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3109 of title 5, United States Code, at rates for individuals not to exceed $100 per diem;

(3) to accept and to utilize the services of voluntary and uncompensated personnel and reimburse them for travel expenses, including per diem, as authorized by section 5703 of title 5, United States Code;

(4) to solicit and to accept gifts of money or property;

(5) to procure supplies, services, and property, and to make contracts, without regard to the laws and procedures applicable to Federal agencies;

(6) to request the assistance and advice of, and to cooperate with, civic, historic, and patriotic bodies, institutions of learning, and State and local governments;

(7) to request the cooperation and assistance of such Federal departments and agencies as may be appropriate;

78) to invite the participation of such other nations as may be appropriate, with the assistance and advice of the Department of State; and

(9) to make such expenditures as it may deem advisable from funds appropriated or received as

gifts. SEC. 4. Any property acquired by the Commission remaining upon termination of such celebration is the property of the United States and may be used by the Secretary of the Interior for purposes of the national park system, or may be disposed of as surplus property. The net revenue, after payment of Commission expenses, is the property of the United States and shall be deposited in the Treasury of the United States.

Sec. 5. There is hereby authorized to be appropriated the sum of $100,000 to carry out the purposes of this Act.

Approved October 21, 1970.
Legislative History
House Report No. 91–1501 accompanying H.R. 15008 (Committee on the
Senate Report No. 91-961 (Committee on the Judiciary).
Congressional Record. Vol. 116 (1970) :

June 26, considered and passed Senate.
Oct. 5. considered and passed House, amended, in lieu of H.R. 15008.
Oct. 7, Senate concurred in House amendment.


10. Visitor Center, D.C. An Act to authorize a study of facilities and services to be

furnished visitors and students coming to the Nation's Capital. (80 Stat. 1424)

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That there is hereby created a Study Commission which shall make a full and complete investigation and study of sites and plans to provide facilities and services for visitors and students coming to the Nation's Capital. Such study may include provision for the following activities and services:

(1) exhibits, lectures, films, and displays for informing, instructing, and orienting visitors respecting the history, growth, development of the Nation, the Nation's Capital, and the organization and operation of the Federal Government in all its branches;

(2) exhibits and displays by the individual States, territories, possessions, and the District of Columbia with respect to their history, resources, scenic attractions, and other appropriate matters;

(3) providing information and assistance to visitors to facilitate their enjoyment and appreciation of the Nation's Capital and its historic and cultural resources;

(4) providing specialized information and assistance to foreign visitors to facilitate and encourage their travel throughout the United States;

(5) providing special services to visiting student groups, including scheduling, registration, and coordination of tours; and

(6) providing auxiliary services such as parking, local transportation, and information centers at strategic locations necessary for the convenience of

visitors. SEC. 2. (a) The Study Commission shall be composed of the Secretary of the Interior, the Administrator of General Services, the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, the Chairman of the Council on the Arts and Humanities, the Chairman of the National Capital Planning Commission, the Chairman of the Commission of Fine Arts, six Members of the Senate, three from each party, to be appointed by the President of the Senate, and six Members of the House of Representatives, three from each party, to be appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and three additional members appointed by the President, at least two of whom shall not be officers of the Federal Government. Non-Federal members shall serve at the pleasure of the President. The Secretary of the Interior shall be the Chairman of the

Study Commission. The Study Commission shall meet at the call of the Chairman.

(b) Members of the Study Commission who are not officers or employees of the Federal or District Government shall be entitled to receive compensation in accordance with section 15 of the Act of August 2, 1946 (5 U.S.C. 55a), and travel expenses, including per diem in lieu of subsistence, as authorized by law (5 U.S.C. 73b-z) for persons in the Government service employed intermittently.

(c) The Director of the National Park Service, in consultation with the Administrator of the General Services Administration shall provide necessary staff and facilities to assist the Commission in carrying out its duties under this Act.

SEC. 3. The Commission shall report the results of its study and investigation to Congress not later than September 15, 1967. Such report shall include its recommendations as to a site or sites for the facilities to be provided together with preliminary plans, specifications, and architectural drawings for such facilities and the estimated cost of the recommended sites and facilities.

Sec. 4. There is authorized to be appropriated not to exceed $60,000 to carry out this Act.

Approved November 7, 1966.
Legislative History
House Report No. 1637 (Committee on Public Works).
Senate Report No. 1745 (Committee on Interior and insular Affairs).
Collgressional Record, Vol. 112 (1966) :

Aug. 15 : Considered in House.
Oct. 7: Considered and passed House.
Oct. 18 : Considered and passed Senate, amended.
Oct. 20 : House concurred in Senate amendments.

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1. Alaska Native Claims

An Act to provide for the settlement of certain land claims

of Alaska Natives, and for other purposes. (85 Stat. 688) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That this Act may be cited as the "Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act”.

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Sec. 17(d) (2) (A). The Secretary, acting under authority provided for in existing law, is directed to withdraw from all forms of appropriation under the public land laws, including the mining and mineral leasing laws, and from selection under the Alaska Statehood Act, and from selection by Regional Corporations pursuant to section 11, up to, but not to exceed, eighty million acres of unreserved public lands in the State of Alaska, including previously classified lands, which the Secretary deems are suitable for addition to or creation as units of the National Park, Forest, Wildlife Refuge, and Wild and Scenic Rivers Systems: Provided, That such withdrawals shall not affect the authority of the State and the Regional and Village Corporations to make selections and obtain patents within the areas withdrawn pursuant to section 11.




Approved December 18, 1971.


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