Gaston de Foix [by G.P.R. James].


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Pagina 124 - A panorama more deplorably desolate no human imagination can conceive. To the right and left, as far as the eye could reach, there lay outstretched, like ramparts of the world, lines of...
Pagina 294 - Their width is very inconsiderable, being bounded on the one side by the river, and on the other by the great prairies, that cannot be inhabited for want of wood and water.
Pagina 16 - His Son, when he appeared in our nature, exhibited, both in his life and his death, the most illustrious example of forgiveness which the world ever beheld. If we look into the history of mankind, we shall find that, in every age, they who have been respected as worthy, or admired as great, have been distinguished for this virtue. Revenge dwells in little minds. A noble and magnanimous spirit is always superior to it.
Pagina 306 - Nemours stretched out his hand to him, and asked him how he did. He answered with great propriety. Much conversation passed, and the Duke inquired of him, among other things, if the Viceroy of Naples and the Spaniards would stay to join battle. He said they would, and that on his life the engagement would fall out upon Good Friday, or Easter Sunday, and would be a very bloody one. He was asked which side would gain the victory. He...
Pagina 271 - ... lecture in the hall, and privately to his scholars. He preached also at Sunningwell. On the accession of Queen Mary, he was ordered to leave his college ; and his farewell address on this occasion breathed a spirit of deep-toned feeling and glowing eloquence. After taking leave of the university, he was in imminent danger of falling into the hands of the execrable Bonner.
Pagina 312 - ŗ ce prix, faire revivre mon neveu Gaston de Foix ę et tous les braves qui ont pťri avec lui. Dieu nous
Pagina 186 - ... returned to the Palace in the same order in which they had come, their way being illuminated by row upon row of flaming torches.
Pagina 154 - ... of undisputed power, than the chief minister of that religion which teaches peace and humility and good-will to all men. . He was accompanied by the Cardinal de Medicis, who afterwards succeeded him under the well-known title of Leo the Tenth. The latter was at this time only in his...
Pagina 156 - " And I," replied the Pope, " command you to reply. Who are those men ? " " Three humble servants of King Louis, may it please your, Holiness;" said the Viceroy, stepping forward, " of whom I have the honour to be principal.
Pagina 155 - What seek they in Modena?" demanded Julius impatiently. " I humbly do beseech your Excellency — " " And I," replied the Pope, " command you to reply. Who are those men ? "

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