21 That they may declare the heaven is in comparison of the Name of the Lord in Sion : and earth : fo great is his mercy also his worship at Jerufalem. toward them that fear him. 22 When the people are ga

12 Look how wide also the thered together:

and the king. eaft is from the wett: so far hath :: doms also to serve the Lord. he set our fins from us.

23 He brought down my 13 Yea, like as a father piti. ftrength in my journey : and eth his own children: even fo shortened my days.

is the Lord merciful unto them 24 But I said, O my God, that fear him. take me not away in the midft 14 For he knoweth whereof of mine age : as for thy years, we are made : he remembereth they endure throughout all ge- that we are but duft. ncrations.

15 The days of man are but .25 Thou, Lord, in the begin. as grafs : for he Houriiheth as a ning, haft laid the foundation of lower of the field. the earth : and the heavens are

16 For as soon as the wind go. the work of thy hands.

eth over it, it is gone : and the 26 They shall perish, but thou place thereof thall know it no thalt endure : they all thall wax inore. old as doth a garment;

17 But the merciful goodness 27 And as a vefture shalt thou of the Lord endureth for ever change them, and they thall be and ever upon them that fear changed: but thou art the same, him: and his righteoulness upon and thy years thall not fail. children's children;

28 The children of thy serve 18 Even upon such as keep his ants shall continue : and their covenant : and think upon his feed thall stand fart in thy sight. commandments to do them.

i 19 The Lord hath prepared his PSAL. 103. Benedic, anima mea. seat in heaven : and his kingdom PRAISE the Lord, of my foul: ruleth over all.

20 O praise the Lord, ye an. praise his holy Naine.

gels of his, ye that excel in 2 Praise the Lord, O my soul : irength : ye that fulfil his comand forget not all his benefits; mandment, and hearken unto

3 Who forgiveth all thy fin : the voice of his words. and healeth all thine infirmities; 21 O praise the Lord, all ye

4 Who faveth thy life from his hofts : ye servants of his that destruction : and crowneth thee do his pleasure. with mercy ard lovingkindness; 22 O (peak good of the Lord,

5 Who fatisfieth thy mouth all ye works of his, in all places with good things : making thee of his dominion : praise thou the young and lusty as an cagle. Lord, O my foul.

6 The Lord executeth righteousness and judgement for

EVENING PRAYER. all them that are opprefled with PSAL. 104, Benedic, anima mea. wrong

, Mofes : his works unto the chil. become exceeding glorious, dren of Israel.

thou art clothed with majetty 8 The Lord is full of com. and honour. paffion and mercy : longsuffer 2 Thou deckeft thyself with ing, and of great goodness. light as it were with a garment:

9 He will not alway be chid- and spreadeft out the heavens ing: neither keepeth he his an. like a curtain. fer for ever.

3 Who layeth the beams of 10 He hath not dealt with us his chambers in the waters: and after our fins : nor rewarded us ma eth the clouds his chariot, ording to cur wickednelles. and walketh upon the wings of

for looks how high the the wind.

ile thewed his ways unto PRAISE the Lord, my feul:

4 H

4 He maketh his angels fpirics: 42 The sun ariseth, and they and his minifers a fiaming fire. get them away together : and

s he laid tbe foundations of lay them down in their dens. the carton : that it never thould 23 Mal goeth furth to his move at any time.

work, and to his labour : until 6 Thou covered it with the the evening. deep like as with a garment : 24 O Lord, how manifold are the waters ftard in the hills. thy works : in wisdom haft thou

7 At thy rebuke they fee : made them all; the earth is full at the voice of thy thunder they of thy riches. are afraid.

25 So is the great and wide sea 8 They go up as high as the also : wherein are things creephills, and down to the valleys ing innumerable, both imall and beneath : even unto the place great beats. which thou haft appointed for 26 There go the ships, and them.

there is that Leviathan : wom 9 Thou haft set them their thou hast made to cake his pas. bounds, which they shall not time therein. pass : neither turn again to cover 27 Thele wait all upon thee : the earth

that thou mayest gave them 10 He sendeth the springs into meat in due feason. the rivers : which run among 28 When thou giveft it them, the hills.

they gather it : and when thou 11 All beasts of the field drink openeft thy hand, they are filled thereof : and the wild asses with good. quench their thirft.

29 When thou hideft hy face, 12 Beside them thall the fowls they are troubled : when thou of the air have their habitation; takest away their breath, they and fing among the branches. die, and are turned again to

13 He watereth the hills from their duft above : the earth is filled with 20 When thou letreft thy the fruit of thy works.

breath go forth, they shall be 14 He bringeth torth grass for made : and thou thalt renew the cattle : and green herb for the face of the earth, the service of men;

31 The glorious Majefty of the 15 That he may bring food Lord fall endure for ever : the out of the earth, and wine that Lord Ihall rejoice in his works. maketh glad the heart of man: 32 The earth shall tremble at and oil to make him a cheer- the look of him : if he do but ful couatenance, and bread to touch the hills, they shall smoke. frengthen man's heart.

33 I will fing unto the Lord as 16 The trees of the Lord also long as I live : I will rraise my are fuil of sap : even the ce- God while I have my being. dars of Libanus which he hath 34. And fo thall my words planted;

please him : my joy shall be in 17 Wherein the birds make the Lord. their nerts: and the fir trees are 35 As !or finners, they fhall 2 dwelling for the tork.

be consumed out of the earth, 18 The high hills are a refuge and the ungodly thall come to for the wild goats : and co are an end : praise thou the Lord, the fony rocks for the conies. O my soul, praise the Lord.

19 He appointed the moon for certain feafons : and the fun MO'R NING PRAYER. knoweth his going down. PSAL. 105. Confitemini Domino.

20 Thou makeit darkness that GIVE thanks unto the Lord, beasts of the foreft do move. telt the people what things lie

21 The lions roaring after hath done. their prey : do leek their meat 20 let your songs be of him, from God.

and praise him ; and let your K%


se may be night wherein all the and Ecah upon his handed:

talking be of all his wondrous his house : and ruler of all his works.

substance; 3 Rejoice in his holy Name : 22 That he might inform his let the heart of them rejoice princes after his will: and teach that seek the Lord.

his fenators wisdom. 4 Seek the Lord and his 23 Ifrael also came into Egypt: trength : fcek his face ever and Jacob was a stranger in the more.

land of Ham. s Remember the marvellcus 24 And he increafed his peo. works that he hath done : his pleexceedingly: and made them wonders, and the judgements of itronger than their enemies; his mouth;

25 Whose heart turned ro, 60 ye feed of Abraham his that they hated his people : and servant : ye children of Jacob dealt untruly with his servhis chosen.

ants. 7 He is the Lord our God : 26 Then fent he Moses his his judgements are in all the servant and Aaron whom he world.

had choren. 8 He hath been alway mind. 27 And there thewed his tokens ful of his covenant and promise: among them : and wonders in that he made to a thousand ge- the land of Ham. nerations ;

28 He sent darkness, and it 9 Even the covenant that he was dark : and they were not made with Abraham : and the obedient unto his word. oath that he fware unto Isaac; 29 He turned their waters into

To And appointed the fame un blood : and new their fith. to Jacob for a law : and to Israel 30 Their land brought forth for an everlasting teftament; frogs : yea, even in their king's

11 Saying, Unto thee will I chambers. give the land of Canaan : the 31 He fpake the word, and lot of your inheritance.

there came all manner of Bics : 12 When there were yet but a and lice in all their quarters. few of them : and they ftrangers 32 He gave them bailftones in the land;

for rain : and flames of fire in 13 What time as they went their land. from one nation to another : 3 He (mote their vines also from one kingdom to another and fig trees : and deftroyed the people:

trces that were in their coaits. 14 He suffered no man to do 34 He spake the word, and them wrong: but reproved even the grafst oppers came, and ca. kings for their fakes;

terpillers innumerable and did 15 Touch not mine Anointed : eat up all the grals in their land, and

do my prophets no harm. and devoured the fruit of their

16 Moreover he called for a ground. dearth upon the land ;, and 35 He fmote all the forftborn deftroyed all the provision of in her land : even the chief of bread.

all their ttrength. 17 But he had sent a man be. 36 He brought them forth alto fore them : even Joseph, who with filver and gold : there was was sold to be a bondfervant ; not one feeble person among

18 Whcle fect they hurt in the their tribes. Alocks: the iron entered into his. 37 Egypt was glad at their foul.

departing : for they were afraid 19 Until the time came that of them. his cause was known : the word 38 He spread out a cloud to of the Lord tried him.

be a covering : and fire to give
20 The king sent, and deli- light in the night feason.
ww.s? him : the prince of the 39 At their defire he brought

let him go free.
e made him lord alfu of the bread of heaven.

quails : and he filled them with

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40 He opened the rock of stone, 12. Then believed they his and the waters lowed out: só words: arfa sang praise unto him. that rivers ran in the dry places. 13 But within a while they

4! For why? he remembered forgat his works and would his holy promifc : and Abraham not abide his counsel; bis servant.

14 But luft came upon them 42 And he brought forth his in the wilderness and they people with joy : and his chosen tempted God in the desert. with gladness;

15 And he gave them their 43 And gave them the lands defire: and seni leanness withal of the heathen : and they took into their soul. the labours of the peuple ia puso 16 They angered Mofes also feffion;

in the tents and Aaron the
44 That they might keep his Saint of the Lord.
Aatutes: and observe his laws. 17 So the earth opened and

swallowed up Dathan : and co.
EVENING PRAYER. vered the congregation of Abi-
PSAL. 105. Confitemini Domino. ram.
O for he is gracious : lana hiš their company : the Aame burnt

18 And the fire was kindled in mercy

endurech for ever. up the ungodly: 2 Who can express the noble 19 They made a calf in Ho. acts of the Lord : or lacw forth reb: and worthipped the molten all his praise!

image. Blessed are they that alway 20 Thus they turned their keep judgement : and do right. glory: into the fimilitude of a cousness.

calf that eateth hay. 4 Remember me, O Lord, ac 2! And they forgat God their cording to the favour that thou Saviour : who had done so great beareft unto thy people : 0 visit things in Egypt; me with thy salvation,

22 Wondrous works in the s That I may see the felicity of land of Ham : and fearful things thy chosen : and rejoice in the by the Red Sea. gladness of thy people, and give 23 So he said, he would have thanks with thise inheritance. dettroyed them, had not Moses

6 We have linned with out his chosen ftood before him in fathers we have done amifs, the gap: to turn away his and dealt wickedly.

wra:hful indignation, Icít he 7 Our fathers regarded not should deftroy them. thy wonders in Egypt, neither

24 Yea, they thought (corn of kept they thy great goodness in that pleasant land : and gave no remembrance : but were disobe- credence unto his word. dient at the tea, even at the Red 25 But murmured in their sea.

tenis: and hearkened not vato 8 Nevertheless, he helped the voice of the Lord. them for his Name's fake: that 26 Then lift he up his hand he might make his power to be against them :. to overthrow known.

them in the wilderness; 9 He rebuked the Red sea alco 27 To cast out their feed and it was dried up : lo he among the nations; and to scat. led them through the deep as ter then in the lands. through a wilderness

28 They joined themselves 10 Ånd he saved them from unto Baal peor : and ate the the adversaries' hand : and de offerings of the dead. livered them from the hand of 29 Thus they provoked him the eveiny.

to anger with their own inven. 11 As for those that troubled tions and the plague was grcat them, the waters overwhelm among them. ed them; there was not one of

30 Then ttood up Phinees and then leit.

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prayed: and fo the plague ceafed. may give thanks unto thy holy

31 And that was counted unto Name, and make our boaft of him for righteoufness : among thy praite. all pofterities for evermore. 46 Bleff d be the Lord God

32 They angered him also at ot Israel from everlafling, and the waters of Atrife : ro that te world without end : and let all punithcd Moses for their fakes. the people say, Amen.

33 Because they provoked his fpirir: so that he fpake unad.

MORNING PRAYER. visedly with his lips. helthen : as the Lord command- O for he is gracious : and his 34 Neitlier destroyed they the PSAL. 107. Confitemini Domino.

GIVE thanks unto the Lord, ed them;

35. But were mingled among mercy endure:h for ever. the heathen: and learned their 2 Let them give thanks works.

whom the Lord hath redeemed : 36 Infomuch that they wor- and delivered from the hand of thipped their idols, which turned the enemy; to their own decay: yea, they 3 And gathered them out of offe red their sons and their the lands, from the eaft, and daugh-ers unto devils;

from the weft: from the north, 37 And fhed innocent blood, and from the south. even the blood of their sons and 4. They went aftray in the of their daughters: whom they wilderness out of the way : and offered unto the idols of Canaan, found no cily to dwell in; and the land was detiled with s Hungry and thirsty': their blood.

foul fainted in them, 38 Thus were they ftained 6 So they cried unto the Lord with their own works: and went in their trouble : and he delia whoring with their own inven- vered them from their diffrets. tions.

7 He led them forth by the 39 Therefore was the wrath right way : that they might go at the Lord kindled againft his to the city where they dwels. people : infomuch that he ab. 8 ó that men would there. horred his own inheritance. fore praise the Lord for his good

40 And he gave them over nefs and declare the wonders into the hand of the heathen: that he doeth for the children of and they hat hated hem were men! lords over them.

9 For he sa-isfiełh the empty 41 Their enemies opprefied soul: and filleth the hungry soul them : and had them in fub- with goodness; jcation.

10 Such as fit in dark nefs, and 42 Many a time did he deliver in the thadow of death : being them: but they sebelled against faft bound in misery and iron. him with their own inventions,

11 Because they rebelled ard were brought down in their against the words of the Lord: wickedness.

and lightly regarded the counce! 43 Neverthelefs, when he saw of the moit Highett; their adversity: he heard their 12 He also brought down complaint.

their heart through heavineis : 44 He thought upon tis co- they fell down, and there was venant and pitied hem, accord- none to help them. ing unto the multitude of his 13 So when they cried unto the merci's : yea. he made all thore Lord in their trouble : he delithat led them away captive to vered them out of their dittrels.. pily them.

14 For he brought them out 45 Deliver us, O Lord our of darknek, and out of the Gori, ard galer

from Thadow of death : and brake the heathen : that we their bonds in funder.

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