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N times of peril and alarm, when, for wise and salutary

reasons, Providence permits the fagacity of the wise to be frustrated by the artifices of wicked men, and the triumphs of moral virtue to be for a while suspended, the mind can rest upon no base so strong, or feelings so consoJatory, as the consciousness of having done its dury.

With such emotions Mr. Urban enters upon a new year; and, although somewhat depressed, in common with all those not profelytes to a new philosophy, which laughs to scorn the better sympathies of the heart, he looks back upon bis labours of the year that is past, with a manly confidence. He boldly avows that no principles can be imputed to him but such as necessarily proceed from loyalty as a subject, benevolence as a man, impartiality as a critick, and a general love of genius and calents wherever they appear. He has ever acted, and ever will act, upon a system of conduct, which, equally defying the insinuations of prejudice, malignity, and disappointment, at once elevates and secures the mind, from the reach of mean and contemptible passions. At the same time, therefore, that he repeats his acknowledgements to the publick, for the undiminished success which still continues to accompany his exertions, he again holds forth his accustomed invitation, without distinction of fect or party, to all who may think proper to exercise their talents, in whatever pursuit, for the elucidation of what is obscure, or the promotion of what is useful, in any branch of Science or the Arts. Neither will be take his leave of the numerous circle whose friendship is his pride, and whose affiftance he may boast, or of that publick whose approbation stamps its valued sanction on his labours, without offering his serious prayer to the Father of Good, that all sorrow for paít, or terror of future calamity, may be speedily obliterated by the return of peace, the extinction of animofities, the oblivion of injuries, and the circulation of benevolence to an extent, which may embrace every quarter of the globe.

Dec. 3.1, 1795

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