Kateo everlasting life; We hum. this man is preached unto you bly befcech thee, thać as by thy the forgiveness of fins: And by Ipccialgrace preventing us, thou him all that believe are justified doft put into our minds good de- from all things, from which ye fires; ro by thy continual help we could not be justified by the law may bring the farne to good ef. of Mofes. Beware therefore left fect, through Jesus Christ our that come upon you, which is Lord, who liveth and reigneth spoken of in the prophets, Be. with'thee and the Holy Ghoft, hold, ye despisers, and wonder, ever one God, world without and periih: for 1 work a work end. Amen.

in your days, a work which ye For the Epifle. Acts 13: 26. Mall in no wise believe, though MEN and heeth tena children

, a nane deshare it untee you and whosoever among you fear

ESUS hiinself food in tlie

hintereinafia alich untis this falva: son fent. For they that them, Peace be unto you.. But dwell at Jerusalem, and their they were terrified and affright. rulers, because they knew him ed, and supposed that they had not, nor yet the voices of the scen a spirit. And he said unto prophets which are read every them, why are ye troubled and fabbath day, they have fulfilled why do thoughts arise in your them in condemning him. And hearts? Behold my hands and though they found no cause of my feet, that it is I'myself: han. death in him, yet desired they dlé me, and fee; for a spirit hath Pilate that he thould be Nain. not fleth and bones, as ye fee And when they had fulfilled all me have. And when he had thus that was written of him, they spoken, he thewed them his took him down from the tree, hands and his feet. And while and laid him in a fepulchre. they yet believed oot for joy, and Bat God raised bim trom the wondered, he said unto them, dead: And he was seen many Have ye here any meat? And days of them which came up they gave him a piece of a broiled with him from Galilce to Jerufa fith, and of an honeycomb: And lem, who are his witnesses unto he took it, and did eat before the people. And we declare unto them. And he said unto them, you glad tidings, how that the These are the words which i promise which was made unto fpake unto you, while I was yet the fathers, God hath fulfilled with you, that all things must the same unto us their children, be fulfilled which were written in that he hath raised up. Jesus in the law of Mofes, and in the again, as it is also written in the Prophets, and in the Psalms con. fecond palm, Thou art my son, cerning me. Then opened he this day have ! begotten thee their understanding, that they And as concerning that he raised might understand the Scriptures; him up from the dead, now no and said unto them, Thus it is more to rerurn to corruption, written, and thus it behoved he said on this wife, I will give Christ to suffer, and to rise from you the sure mercies of David. the dead the third day, and that Wherefore he faith alfo in an- repentance and remiffion ot fins other pfalm, Thou thalt not fuf- thould be preached in his Name fer thine Holy One to fee cor. among all nations, beginning ruption. For David after he had at Jerusalem. And ye are wit. ferved his own genera:ion by the naties of these things. will of God fell on fleep, and was Taid unto his fathers, and faw The first Sunday after Erfter. corruption : But he whom God

The Collect.

LMIGHTY Father, who haft Be it unto , men and brethren, that through for our fins, and to rise again

railed again, law. no corruption. A given thine only sun to win

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for our jy Uncation; grant us to ed on them, and faith unto ther,
to put a way the leavan of ma. Receive ye the Holy Ghost,
lice and wickednes, that we Wrofesoever fins ye reinit, they
may alway serve thee in pure. are re nitted unto them and
aels of living and truth, through whoferever fins ye recaini, they
the merits of the Caine thy Son are retained.
Jesus Chriit our Lord. Amen.
The Epistle. 1.5. Jolin 5.4.

The jecond Sunday after Eofter.
THAT'SOEVER is born of

The Collect. W world and this is the video try thing to A given thine only son tohte ov:rcometh the world, even our

unto us both a facrifice tor fin, faith,

Who is he that overcom. and also an enfample of godly eth the world, but he that be. life: Give us grace that we may lieveth that Jesus is the son of always molt thankfully receive God! This is he that came by that his ineftimable benefit, and water and blood, even Jesus alto daily endeavour ourselves Chrift; not by water only, but to follow the blessed fteps of his by water and blood : and it is most holy life, through the fame ttie Spirit that bearerh witness, Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen. because the Spirit is truth. For The Epiftle. 1 S. Pet. 2: 19. there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, This is thankworthy, if a

man for conscience toward and the Holy Ghost: and there God endure grief, suffering three are one. And there are wrongfully. For what glory is three that bear witness in earth, it, if when ye be buffeted for your the fpiric, and the water, and the faults, ye shall take it patiently? blood and these three agree in But if when ye do well, and suffer one. If we rcceive the witnets fur ir, ye take it patiently; this of men, th: witness of God is is acceptable with God. For even greater: for this is the witness hereunto were ye called: because of God which he hath teftified Chrift also suffered for us, leaving o? his son. He that believeth on us an example, that ye should the Son of God, hath the wit- follow his steps: who did no lin, n. fs in himself: he that believ. neither was guite found in his eth not God, hath made him a mouth: who when he was reliir, b:cause he believeth not the viled reviled not again: when record that God gave of his Son. he suffered, he threatened not; And this is the record, that God but committed himself to him hattı given to us eternal life: and that judgeth righteoufly: whn this life is in his Son. He that hath his ownruf bare our fins in his the Son, hath life; and he that own body on t!le tree, that w., hach not the Son, hath not life. being dead to fin, (hould live unto The Gospel S. John 20. 19.

rightcoulness: by wliofc stripes The faine day atevening, be. ye were healed For ye were as

ing the first day of the weak, iheep oing astray; but are now when the doors were thur, where returned unto the Shepherd and the disciples were assenbled for Bishop of your souls. fear of the Jews, caine Jesus, and The Gospel S. John ro. 11, ftood in the midst, and faith unto ES U , I am good when he had so said, he thewed giveth his life for the theep; But unto them his hands and his tide. he that is an hireling, and not Then were the difciples glad the shepherd, whose own the when they saw the Lord. Then theep are not, seeth the wolf como faid Jesus to them again, Peace ing, and leaveth the theep, and be unto you. As my Father hach fleeth; and the wolf ca cheth fent me, even fo lend I you. And them, and scattereth the theep. whea he had said this, he breach. The hireling fleeth, because he is

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an kireling, and careth not for to the Father. Then said some of the theep, I am the good thep; his disciples among themselves, herd, and know my Theep, and what is this that he saith unto am known of mine. As the Fa. us, A little while, and ye thall not ther kroweth me, even to know see me; and again a little while, I the Father: and I lay down my and ye thall lee me: and, Be. life for the theep. And other cause I go to the Father? They theep I have which are not of said therefore, What is this that this fold; them also I must bring, he saith, a little while? we canand they thali hear my voice: not tell what he faith. Now Jeand there thall be one fold, and sus knew that they were delir. one thepherd.

ous to ask him, and said unto

them, Do ye enquire among The third Sunday after Eajler. yourselves of chat I said, A little The Colled,

while, and ye shall net sce me: A

LMIGHTY God, who sheweft and again, á little while, and ye

to them that be in error thall see me? Verily, verily, i say the light of thy truth, to the in- unto you, that ye shall weep tent that they may return into and lament, bur the world shall the way of righteouiness; Grant rejoice: and ye shall be forrowe unto all them that arc admited ful, but your í rrow thall be into the fellowibip of Christ's turned into joy. A woman, when religion, thai they may eschew 'the is in travail, hath sorrow, bc. those thines that are contrary cause her hour is come: but as to their profeflion, and follow fron as she is delivered of the all such things as are agreeable child, the remembereth no more to the same, through our Lord the anguilh, for joy that a man Jelus Christ. Anuen.

is born into the world. And ye The Epifle. I S. Pet. 2. 11. now therefore have forrow: but D EARLY beloved, I beseech I will see you again, and your

you as strangers and pil. heart thall rejoice, and your joy grims, abstain from fleshly lulls, no man taketh from you. which war against the soul; hav. ing your conversation huneft

The fourth Sunday after Easter, 'anong the Gentiles: that where

The Coilea. as they ipeak

ALMIGHTY God, who works, which they'thall behold, willy and affections of sinful men; glurily God in the day of visita Grant unto thy people that they tion. Submit yourselves to every may love the thing which thou ordinance of man for the Lord's commandeft, and defire that säke: whether it be to the king, which thou doit promise : chat as supreme; or unto governors, so among the sundry and mani. as unto them that are sent by fold changes of the world, our hiin, for the punishment of evil hearts may surely there be fixed, doers, and for the praise of them where true joys are to be found, that do well. For fo is the will through Jelus Chrif our Lord. of God, that with well doing ye Amen. inay put to filence the ignorance 1 he Epifle. $. James-1. 17, sing your liberty for a coke of E perfect gift from above malicioufness; but as the ser- and comerh down from the Fa: vants of God. Honour all men; ther of lights, with whom is no Love the brotherhood; Fear God; variableness, neither thadow of Honour the king.

turning. Of his own will begat I he Gospel. S. John 16. 16. he us with the word of trun, J

ESUS laid to his disciples, A that we thould be a kind of first

little while, and ye shall not fruits of his creatures. Where. fee me; and again, a little while, fore, my beloved brethren, let and ye thall fee me, because I go every man be swift to hear, How


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to speak, now to wrath: for the a hearer of the Word, and not a
wrath of man worketh not the doer, he is like unto a man be-
righteouiness of God. Where: holding his natural face in a
fore lay apart ail filthiness, and glass : for he beholdeth himself,
fuperfluiry of naughtinefs, and and goeth his way, and Araight-
receive with meck nels the en way forgetteth what manner of
grafted Word, woich is able to man he was. But whoso looketh

into the perfect law of liberty,
The Gojpel. S John 16. 5. aud continueth therein; he be
Now I gomy way to him

that a doer of the work, this man fent me, and none of you asketh thall be blefied in his deed. If me, whither goeft thou But be. any man anong you seem to be cause I have said these things un religious, and bridleth not his to you, forrow hath fi!ked your tongue, but deceiveth his own heart. Nevertheless I tell you the heart, this man's religion is truth; is is expedient for you vain Pure re igion and undethat i go away: for if I go 11ot filed before God and the Father, away, the Comforter will not is this, to visit the fatherless and come unto you; but if I depart, widows in their affliction, and to I will send him unto you. And keep himself unsported from the when he is come, he will reprove world. the world offin, and ofrighteous The Gospel. S. John 16. 23. because they believe not on ine; you, whatsoever ye thallalk of righteousnets, because i co the Father in my Name, he will to my Father, and ye see me no give it you Hitherto have ye more; of judgement, becaule the aikcd ncching in my Nare: Alk, prince " this world is judged, and ye shall receive than yourjoy I have yet many things to say may be full. Those things have I unto you, but ye cannot bear fyoken unto you in proverbs : them now. "Howbeit, when lie the time cometh when I thall no the Spirit of truth is coine, be more speak unto you in pro. will guide you into all truth: verus, but I thall thew you plain. for he thall not fpeak or himself, ly of the Father. At tha: day ye but whatsoever he fhall hear, Thall ask in my name: and I say that thall he speas, and he will not unto you, that I will pray thew y u things to come. He the Father for you: for the Fathall glorify me, for he shall re- ther himself loveth you, because ceive of mine, and thall thew it ye have loved me, and have beunto you. All inings tha: the fieved that I caine out from God. Father hath are mine: there. I came forth from the Father, fore laid 1, that he thall take and am coinc into the world: of mine, and thall lhew it unto again, I leave the world, and go you.

to the Father. His difciples said

unto him, Lo, now speakert thou The fifth Sunday after Easter. plainly, and speak eft no pro: The Collect

verb, Now are we sure thar thou

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things do come; Grant to not that any man trould alk us thy humble servants, that by thee: by this we believe that thy holy inspiration we may thou camelt torch from God. Je. think thore things that be good, sus an!wered them, Do ye now and by thy merciful guiding believer Behold, the hour com. may perform the same, through eth, yea, is now come, that ye our Lord Jesus Chrift. Amen. shall be scatrered every mar to The Epiftle. S. James 1. 22. his own, and thall leave me E

not hearers only, deceiving because the Father is with me. your ownfelych. For if any be. These things I have fpoken unto



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made, o Theophilus, of all preach the Gofiel to every crea.

The Acension-day, and Sunday after Afcenfion-day. you, that in me ye might have these things, while they beheld, peace. In the world ye tha!! he was taken up, and a cloud have cribulation: but he ot good recieved him out of their righr. cheer; I have overcome the And while they looked stedfattly world.

toward heavca, as he went up, behold, two men ftood by them

in white apparel, which also said, The Afcenfion-day. Ye men of Galilee, why ftand The Coiledi.

ye gazing up into heaven: This

lame Jesus, which is taken up God, that like as

come in like manner as ye have we do believe thy only begotten

(een him go into heaven. Son our Lord Jesus Chritt to have ascended into the heavens; The Gospel. S. Mark 16. 14. mind thither afcend, and with ven as they fat at meat, and him continually dwell, who liv. upbraided them with their un. eth and reigneth with thee and belief and hardness of heart; be. the Holy Ghost, one God, world cause they believed not them without end. Amen.

which had seen him after he was

rifen. And he said unto thein, For the Epifle. Acts 1. 1.

Go ye into all the world, aud. HE former treatise have I

He and is that Jesus began both to do and bap.ized thall be saved; but he teach, until the day in which he that believeth not shall be was taken up, after that he

damned. And thicfe figns thall through the Holy Ghott had fo:low them that believe: In my given commandments unto the Name thall they cast out devils; apottles whom he had chofen: tê they tha!! speak with new whom also he thewed himself


they thall take up ler. alive after his pallion, by many pents; and if they drink any infallible proofs, being leen of deadly thing, it shall not hurt them forty days, and speaking of them; they thall lay hands on the things pertaining to the king

the fick, and they thall recover. dom of God: and being assem. So then afcer the Lord had spok. bled together with them, com.

en unti) thern, he was received manded them that they thould not depart :rom Jerusalem, but up into heaven, and fat on the

right hand of God. wait for the promise of the Fa went forth, and preached every

And they ther, which, faith he, ye have where, the Lord working with heard of me. For John truly bap; them, and confirming the word tized with water; but ye thall with figns following. be baptized with the Holy Ghoft not many days hence.

When they therefore were come toge.

Sunday after Afcenfion-day. ther, they asked of him, faying,

The Collect. fture again the

kingdon tonteaedO GOD, the King of glory,who And he laid unto taem, It is not Jesus Chritt with great triumph for you to know the times or unto thy kingdom in heaven; the leatons, which the Father We beleech thee leave us not harh put in his own power. But comfortless, but send to us thine ye thall receive power after that Holy Ghoft to comfort us, and the Holy Ghost is come upon exalt us unto the same place yuu: and ye thall be witnelles whither our Saviour Chrift is unto me, both in Jerusalem, and gone before, who liveth and 11 ail Judea, and in Samaria, and reigneth with thee and the Holy to the uttermoft part of the Ghoft, one God, world without

And when he had spoken end. Amen.

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