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(e) The Secretary shall not permit the construction or use of any road within the park which would provide vehicular access from the North Cross State Highway to the Stehekin Road. Neither shall he permit the construction or use of any permanent road which would provide vehicular access between May Creek and Hozomeen along the east side of Ross Lake.


SEC. 501. The distributive shares of the respective counties of receipts from the national forests from which the national park and recreation areas are created, as paid under the provisions of the Act of May 23, 1908 (35 Stat. 260), as amended (16 U.S.C. 500), shall not be affected by the elimination of lands from such national forests by the enactment of this Act.

SEC. 502. Where any Federal lands included in the park or recreation areas are legally occupied or utilized on the effective date of this Act for any purpose, pursuant to a contract, lease, permit, or license issued or authorized by any department, establishment, or agency of the United States, the Secretary shall permit the persons holding such privileges to continue in the exercise thereof, subject to the terms and conditions thereof, for the remainder of the term of the contract, lease, permit, or license or for such longer period of time as the Secretary deems appropriate.

SEC. 503. Nothing in this Act shall be construed to affect adversely or to authorize any Federal agency to take any action that would affect adversely any rights or privileges of the State of Washington in property within the Ross Lake National Recreation Area which is being utilized for the North Cross State Highway.

SEC. 504. Within two years from the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture shall agree on the designation of areas within the park or recreation areas or within national forests adjacent to the park and recreation areas needed for public use facilities and for administrative purposes by the Secretary of Agriculture or the Secretary of the Interior, respectively. The areas so designated shall be administered in a manner that is mutually agreeable to the two Secretaries, and such public use facilities, including intrepretive centers, visitor contact stations, lodges, campsites, and ski lifts, shall be constructed according to a plan agreed upon by the two Secretaries.

SEC. 505. Nothing in this Act shall be construed to supersede, repeal, modify, or impair the jurisdiction of the Federal Power Commission under the Federal Power Act (41 Stat. 1063), as amended (16 U.S.C. 791a et seq.), in the recreation areas.

SEC. 506. There are hereby authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this Act, but not more than $3,500,000 shall be appropriated for the acquisition of lands or interest in lands.

Approved October 2, 1968.

29. Sawtooth

An Act to establish the Sawtooth National Recreation Area in the State of Idaho, to temporarily withdraw certain national forest land in the State of Idaho from the operation of the United States mining laws, and for other purposes. (86 Stat. 612)

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That (a) in order to assure the preservation and protection of the natural, scenic, historic, pastoral, and fish and wildlife values and to provide for the enhancement of the recreational values associated therewith, the Sawtooth National Recreation Area is hereby established.

(b) The Sawtooth National Recreation Area (hereafter referred to as the "recreation area"), including the Sawtooth Wilderness Area (hereafter referred to as the "wilderness area"), shall comprise the lands generally depicted on the map entitled "Sawtooth National Recreation Area" dated June, 1972, which shall be on file and available for public inspection in the office of the Chief, Forest Service, Department of Agriculture. The Secretary of Agriculture (hereafter referred to as the "Secretary") shall, as soon as practicable after the date of enactment of this Act, publish a detailed description and map showing the boundaries of the recreation area in the Federal Register.

SEC. 2. (a) The Secretary shall administer the recreation area in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations applicable to the national forests in such manner as will best provide (1) the protection and conservation of the salmon and other fisheries; (2) the conservation and development of scenic, natural, historic, pastoral, wildlife, and other values, contributing to and available for public recreation and enjoyment, including the preservation of sites associated with and typifying the economic and social history of the American West; and (3) the management, utilization, and disposal of natural resources on federally owned lands such as timber, grazing, and mineral resources insofar as their utilization will not substantially impair the purposes for which the recreation area is established.

(b) The lands designated as the Sawtooth Wilderness Area, which supersedes the Sawtooth Primitive Area, shall be administered in accordance with the provisions of this Act and the provisions of the Wilderness Act (78 Stat. 890), whichever is more restrictive, except that any reference in such provisions to the effective date of the Wilderness Act shall be deemed to be a reference to the effective date of this Act.

SEC. 3. (a) Except as provided in section 4, the Secretary is authorized to acquire by donation, purchase with

donated or appropriated funds, exchange, bequest, or otherwise any lands, or lesser interests therein, including mineral interests and scenic easements, which he determines are needed for the purposes of this Act: Provided, That acquisitions of lands or interests therein for access to and utilization of public property, and for recreation and other facilities, shall not exceed five per centum of the total acreage of all private property within the recreation area as of the effective date of this Act.

As used in this Act the term "scenic easement" means the right to control the use of land in order to protect the esthetic values for the purposes of this Act, but shall not preclude the continuation of any use exercised by the owner as of the date of this Act.

(b) In exercising this authority to acquire lands, the Secretary shall give prompt and careful consideration to any offer made by an individual owning any land, or interest in land, within the boundaries described in subsection 1(b) of this Act. In considering such offer, the Secretary shall take into consideration any hardship to the owner which might result from any undue delay in acquiring his property.

(c) The Secretary may utilize condemnation proceedings without the consent of the owner to acquire private lands or interests therein pursuant to this section only in cases where, in his judgment, all reasonable efforts to acquire such lands or interests therein by negotiation have failed, and in such cases he shall acquire only such title as, in his judgment, is reasonably necessary to accomplish the objectives of this Act.

(d) In exercising his authority to acquire property by exchange, the Secretary may accept title to any nonFederal property, or interests therein, located within the recreation area and, notwithstanding any other provision of law, he may convey in exchange therefor any federally owned property within the State of Idaho which he classifies as suitable for exchange and which is under his administrative jurisdiction. The values of the properties so exchanged shall be approximately equal or, if they are not approximately equal, they shall be equalized by the payment of cash to the grantor or to the Secretary as the circumstances require. In the exercise of his exchange authority, the Secretary may utilize authorities and procedures available to him in connection with exchanges of national forest lands.

(e) Nothing in this Act shall be construed as limiting the authority of the Secretary to acquire mineral interests in lands within the recreation area, with or without the consent of the owner. Upon acquisition of any such interest, the lands and/or minerals covered by such interest are by this Act withdrawn from entry or appropriation under the United States mining laws and from disposi

tion under all laws pertaining to mineral leasing and all amendments thereto.

(f) Any land or interest in land owned by the State of Idaho or any of its political subdivisions may be acquired only by donation or exchange.

(g) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any Federal property located within the recreation area may, with the concurrence of the agency having custody thereof, be transferred without consideration to the administrative jurisdiction of the Secretary for use by him in carrying out the purposes of this Act. Lands acquired by the Secretary or transferred to his administrative jurisdiction within the recreation area shall become parts of the recreation area and of the national forest within or adjacent to which they are located.

(h) Except as otherwise provided, the Secretary shall have the authority to use condemnation as a means of acquiring a clear and marketable title, free of any and all encumbrances.

SEC. 4. (a) The Secretary shall make and publish regulations setting standards for the use, subdivision, and development of privately owned property within the boundaries of the recreation area. Such regulations shall be generally in furtherance of the purposes of this Act and shall have the object of assuring that the highest and best private use, subdivision, and development of such privately owned property is consistent with the purposes of this Act and with the overall general plan of the recreation area. Such regulations shall be as detailed and specific as is reasonably required to accomplish such objective and purpose. Such regulations may differ amongst the several parcels of private land in the boundaries and may from time to time be amended by the Secretary. All regulations adopted under this section shall be promulgated in conformity with the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act. The United States District Court for the District of Idaho shall have jurisdiction to review any regulations established pursuant to the first sentence of this subsection, upon a complaint filed within six months after the effective date of such regulations, by any affected landowner in an action for a declaratory judgment.

(b) After publication of such regulations, no privately owned lands shall be acquired by the Secretary by condemnation unless he determines, in his judgment, that such lands are being used, or are in imminent danger of being used, in a manner incompatible with the regulations established pursuant to this section or unless such lands are determined to be necessary for access or development, in which case such acquisitions shall be subject to the 5 per centum limitation established in subsection 3(a) of this Act.

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