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The Epifile. 1 S. Pet. 4 7.

For the Epifle. A&ts 2. 1.
hand: be ye therefore o.
en at

WHEN flie, dayot Pentecoft ber, and waich unto prayer. And

was fully come, they were above all things have fervent all with one accord in one place: charity a nong yourfelves : for and suddenly there charity thall cover the multi. sound fr n heaven, as of a ruth. tude of fins. Ufe hospitality one ing mighty wind, and it filled to another without grudging. all the house where they were As every man hath

received the litring. And there appeared unto gift, even fo minitter the same them cloven tonçues, like as of one to another, as good ftewards fire, and it faz upon each of of the manifold grace of God. If them. And they were all filled any man speak, let him speak as

with the Holy Gh it, and began the cracles of God: if any man

to speak with other tongues, as minifter, let liim do it as of the the Spirit gave them utierance. ability which God giveth; that Aid there were dwelling at Je. God in all things inay be glori- rufalem, Jews, devout men, out fed through Jesus Chrift; to


every nation under heaven. whoan be praise and dominion Now when this was noiled for ever and ever. Amen. abroad, the multitude came to. The Gospel. S. John 15. 25. and gether, and were confounded, part of the 16th Chapter.

becaule that every man heard HEN the Comforter is them speak in his own language. to you from the Father, even the marvelled, faying one to ano. Spirit of truth, which proceed ther, Behold, are not all these ech from the Father, he shall testi- which speak Galileans? And fy of me. And ye also thall bear how hear we every man in our witness, because ye have been own tongue wherein we were with me from the beginning. born? Parthians, and Medes, and 'These things have I spoken unto

Elamites and the dwellers in you, that ye thould not be offend. Mesopotamia,

and in Judea, and ed. They shall put you out of the Capradocia, in Fontus,

and Alia, fynagogues, yea, the time com. Phrygia, and Pamphylia, in cth, that whosoever killeth you, Egypt, and in the parts of Libya will think that he doeth God about Cyrene, and strangers of fervice. And these things will Rome, Jews, and Profelytes, fliey do unto you, because they Cretes, and Arabians; we do hear have not known the Father, nor them speak in our tongues the me: but these things have I wonderful works of God. told you that when the time. The Gospel. S. Joha 14. 15. thall come we make meinember JESUS laid we oklis disciples:

mandments: and I will pray ileWHIT-SUNDAY. Father, and he fhall give you, The Culled.

another Comforter, that he may COD, who ar at this time didft abide wirh you for ever; even

, faithful people, by the sending world cannot receive, becaure it to them the light of thy Holy seeth him not, neither knoweth. Spirit; Grant us by the same him: but ye know him ; for he Spirit to have a right judgement dwelleth with you, and shall be in all things, and evermore to in you. I will not leave you comrejoice in his holy comfort, fortlefi, I will come to you, through the merits of Christ Je- Yet a little while, and the world fus our Saviour, who liveth and feeth me no more; but ye fee Teigreth with thee, in the unity me: because i live, ye thall live: of the fame Spirit, one God, alfo. At that day ye shall know world withous end, Amen. that I am in my Fathes, and you

in me, and I in you. He that the merits of Jesus Chrift our Sa. hath my coinmandments, and viour, who liveth and reigneth keepeth them, he it is that lov. with thee, in the uni.y of the eth me: and he that loveth me, fame Spirit, one God, world shall be loved of my Father, without end. Amen, and I will love him, and will For the Epistle. Acts 10. 34. manifest myself to him, Judas Tand , or a truth i per faith unto him, (not Iscariot) Lord, how is it that thou wilt ceive that God is no respecter of manifest thyself unto us, and persons: but in every nation hc not unto the world! Jesus an- thai feäreth him, and worketh fwered and said unto him, If a righteousness, is accepted with man love me, he will kcep my him. The word which God sent words; and my Father will love unto the children of Israel, him, and we will come unto preaching peace by Jesus Chrift; him, and make our abode with (he is Lord of all) That word, i him. He that loverh me not, tay, ye 'know, which was pubkeepeth not my fayings: and ithed throughout all Judea, and the word which ye hear, is not began from Galilee after the mine, but the Father's which bap.i'm which John preached; fent me. These things have I how God anointed Jelus of Na. ipoken unto you, being yet pre- zareth with the Holy Ghoft, and fent with you. Bu theCoinforter, with power; who went about which is the Holy Ghoft, whom doing good, and healing all that the Father will send in my Name, were oppressed of the devil: for he thall teach you all things, and God was with him. And we are bring all things to your remem: witnesses of all things which he brance, whatsoever I have said did both in the land of the Jews, unto you.

Peace I leave with and in Jerusalem; whom they you; my peace, I give unto you: llew, and hanged on a tree. Him not as the world giveth, give 'God raised up the third day, unto you. Let not your heart be and thewed him openly: not to trouhied, neither ler it be afraid. all the people, but unto witnesses Ye have heard how I said unto chosen before of God, even to you, I go away, and coine again us, who did eat and drink with unto you. If ye loved me, ye him after he rose from the dead. would rejoice because I faid'l And he commanded us to preach go unto the Father: for my Fa unto the people, and to teftify ther is grea er than I. And now that it is he which was ordained I have told you before it come of Gud to be the judge of quick to país, that when it is come to and dead. To him give all the pals, ye might believe. Hereaf. prophets witness, that through ter I will not talk much with his Name wliofoever believeth you : for the prince of this world in him thail receive remiffion corneth, and hath nothing in of lins. While Peter yet fpake

But that he world may these words, the Holy Ghott tell know that I love the Father: on all them which heard the and as the Father gave me com word. And chey of the circum. mandment, even to I do.

cilon which believed were atto.

nished, as many as came with Monday in whitfun-week. Peter, because that on the Gen. The Collea.

tiles also was poured out the gift Gracilio as at this time didit de the Holy

Ghost. teach the hearts of thy heard them speak with tongues, faithful people, by the sending and magnify God. to thein the light of thy Holy swered Peter, Can any man for. Spirit; Grant us by the same spí. bid water, that these Thould not sit to have a right judgement in bc baptized which have received all things, and evermore to re the Holy Ghost as well as we joice in his holy comfort, through And he commanded them to be


For they

Then an.

baptized in the Name of the The Gospel. S. John 10.1. Lord. Then prayed they him to tarry certain daye.'!

He that entereth not by the The Gospel. 6. John 3. 16. door into the theepfold, but he gave his only begotten the same is a thief and a rob.

: Son, that whosoever believeth ber. But he that entereth in by in him mould not perith, but the door is the shepherd of the have everlatting life. For God sheep. To him the porter open. fept not his son into the world eth; and the incep, hear his to condemn the world, but that voice: and he calleth his own the world through him might seep by name, and leadeth them be saved. He that believeth on out. And when he putteth forth him is not condemned: but he his own theep, he goeth before that believeth not, is condemn them; and the theep follow hin: ed already, because he hath not for they know his voice. And a believed in the Name of the only ftranger will they not follow, begotten Son of God. And this but will fee from him: for they is the condemnation, that light know not the voice of trangers, is come into the world, and men This parable (pake Jesus unto loved darkness rather than light, them: but they understood not because their deeds were evil. what things they were which For every one that doeth evil he fpake unto them. Then said hateth the light, neither com Jesus unto them again, Verily, eth to the light, left his deeds verily, I say unto you, I am the thould be reproved. But he that door of the theep: All that ever doeth truth cometh to the light, came before me are thieves and that his deeds may be made robbers: but the theep did not manifeft, that they are wrought hear them. I am the door: by in God.

me if any man enter in, he thail

be saved, and shall go in and out, Tuesday in whitfun-week. and find pature. The thief com. The Collea.

eth hot but for tu fteal, and to OD, who as at this time didnt kill, and to deftroy: I am come

teach the hearts of thy that they might have life, and faithful people, by the fending that they might have it more to them the light of thy Holy abundantly. Spirit; Grant us by the fame Spirit to have a right judgement TRINITY SUNDAY. in all things, and evermore to

The Collect. through the merits of Chritje ALUGHTY and everlafting

God, who has given unto fus our Saviour, who biveth and us thy servants grace, by the reigneth with thee, in the unity confeffion of a true Faith to acof the same Spirit, one God, knowledge the glory of the eter. world without end. Amen. nal Trinity, and in the power

For the Epiflte. Atts 8, 14. of the divine Majefty to worthip
Hen the Apoftleswhich were the Unity; We beseech thee,

at Jerusalem, heard that that thou wouldett keep us ftede Samarla had received the word fait in this faith, and overmore of God, they fent unto them Pe- defend us from all advertities, rer and Jolin who when they who liveft and reignett, one God, were come down, prayed for world without end. Amen. thein, that they might receive the For the Epistle. Rev. 4. I. Holy Ghost : (For as yer he was FTER this I looked, and, be. fallen upon none of them : only,

, they were baptized in the Name heaven: and the firtt voice which of the Lord Jefus :) Then laid I heard was as it were of a lrum. they their hands on them, and pet talking with me; which they received the Holy Ghott. faid, Come up hither, and I will




thew thee things which must be God : for no man can do thefe hereafter. And immediately, I miracles that thou doeft, except was in the Spirit: and, behold, God be with him. Jefus answer a throne was set in heaven, and ed and said unto him, Verily, veone fat on the throne; and he rily, I say unto thee, Excepr a that lat, was to look upon like man be born again, he cannot a jasper and a lardine Atone: see the kingdom of God. Nicoand there was a rainbow round demus faith unto him, How can about the throne, in tight like a man be born when he is old? unto an emerald. And round can he enter the second time into about the throne were four and his mother's womb and be born! twenty feats; and upon the Jelus answered, Verily, verily, I seats I saw four and twenty, el. lay un'o thee, Except a man be ders fitting, clothed in white born of water and of the Spirit, raiment; and they had on their he cannot enter into the king. heads crowns of geld. And out dom of God. That which is born of the throne proceeded light- of the Acth is fileth; and that nings and thunderings and voi. which is born of the Spirit is ces. And there were leven lamps fpirit, Marvel not that I said unof fire burning before the throne, to thee, Ye must be born again. which are the seven fpirits of The wind bloweth where i liftGod. And before the throne eth, and thou heareft the found there was a fea of glass like unto thereof, but canft not tell whence cryftal: and in the midst of the it cometh, and whitherit goeth: throne, and round about the so is every one that is born of throne, were four bezits full of the Spirir. Nicodemus answered eyes before and behind. And the and said unto hiin, How can firit beast was like a lion, and these things be? Jesus answered the second beast like a calf, and and said unto him, Art thou the third bcast had a face as a a mafter of Israel, and knoweft man, and the fourth beart was

not these things! Verily, verily, like a flying eagle. And the four I say unto thee, We speak that be afts had each of them fix we do know, and testify that we wings abour him; and they were have fçen; and ye receive not full of eyes within:, and they our witness. If I have told you sett not day and night, saying, earrhly things, and ye believe Holy, lioly, holy, Lord God Al not, how thall ye believe, if I mighty, which was, ant is, and is tell you of heavenly things? to conie. And when those beasts And no man hath ascended up give glory, and honour, and to heaven, but he that came thanks to him that fat on the down from heaven, even the throne, who liveth for ever and Son of man which is in heaven. ever, the four and twen:ý el. And as Moses lifced up the ser ders fall down before him that pent in the wildernels, even so fat on the throne, and worship muft the Son of man be lifted him that liveth for ever and up: that whosoever believech in ever, and cast their crowns be. him thould not perish, but have fore the throne, saying, Thou eternal life, ini glory, and honour, and power : art worthy on Lord, to receive

The first Sunday after Trinity. for thou haft crca ed all things, and for thy pleasure they are,

The Colleå, and were created. The Golpel. S. John 3: 1.

them that put their trust CHERE was a man of the Pha. in thee, mercifully accept our

risees named Nicodenyus, prayers; and because through a ruler of the Jews : The same the weakness our mortalna came to Jesus by night, and laid ture we can wato him, Rabbi. we know that without thee, grant us the help shou art a teacher come from of thy grace, that in keeping

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thy commandments, we may tuoudy every day: And there pleafe thee both in will and was a certain beggar named deed, through Jesus Christ our Lazarus, who was laid at his Lord, Amen.

gate fuil of fores, and defiring The Epis!e. 1 $. John 4.7. to be (ed with the crumbs which

: ther: for love is of God: and moreover the dogs came and every éne that loveth, is born of licked his fores. And it came to God, and knoweth God. He that pass, that the beggar died, and loveh not,knoweth not God for was carried by the angels into God is love. In this was manifeft. Abraham's bosóm. The rich man ed the love of God toward us,

also died, and was buried; and because that God sent his only in hell die lifted up his eyes, being begotten Son into the world, that in torments, and seeth Abraham we might livethrough him. Here

afar uff, and Lazarus in his boin is love, not that we loved God, fom. And he cried, and said, tabut that he loved us, and fent ther Abraham, have mercy on his Son to be the propitiation for me, and fend Lazarus, that he our hns. Beloved, if God lo may dip the tip of his finger in loved us, we ought also to love water, and cool my tongue, for one another. No man hath feen

I am tormen ed in this fame. God at any time, If we love But Abraham faid, Son, remem. one another, God dwelleth in us, ber, that thou in thy lifetime re. and his love is perfected in us.

ceivedft thy good things, and Hereby know we that we dwell likewise Lazarus evil things : in him, and he in us, because he buc now he is comforted, and hath given us of his Spirit. And thou art tormented. And be we have feen, and do tertify, that fide all this, between us and the Father sent the son to be you there is a great gulf fixed : the Saviour of the world. Who- lo that they who would pals foever ihall

confess that Jesus is from hence to you cannot ; nci. the Son of God, God dwelleth in ther can they pass to us that bim, and kein God. And we have would come from thence. Then known and believed the love that he said, I pray thee therefore, God hath to us. God is love and father, that thou wouldeft send he that dwelleth in love, dwell him to my father's hou`e : for eth in God, and God in him. I have five brethren; that he Herein is our love made perfeâ, may testify unto them, left they that we may have boldness in also come into this place of torthe day of judgement; becaule ment. Abraham faith unto him, as he is, fo are we in this world. They have Moles and the proThere is no fear in love; but. pheis; let them hear them. And perfect love canteth out fear; be- he said, Nay, father Abraham ; cause fear hath torment: he that but if one went un:o them from featcth is not made perfect in the dead, they will repent. And love. We love him, because he he said unto him, If they hear firft loved us. If a man fay, I love not Mofes and the prophers, God, and hateth his brother, he neither will they be perfuaded, is a liar: For he that loveth not though one rose from the dead. his brother whom he hath feen, how can he love God whom he The second Sunday after-Trinity. hath not feen? And this com

The Colleå. mandment have, we from him. The best bien horloveth God, love her and divene or falled to the Gospel, S. Luke 16. 19.

thou dost bring up in thy fted

fatt fear and love, Keep us, we THERE was a certain richman, beseech thee, under the profetii.

who was clothed in purple on of thy good providence, and and fine linen, and fared fump make us to have a perpetual tear

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