; li is hereby declared, That thereby no adora" tion is in cnded, or ought to be done, either un o the Sacramcntal Bread or Wine there brdily received, or unto afiy

Corporal Prefcoce ot Christ's natural Fleih and Blood. For the “ Sacramental Bread and Wine remain ftill in their very natural “ fuvstances; and there!ore may not be adored; (for that were “ id latry, to be abhorred of all faithrul Christians:) and the "natural Body and Blood of our Saviour Chrift are in heaven, " and not here; it being againt the truth of Christ's natural " Body, to be at one time in more places than one."


To be used in the Church. Te people are to be admonished, that it is most conveniene

that Baptifm should not be administered but upon Sundays, and other Holy-days, when the most number of people come toge. ther : as well for that the Congregation there present may testify tke receiving of them that be newly baptized, into the number of Christ's Church; as alfo, because in the Baptism of Infants, every man present may be put in remembrance of his own profession inade 1o God in his Baptism. For which cauje also it is expedient, that Baptism be ministered in the Vulgar Tongue, Nevertheless (if neceffity so require) Children may be baptized upon any other day. 7 And note, that there shall be for every Male Child to be baptized,

two Godfathers, and one Godmother ; and for every Female, one Godfather, and two Godmothers. when there are Children to be baptized, the Parents shall give knowledge thereof over night, or in the Morning before the begin.

Godmothers, and the People with the Children, must be ready at the font, either immediately after the last Lefon at Morning Prayer, or else immediately after the last Lejon at Evening Prayer, as the Curate by his discretion shall appoint. And the Priest coming to the Font, (which is then to be filled with pure

Water,) and standing there shall say, Heady barsizedi

, ar ben al clied file tannine havien en te doen T if they answer, No: Then shall may be baptized with

water and the Priest proceed as followeth. the Holy Ghost, and received

EARLY beloved, forasmuch into Christ's holy Church, and

burn in fin, and that our Saviour fame. Chriit (aith, Nore can enter into 1 Then shall the Priest say, The kingdom of God, except lie

Let us pray. be regenerate and born, anew. ALGod, who of thy great mer:

LMIGHTY and everlafting Water and of the Holy Ghoft; I nateech you to call upon God cy didft savc Noah and his family the Father, through our Lord in the ark from perithing, by Jefus Christ, that vi his bounte- water, and also didit lately lead wus mercy he will grant to this the children of Ifrael thy people


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through the Red fea, figuring and forbid them not; for of such thereby thy holy Baptism; and by is the kingdoin of God. Verily the Baptiím of thy well beloved i say unto you, whotoever thail Son Jefus Christ in the river Jor- not receive ihe kingdom of God dan. didit fan&ify Water to the as a lil: child, he thall not enmystical washing away of fin; ter therein. And he took them We beetech thee for tbine infinite up in bis arms, put his hands mercies, that thou wilt merci. upon them, and blefied hem. fully look upon this Child; wath 1 After the Gospel is read, the him and fancity him with the

Minister sail make this brief Holy Gholt, that he being de

exhortation upon the words of livered from thy wrath, may be

the Gospel : seceived into the ark of Chrift's Church; and being fedfait in BEDDED, ye bear in this cof

pel the words of our Saviour fai:h, joyful through hope, and Chriit, that he commanded the rooted in charity, may to pass children to be brought unto him; the waves of this troublesome how he blamed those that would world, that finally he may come have kept them from him ; lowto the land of everlasting life; he exborted all men to follow there to reign with the world their innocency. Ye perceive without end, through Jcfus how by eis outward setture and Chritt our Lord. Amen.

deed ie deciared his good will LMIGHTY and immortal toward them; for he erabraced A in , he the helper of ail that fee to hands upon them, and blelicd thee for. fuccour, the life of then. Doubt ye not therefore, them that believe, and the re. but carnefly believe, that he surrection of the dead; We call will likewise favourably receive upon toee for this Infant, that this prefent Infant, that he will he coming to thy holy Baptism, einbrace him with the arıcs of may receive rernision of his fins his p ercy, that he will give unto by spiritual regeneration. Re. him the bletling of eternal life, ceive him, O Lord, as thou haft and make him parlaker of his promised by thy wellbeloved everlasting kingdom. Wherefore Son, saying, Alk, and ye thail we being thus persuaded o the have; leck, and ye shall find; good will of our heavenly Father knock, and it thail be opened fowards this Infan!, declared by upto you, so give now uoro us his son Jesus Chriit, and no. that aik; let us that sees, find: thing doubting, tut that he has open the gate unro us that vourabiy alloweth this charitat le knock; that this infant may en work of ours, in bringing this joy the everlasting benediction Infant to his holy Baptiím, let or thy heavenly wathing, and us faithfully and devoutly give may come to the eternal king: thanks unto him, and .ay, dom, which thou hast promised by Christ our Lord. Amen.


LMIGHTY and everlasting Then thall the People fitand up, give thee humble inanks, that

and the Prieji shull say, thou haft vouchlafed to call us Hear the words of the Go?pel to the knowledge of thy grace

written by S. Mark, in the rorh and faith in thee: Increare this Chapter, the 13th Verfe. knowledge, and condim this

dren to Christ, that he Holy Spirit to this infant, that should touch them; and his he may be born again, and be disciples rebuked those that made an heir of everlafting fal. brought them. But when Jesus vation, through our Lord Jesus faw it, he was much difpleated, Chrift. who liveth and reigneth and said unto them, Suffer the with thee, and the Holy Spirit, little children to come unto me, now and for ever. Amen.

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9 Then Mall, the Prief speak unto of Saints; the Remiflion of fins

the Godfathers and Godmothers the Resurrection of the field; on this wife :

and everlasting Life after death? DI

EARLY beloved, ye have Anf. All this I ftedfaitly believe.
trought this Child here to

be baptized; ye have prayed
that our Lord Jesus Chrift would Wihls Tithou be baptized in
vouchfate to receive him, to

Answ. That is my defire. release him of his fins, tu fanctify him with the Holy Ghoft, to

Minister. give him the kingdom of heaven, W helt thou tren obediently heard also that our Lord Jesus commandments, and walk

in the Christ hath promised in his Gor. Same all the days of thy life? pel to grant all these things that

anfmu. I will ye have prayed for: which pro. q Then shall the Priest say, mire he for his part will moft MERCIFUL God, grant that Turely keep and perform. Where. the old Adam in this Child, fore after this promile made by may be so buried, that the new Chrift, this Infant muft a'lo mari may be raised up in him. faiihfully for his part, proinile Amen. by you that are his Sure ies (until Grant that all carnal affections he come of age to take it upon may die in him, and that all himself.) that he will repounce things belonging to the Spirit the devil and all his works, and may live and grow in him. Amen. constantly bel:eve God's holy Grant that he may have power word, and obediently keep his and ftrength to have victory, and Commandments.

to triumph againft the devil, the I demand therefore, world, and the flesh. Amen. Don Child's renounce the dedicated to thee by our office devil and all his works, the vain and Miniftry, may also be endued pomp and glory of the world, with heavenly virtues, and ever. with all coverous defires of the lastingly rewarded through thy fume, and the carnal desires of

mercy,'o blefled Lord God who the fleth, so that thou wilt not doft live and govern all things, tollow, nor be led by them!

world without end. Amen. Answer. I renounce them all. Minifier.

LMIGHTY everliving God, Dohe Father Almighty, Maked son Jesus Chrift. for the forgive. of heaven and earth?

ness of our fins, did thed out And in Jesus Christ his only of his moft prccious fide both begotten Son our Lord; And water and blood; and gave comthat he was conceived by the mandment to his disciples, that Holy Ghoft; born nf the Virgin they dould go teach all naMary; that he suffered under tions, and baptize them, In the Pontius Pilate, was crucified, Name of the Father, and of the dead, and buried; that he went Son, and of the Holy Ghost; down into hell, and also did rise Regard, we befeech thee, the again the third day; that he af- fupplications of thy Congrega. cended in o heaven, and fitreth tion; sanctify this water to the at the right hand of God the myftical washing away of fin : Father Almighty; and from and grant that this Child now to thence hall come again at the be baptized therein, may reend of the world, to judge the ceive the fulness of thy grace. quick and the dead!

and ever remain in the number And doft thou believe in thc of thy faithful and elect children, Holy Ghoit; the Holy Catho. through Jesus Chrif our Lord. c's Church; the Communion entit,

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