Priefi. O God, make clean our hint that he may vanquish and hearts within us;

overcome all his enemies; and Answ. And take not thy Holy finally, after this life, he may Spirit from us.

attain everlasting joy and feli1 Then shall

follow three Colle&ts; city, through Jesus Chrift our the first of the Day the fecond. Lord. Amen.

for Peace the third fór Aid 1 A Prayer for the Royal Family. againt ail Perils, as hereafter LMIGHTY God, the founlects shall be daily said at Even- humbly beseech thee to bless

ing Prayer without alteration, our gracious Qucen Charlotte, 1. The second Colleâ at Evening his Royal Higlme is George Prince Prayer.

of wales, and all the Royal FaO

defires, all good counsels, holy Spirir; enrich thein with
and all jųft works do proceed; thy heavenly, grace; prosper
Give unto thy fervants that then with all nappiness; and
peace which the world cannot bring them to thine everlafing
give, that both our liearts may kingdom, through Jesus Chrift
be set to obey thy command our Lord. Amen.
Dents, and also that by thee we 1 A Prayer for the Clergy and
being defended from the fear of

Our rehte mich mit pars, other times ALCOCHTX and neverlafling
the merits of Jesus Christ our great marvels; Eend down upon
Saviour. Amen.

our Bishops and Curates, and 9 The third Colleå, for Aid again their charge, the healthful Spirit

all Congregations committed to all Perils.

of thy grace; and that they may beseech thee, O Lord; and them the continual dew of thy by thy., great mercy defend us blening : Grant this, O Lord, from all perils and dangers of for the honour of our Advothis night, for the love of thy cate and Mediator Jesus Chritt. only Son our

3aviour Jesus Amen. Chrift. Anien.

1 A Prayer of S. Chryfoftom. 1

they Jing, here followeth the A given us grace at this tine Anthem,

with one accord to make our T A Prayer for the King's Majesty. common supplications into thee, O

LORD our heavenly Father, and doft promise that when two

high and mighty, King of or three are gathered togetler kings, Lord of lords, the only in thy Name, thou wilt grant ruler of princes, who dort from their requeits ; Fultil now, ( thy throne behuld all the dwell- Lord, the desires and petitions of ers upon earth; moit heartily thy fervan's, as may be molt exwe beleech thee with thy favour pedient for them: ranting us !! to behold our most grac'ous this word knowledge of ity Sovereign Lord King GEORGE, truth, and 'in the world to and to replenith him with the come life everlaftiny. Amen. grace of thy Holy Spirit, that he

2 cor. !3. 14. in THA

HE grace of our Lord Jesus and walk in thy way: Endue Chrift, and the love of God, him plenteously with heavenly and the fellowship of the Holy gifts, grant him in health and Ghoft, be with us all evermore. wealth long to live, Atrengthen Amen.

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Here endeth the Order of Evening Prager throughout the rear.

B 5



I upon these Feafts, Christmas-day, the Epiphany, s. Matthias,

Eafter-day, Ascension day, Whit-sunday, S. John Baptift, s. James, S. Bartholomew, S. Matthew, S. Sinon and S. Jude, S. Andrew, and upon Trinity Sunday, Jhall be sung or faid at Morning Prayer, instead of the Apostles Creed, this Confession of our Christian Faith, commonly called The Creed of S. Athanafius, by the Minister und People sanding. Quicunque vult.

And yet not three Lords : but WHO

THOSOEVER will be saved: one Lord.

before all things it is! For like as we are compelled necessary that he hold the Ca- by the Chriftian verity: to actholick Faith.

knowledge every person by him. Which faith, except every one self to be God and Lord; do keep whole and undehled : So are we forbidden by the without doubt he thall perith Catholick Religion: to say, 'There everlaftingly.

be three Gods, or three Lords. And the Catholick Faith is The Father is made of none : this : That we worihip one God neither created, nor begotten. in Trinity, and Trinity in Unity; 'The Son is of the Father alone :

Neither confounding the ver. not made, nor created, but befons :

nor dividing the Sub- gotten. ftance.

The Holy Ghost is of the Fa. For there is one Person of the ther, and of the Son : nei'her Father, another of the Son : and made, nor created, nor begotten, another of the Holy Ghost. bur proceeding.

But the Godhead of the Fa- So there is one Father, not ther, of the Son, and of the Holy three Fathers; one Son, not Ghost, is all one : the Glory three Sons : one Holy Ghoft, not equal, the Majesty co-eternal. three Holy Ghosts.

Such as the Father is, such is. And in this Trinty none is the Son : and such is the Holy, alore, or after other': none is Ghost.

greater or less than another; The Father uncreate, the Son But the whole three Persons uncreate : and the Holy Ghost are co-eternal together; and counrreate.

equal. The Fa-hir incomprehensible, 'So that in all things. as is the Sun incomprehensible : and aforesaid : the Unity in Trinity, the Holy Ghost incomprehen. and the Trinity in Unity is to be fible.

worthipped. The Father eternal, the Son He therefore that will be saved: eternal : and the Holy Ghoft must thus think o the Trinity. eternal;

Furthermore, it is neceflary to And yet they are not three everlafting falvation : tliat he allo eternal : but one eternal. believe rightly the isicarnation of

As also there are not three in our Lord Jesus Christ. comprehenfibles, nor three un- For the right Faith is, That created : but one uncreated, and we believe and corfers: that our one incomprehensible.

Lord Jesus Christ, the son of So likewise the Father is Al. God is God and man; mi hry, tie Son Almighty : and God of the Substance of the Fa. the Holy Ghost Almi:hty: ther, begotten before the worlds;

And yet they are not three Aland Man of the Subitance of his mighties: but one Alnighty Mother, born in the world,

So the Father is God, the Son is Perfect God, and perfect Man :God: and the Holy Ghof is God; of a reasonable foul, and hu nan

And yet they are not three Aeth subfifting; Gads : but one God.

Equal to the Father, as touchSo likewise the Father is Lord, ing his Godhead : and inferior the Son Lord : and the Holy to the Father, as touching his Croft Lord;



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Who although he be God and fitteth on the right hand of the Man : yet he is not two, but one Father, God Almighty: from Chrift;

whence he shall come to judge One; not by conversion of the quick and the dead. the Godhead into fleth : but At whure coming all men shall by taking of the Manhood into rise again with their bodies : and God;

shall give account for their own One altogether; not by con- works. fufion of Subftance : but by uni- And they that have done ty of Perfon.

good, thall go into life everlastFor as the reasonable soul and ing: and they that have done flesh is one man : fo God and evil, into everlasting fire. Man is one Chrift;

This is the Catholick Faith ; Whofuffered for nur salvation:. which except a man believe d-scended into hell, rose again faithfully, he cannot be saved. the third day from the dead; Glory be to the Farher, &c.

He ascended into heaven, he As it was in the beginning, G'ca

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( Here followeth the LITANY, or General Supplication, to be sung or said after Morning Prayer upon Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and at other time; when it shall be commanded by the Ordinary.

GOD the Father of heaven: From all evil and mischief, from O

have mercy upon us mile- fin, from the crafts and assaults Table finners.

of the devil, from thy wrath, and O God the Father of heaven : from everlasting damnation, have mercy upon us miserable Good Lord, deliver us. finners.

From all blindness of heart; O God the Son, Redeemer of from pride; vainglory, and hypothe world : have mercy upon us criiy; from cnvy, hatred, and miserable finnery.

malice, and all uncharitable O God the Son, Redeemer of the ness, world : have mercy upon us mife- Good Lord, deliver us. rable finners.

From fornication, and all other o God the Holy Ghost, pro- deadly fin; and from all the deceeding from the Father and the ceits of the world, the flesh, and Son : have mercy upo: us mife- the devil, rable finners.

Good Lord, deliver us. O God the Holy Ghost, proceed- From lightning and tempeft ;; ing from the Father and the son: from plague, peftilence, and fan have mercy upon us miserable mine : from battle, and murder,

and from fudden death, O holy, blessed, and glorious Good Lord, deliver us. Trini.y, three Persons, and one From all sedition, privy CoA.. God : have mercy upon us mise- spiracy, and rebellion ; from all rable finners

falle doctrine, heresy, and O holy, bleffed, and glorious fchifm; from hardness of heart, Trinity, three Perfons, and one and conteinpt of thy word and God : have mercy upon us mifecommandment, rable finners,

Good Lord, deliver us. Remember not, Lord, our of By the myflery of thy holy Ina. fence, nor the offences of our carnation; by thy holy Nativity forefathers, neither take thou and Circumcifion; by thy Bapa vengeance of our sins: spare us, tism, Fafting, and Temptation, good Lord, spare tày people, Good Lord, deliver us. whoin thou haft redeemed with By thine Agony and bloody thy most precious blood, and be Sweat; by thy Cross and Para not angry with us for ever, fion, by thy precious Death and Spare us, good Lord, Burial; by thy glorious Refur.



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rection and Afcenfion; and by That it may please thee to the coming of the Holy Ghoft, bless and kecp the Magiftrates,

Good Lord, deliver us. giving them grace to execute In all time of our tribulation; juftice, and to maintain truth; in all time of our wealth ; in the We beleech thee to hear us, good hour of death, and in the day of Lord. judgernent,

That it may please thee to Good Lord, deliver us. bless and keep all thy people; We finners do befcech thee to We beseech thee to hear us, good hear us, O Lord God, and that Lord. it may pleate thee tó rule and That it may please thee to give govern thy holy Church univer- to all nations unity, peace, and fal in the right way

concord; we beseech thee to hear us, good We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

Lord. That it may please thee to That it may please thee to give keep and ftrengthen in the true us an heart to love and dread worshipping of thee, in righte- thee, and diligently to live after musnets and holiness of life, thy thy commandments; Servant GEORGE, our most gra. ive beseech thee to hear us, good cious King and Governor;

Lord. We beseech thee to hear us, good That it may please thee to give Lord.

to all thy people increase of That it may please thee to rule grace, to hear meekly thy Word, his heart in thy faith, fear, and and to receive it with pure af love, and that he may evermore fection, and to bring forth the have affiance in thee, and ever fruits of the Spirit; keek thy honour and glory; We beseech thee to hear us, good

We befeech thee to hear us, good Lord. Lord.

That it may please thee to That it may please thee to be bring into the way of truth all his defender and keeper, giving such as have erred, and are dehim the victory over all his ceived; enemies;

We beseech thee to hear us, good We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord. Lord.

That it may please thee to That it may please thee to strengthen such as do Atand, bless and preserve our gracious and to comfort and help the Queen Charlotte, his Royal High, weak hearted, and to raise tip aels George Prince of Wales, and them that fall, and finally to all the Köyal Family:

beat down Satan under our We befeech thee to hear us, good feet; Lord.

We befeech thee to hear us, good That it may please thee to Lord. illuminate all'Bishops, Priefts, That it may please thec to and Deacons, with true know. succour, helo, and comfort all ledge and underftanding of thy that are in danger, necessity, and Word; and that both by their tribulation: preaching and living they may we beseech thee to hear us, good fet it forih, and thew it accord- Lord. ingly;

That it may please thee to We befeech thee to hear us, good preserve all that travel by land Lord.

or by water, all women labour. That it may please thee to ing of child, all tick persons and enduz the Lords of the Council, young children; and to thew thy and all the Nobility, with grace, pity upon all prisoners and cap. wisdom, and underftanding; tives;

We beseech thee to hear us, good We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.'


That That it may please thee to de- it is in heaven : Give us this fend and provide for the father day our daily bread ; And forless children and widows, and give us our trespasses, as we forall that are desolate and op- give them that trespass against presled;

us: And lead us not into tempo We befetch thee to hear us, good tation; But deliver us from evil. Lord,

Amen. That it may pleafe thce to Prieft. O Lord, deal not with have mercy upon all men; us after our fins.

We befeech thee to hear us, good Answ. Neither reward us after Lord.

our iniquities. That it may please thee to

I Let us pray. forgive our , Vanderers, and to turn their odelpisent

not the fighing of hearts;

We befeech thee to hear us, good a contrite heart, nor the derire Lord,

of such as be lorowful; Merci. That it may please thee to fully allift our prayers that we give and preserve to our use the make before thee in all our kindly fruits of the earth, so as troubles and adverfities when. in due time we may enjoy soever they oppress us; and them;

graciously hear us, that thok We befeech thee to hear us, good evils which the craft and ruba Lord.

tilty of the devil or man workThat it may please thec to cah against us be brought to give us true repentance, to for. nought, and by the providence give us all our sins, negligences of thy goodness they may be and ignorances, and to endue dispersed, that we thý servants, us with the grace of thy Holy being hurt by no periccutions, Spirit, to amend our livce ac- may evermore give thanks unto cording to thy holy Word; thee in thy holy

Church, through We beseech thee to hear us, good Jesus Chrítt our Lord. Lord. Son of God : we beseech thee liver us for thy Name's


O Lord, arife, help us, and dry to hear us.

Son of God : we befeeck thee O GUP POWe have heard with

O Lamb of God : that takeft have declared unto us, the noble away the fins of the world; works that thou didit in their Grant us thy peace.

days, and in the old time before O Lamb of God : that takeft thém. away the fins of the worki;

O Lord, arise, help us, and deaHáve mercy upon us.

liver us for thine Honour. O Chrift, hear us. O Chrift, hear us.

Glory be to the Father, and Lord, have mercy upon us. to the son : and to the Holy Lord, have mercy upon us. Ghoft; Chrift, have mercy upon us. Antzu. As it was in the begin. Chrif, have mercy upon us. ning, is now, and ever thall be : Lord, have mercy upon us. world without end, Amen. Lord, have mercy upon us. From our enemies defend us,

O Chrift,

Graciousy look upon our aflico I Then shall the Priest, and the

tions. People with him, say the Lord's

Pitifully behold tlie forrows of Prayer.

our hearts.

Mercifully forgive the fins of thy heaven, Hallowed be thy people. Name; Thy Kingdom come; Favourably with mercy hear Thy will be done in earth, as our prayers

O son

OR Father which art in

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