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tion by the Secretary any one of the following three alternatives:

(1) that the Secretary shall take the said property in fee simple absolute and pay the fair market value thereof as of the date of such taking;

(2) that the owner or owners shall retain a life estate in said property, measured on the life of the sole owner or on the life of any one person among multiple owners (notice of the person so designated to be filed in writing with the Secretary within six months after the taking) or on the life of the survivor in title of any estate held on July 1, 1963, as a tenancy by the entirety. The price in such case shall be diminished by the actuarial fair market value of the life estate retained, determined on the basis of standard actuarial methods;

(3) that the owner or owners shall retain an estate for twenty-five years. The price in this case shall likewise be diminished by the value of the estate retained. (f) The term "improved property" as used in this Act shall mean any building, the construction of which was begun before July 1, 1963, and such amount of land, not in excess of two acres in the case of a residence or ten acres in the case of a commercial or industrial use, on which the building is situated as the Secretary considers reasonably necessary to the use of the building: Provided, That the Secretary may exclude from improved properties any beach or waters, together with so much of the land adjoining such beach or waters as he deems necessary for public access thereto.

SEC. 3. (a) In order to carry out the provisions of section 2, the Secretary shall issue regulations, which may be amended from time to time, specifying standards that are consistent with the purposes of this Act for zoning ordinances which must meet his approval.

(b) The standards specified in such regulations shall have the object of (1) prohibiting new commercial or industrial uses, other than commercial or industrial uses which the Secretary considers are consistent with the purposes of this Act, of all property within the national seashore, and (2) promoting the protection and development for purposes of this Act of the land within the national seashore by means of acreage, frontage, and setback requirements.

(c) Following issuance of such regulations the Secretary shall approve any zoning ordinance or any amendment to any approved zoning ordinance submitted to him that conforms to the standards contained in the regulations in effect at the time of adoption of the ordinance or amendment. Such approval shall remain effective for so long as such ordinance or amendment remains in effect as approved.

(d) No zoning ordinance or amendment thereof shall be approved by the Secretary which (1) contains any provisions that he considers adverse to the protection and development, in accordance with the purposes of this Act, of the area comprising the national seashore; or (2) fails to have the effect of providing that the Secretary shall receive notice of any variance granted under, or any exception made to, the application of such ordinance or amendment.

(e) If any improved property, with respect to which the Secretary's authority to acquire by condemnation has been suspended according to the provisions of this Act, is made the subject of a variance under, or becomes for any reason an exception to, such zoning ordinance, or is subject to any variance, exception, or use that fails to conform to any applicable standard contained in regulations of the Secretary issued pursuant to this section and in effect at the time of passage of such ordinance, the suspension of the Secretary's authority to acquire such improved property by condemnation shall automatically


(f) The Secretary shall furnish to any party in interest upon request a certificate indicating the property with respect to which the Secretary's authority to acquire by condemnation is suspended.

SEC. 4. (a) Owners of improved property acquired by the Secretary may reserve for themselves and their successors or assigns a right of use and occupancy of the improved property for noncommercial residential purposes for a term that is not more than twenty-five years. The value of the reserved right shall be deducted from the fair market value paid for the property.

(b) A right of use and occupancy reserved pursuant to this section shall be subject to termination by the Secretary upon his determination that the use and occnpancy is not consistent with an applicable zoning ordinance approved by the Secretary in accordance with the provisions of section 3 of this Act, and upon tender to the owner of the right an amount equal to the fair market value of that portion of the right which remains unexpired on the date of termination.

SEC. 5. The Secretary shall permit hunting, fishing, and shellfishing on lands and waters under his adminis trative jurisdiction within the Fire Island National Seashore in accordance with the laws of New York and the United States of America, except that the Secretary may designate zones where, and establish periods when, no hunting shall be permitted for reasons of public safety, administration, or public use and enjoyment. Any regulations of the Secretary under this section shall be issued after consultation with the Conservation Department of the State of New York.

SEC. 6. The Secretary may accept and use for purposes of this Act any real or personal property or moneys that may be donated for such purposes.

SEC. 7. (a) The Secretary shall administer and protect the Fire Island National Seashore with the primary aim of conserving the natural resources located there. The area known as the Sunken Forest Preserve shall be preserved from bay to ocean in as nearly its present state as possible, without developing roads therein, but continuing the present access by those trails already existing and limiting new access to similar trails limited in number to those necessary to allow visitors to explore and appreciate this section of the seashore.

(b) Access to that section of the seashore lying between the easterly boundary of the Brookhaven town park at Davis Park and the westerly boundary of the Smith Point County Park shall be provided by ferries and footpaths only, and no roads shall be constructed in this section except such minimum roads as may be necessary for park maintenance vehicles. No development or plan for the convenience of visitors shall be undertaken therein which would be incompatible with the preservation of the flora and fauna or the physiographic conditions now prevailing, and every effort shall be exerted to maintain and preserve this section of the seashore as well as that set forth in the preceding paragraph in as nearly their present state and condition as possible.

(c) In administering, protecting, and developing the entire Fire Island National Seashore, the Secretary shall be guided by the provisions of this Act and the applicable provisions of the laws relating to the national park system, and the Secretary may utilize any other statutory authority available to him for the conservation and development of natural resources to the extent he finds that such authority will further the purposes of this Act. Appropriate user fees may be collected notwithstanding any limitation on such authority by any provision of law.

SEC. 8. (a) The authority of the Chief of Engineers, Department of the Army, to undertake or contribute to shore erosion control or beach protection measures on lands within the Fire Island National Seashore shall be exercised in accordance with a plan that is mutually acceptable to the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of the Army and that is consistent with the purposes of this Act.

(b) The Secretary shall also contribute the necessary land which may be required at any future date for the construction of one new inlet across Fire Island in such location as may be feasible in accordance with plans for such an inlet which are mutually acceptable to the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of the Army and that is consistent with the purposes of this Act.

SEC. 9. (a) There is hereby established a Fire Island National Seashore Advisory Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Commission). The Commission shall terminate on the tenth anniversary of the date of this Act or on the declaration, pursuant to section 2(b) of this Act, of the establishment of the Fire Island National Seashore, whichever occurs first. The Commission shall consist of fifteen members, each appointed for a term of two years by the Secretary, as follows:

(1) Ten members to be appointed from recommendations made by each of the town boards of Suffolk County, New York, one member from the recommendations made by each such board;

(2) Two additional members to be appointed from recommendations of the town boards of the towns of Islip and Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York;

(3) One member to be appointed from the recommendation of the Governor of the State of New York;

(4) One member to be appointed from the recommendation of the county executive of Suffolk County, New York;

(5) One member to be designated by the Secretary. (b) The Secretary shall designate one member to be Chairman.

(c) A member of the Commission shall serve without compensation.

(d) The Commission established by this section shall act and advise by affirmative vote of a majority of the members thereof.

(e) The Secretary or his designee shall, from time to time, consult with the members of the Commission with respect to matters relating to the development of Fire Island National Seashore and shall consult with the members with respect to carrying out the provisions of sections 2, 3, and 4 of this Act.

(f) (1) Any member of the Advisory Commission appointed under this Act shall be exempted, with respect to such appointment, from the operation of sections 281, 283, 284, and 1914 of title 18 of the United States Code and section 190 of the Revised Statutes (5 U.S.C. 99) except as otherwise specified in paragraph (2) of this subsection. (2) The exemption granted by paragraph (1) of this subsection shall not extend

(i) to the receipt of payment of salary in connection with the appointee's Government service from any sources other than the private employer of the appointee at the time of his appointment; or

(ii) during the period of such appointment, and the further period of two years after the termination thereof, to the prosecution or participation in the prosecution, by any person so appointed, of any claim

against the Government involving any matter concerning which the appointee had any responsibility arising out of his appointment during the period of such appointment.

SEC. 10. There is hereby authorized to be appropriated not more than $16,000,000 for the acquisition of lands and interests in land pursuant to this Act.

Approved September 11, 1964.

Legislative History

House Report No. 1638 accompanying H.R. 7107 (Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs).

Senate Report No. 1300 (Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs).
Congressional Record, Vol. 110 (1964):

Aug. 6: Considered and passed Senate.

Aug. 20: Considered and passed House, amended, in lieu of
H.R. 7107.

Aug. 21: Senate concurred in House amendments.

An Act to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to accept a donation of property in the county of Suffolk, State of New York, known as the William Floyd Estate, for addition to the Fire Island National Seashore, and for other purposes. (79 Stat. 967)

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Interior is authorized to accept the donation of approximately six hundred and eleven acres of lands, submerged lands, islands, and marshlands or interests therein, known as the William Floyd Estate located in the town of Brookhaven, county of Suffolk, and State of New York, delineated on a certain map entitled "Map of the Fire Island National Seashore, Including the William Floyd Estate", numbered OGP-0003, dated May 1965, which map or a true copy thereof shall be filed with the Federal Register and may be examined in the offices of the Department of the Interior. Such donation may be accepted subject to such terms, covenants, and conditions as the Secretary finds will be in the public interest.

SEC. 2. The Secretary is also authorized to accept the donation of the main dwelling on said lands, which was the birthplace and residence of General William Floyd (a signer of the Declaration of Independence) and the furnishings therein and any outbuildings, subject to like terms, convenants, and conditions. The Secretary is authorized to lease said lands, dwellings, and outbuildings to the grantors thereof for a term of not more than twenty-five years, at $1 per annum, and during the period of the leasehold the Secretary may provide protective custody for such property.

SEC. 3. Upon expiration or surrender of the aforesaid lease the property shall become a detached unit of the Fire Island National Seashore, and shall be administered, protected, and developed in accordance with the laws applicable thereto subject, with respect to said main dwelling and the furnishings therein, to such terms, covenants,

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