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ROGERS C. B. Morton, Secretary

Ronald H. WALKER, Director

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This is the third supplement to the publication Laws Relating to the National Park Service, first printed in 1933 and supplemented in 1944 and 1963.

This volume contains laws relating to the National Park Service enacted by the Congress between February, 1963, and December, 1972. Unlike Supplements I and II, laws relating to the National Capital Parks are included in this compilation.

Special thanks are due to Mrs. Jo Ann West, whose long hours of research in the library of the Department of the Interior made this supplement possible.



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· I. General:

1. Administration of National Park System.--

2. Airports in or in close proximity to national parks, etc.--.

3. Excerpts from Airport and Airway Development Act of 1970

4. Excerpts from Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act ..

5. Concession policies of the National Park Service.i...

6. Excerpt from Department of Transportation Act...

7. Excerpt from Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1966_.

8. Environmental Education Act...

9. Excerpt from Economic Opportunity Act of 1964

10. Estuarine Protection.---

11. Federal Water Project Recreation Act..

12. Excerpt from Geothermal Steam Act of 1970.

13. Historic Monuments conveyance-----

14. Historic Preservation.--------
15. Land and Water Conservation Fund Act..

16. National Environmental Policy Act of 1969..

17. National Parks Centennial.---Led

18. National Park Foundation..--

19. National Trails System

20. Outdoor Recreation Programs...-

21. Research Contracts ----

22. Travel Promotion in the United States

23. Volunteers in the Parks Act of 1969.-

24. Wild and Scenic Rivers Act...

25. Wilderness Act..--

26. Youth Conservation Corps.-

II. National Parks

1. Acadia

2. Arches -----------

3. Canyonlands.----

4. Capitol Reef.-----

5. Carlsbad Caverns.

6. Everglades...

7. Glacier (including excerpt from

8. Great Smoky Mountains.-

9. Guadalupe Mountains.

10. Hot Springs ------

11. Isle Royale (excerpt from omnibus bill) --

12. Kings Canyon.--

13. Lassen Volcanic (wilderness and excerpt from omnibus bill).

14. Mesa Verde.------

15. North Cascades Complex...

indo 16. Petrified Forest.....

17. Redwood.----

18. Sequoia.----

19. Voyageurs...

20. Yosemite.--..

III. National Historical Parks:

1. Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

2. Colonial...

- 3. George Rogers Clark.-----

4. Harpers Ferry ----

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