Prayer for the King, as fupreme fake, whether it be to the King,
Governor of this Church. as supreme; or unto governors,

LESSED Lord, who haft called as unto them that are sent by
tence of thy faith, and haft made doers, and for the praise of them
it their duty to promote the fpi. that do well. For fo is the with
ritual welfare, together with the of God, that with well doing ye
temporal intereft of their people; may put to filence the ignorance
We acknowledge with humble of foolith meo : as free, and not
and thankful hearts thy great using your liberty for a cloke of
goodness to us, in setting thy maliciousnef«, but as the servants
Lervant our moft gracious King of God. Honour all men. Love
over this Church and Nation: the brotherhood. Fear God.
Give him, we beseech thce, all Honour the King.
thofe heavenly graces that are The Gospel, S. Matth. 22. 16.
the work of thee his God proper Arbeiter

, fent out

unto him in his hand; Let his eyes behold Herodians, saying, Mafter, we the success of his designs for the know that thou art true, and service of thy true Religion

efta. teacheft the way of God in truth, blithed amongst us; and make neither careft thou for any man: him a blessed inftrument of pro. for thou regardeft not the perteding and advancing thy truth, son of men. Tell us therefore, wherever it is perfecutcd and op. What thinkeft thou? Is it lawful presled; Let Hypocrify and Pro. to give tribute unto Cesar or laneness, Superftition and Idola- not? But Jesus perceived their try Ay before his face; Let not wickedners, and said, Why Hercties and false Ductrines' di tempt ye me, ye hypocrites? furb the peace of the Church, thew rue the tribu:e woney. nor Schisms and causeless Divi. And they brought unto him a fions weaken it; But grant us to penny. And he laith unto them, be of one heart, and one rind in whore is this image and fuper serving thee our God, and obey. {cription! They say unto him, ing him according to thy will : Cefar's. Then láith heunto them, And that these bleffings may be Render therefore unto Cefar, the continued to after ages, let there things which are Cesar's ; and never be one wanting in his unro God, the things that are House to succeed lim in the go- God's. When they liad heard vernment of these Kingdoms, there words, they marvelled, and that our pofterity may see his left him, and went their way. children's children, and peace q After the Nicene Creed shall upon Ifrael. So we that are thy people, and feep of thy pafture, 9 In the Ofertory shall this Sen.

follow the Sermon. Thall give thee thanks for ever, and will always be fhewiog forth

tence be read: thy praise from generation to

Let your light so thine before generation. Amen.

men, that they may see your The Epifle. I S. Pet. 2. 11.

good works, and glorify your D

EARLY beloved, I beseech Father which is in heaven.
you, as frangers and pil 9 After the Prayer (For the whole

Matth. 5. 16.
grims, abiain from fleshly lults,
which war against the foul;

state of Chrik's Church, Sc.) having your conversation honett these Colleås following shall be among the Gentiles: that where. used. as they speak against you as evil 1 A Prayer for Unity. works, which they shall behold,


Jesus Chrift, our only. Saglorify God in the day of vifita. viour, the Prince of Peace; Give tion. 'Submit yourselves to every

us grace seriously to lay to heart ordinance of man tur the Lord's the great dangers we are in by


A Form of Prayer, &c. for the Twenty-fifth Day of October, our unhappy divisions. Take inwardly in our hearts, that a way all hatred and prejudice, they may bring forih in us and whatfoever else may hinder the fruit of good living, to the us from godly Union and Con• honour and praise of thy Name, cord: That as there is but one through Jesus Chrift our Lord. Body, and one Spirit, and one Amen. on Faith, one Baptifin, one

God Altain of all I wild om, who

God, the and Father of us all ; so we may knoweit our necefities before henceforth be all of one heart, we ask, and our ignorance in and of one foul, united in one asking; we befeech thee to holy bond of 'Truth and Peace, of have compassion upon our infirFaith and Chariiy, and may with mities; and those things which one mind and one mouth glorify for our unworthiness we dare thee, through Jesus Christ our not, and for our blindness we Lord. Amen.

cannot ask, vouchsafe to give

son thee, that the course of this Jesus Chrift our Lord. Amen. e hy my governance, that thy T cena celt undertanding, Church may joyfully serve thee keep your hearts and minds in in all godly quietness, through the knowledge and love of God, Jesus Chrif our Lord. Amen. and of his son Jerus Chrift our

Almighty Gud, that the Alinighty, the Father, the Son, words which we have heard this and the Holy Ghost, be amongft day with our outward ears, may you, and remain with you al. through thy grace be so grafted ways. Amen.


and Service, made for the Fifth of November, the Thirtieth of Fanuary, the Twenty-ninth of May, and the Twenty fifth of odober, be forth with printed and published, and annexed to the Book of Common Prayer and Liturgy of the Church of England, to be used yearly, on the said days, in ali Cathedral and Collegiate Churches and 'Chapels, in all Chapels of colleges and Halls within both our Univer. fities, and of our Colleges of Eaton and winchester, and in all Parish Churches and Chapels within that part of our Kingdom of Great Britain called England, the Dominion of Wales, and Town of Berwick upon Tweed.

Given at our Court at St. James's, the Seventh Day of
Odober, 1;6i, in the First Year of our Reign.
By His Majesty's Command,


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