The Speeches of the Right Honourable Charles James Fox, in the House of Commons ...

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1815

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Pagina 25 - That an humble address be presented to his Majesty, to return his Majesty the thanks of this house -for his most gracious message...
Pagina 489 - France might, in their effects, hasten a return of such a state of order and regular government as might be capable of maintaining the accustomed relations of peace and amity with other powers ;" but he also said that our main reliance must be on our naval and military forces.
Pagina 110 - From that moment, as by a charm, the tumults subsided; obedience was restored ; peace, order, and civilization followed in the train of liberty. When the day-star of the English Constitution had arisen in their hearts, all was harmony within and without. Simul alba nautis Stella refulsit, Defluit saxis agitatus humor: Concidunt venti, fugiuntque nubes; Et minax (quod sic voluere) ponto Unda recumbit.
Pagina 111 - Let gentlemen read this speech by day and meditate on it by night; let them peruse it again and again, study it, imprint it on their minds, impress it on their hearts — they will there learn that representation is the sovereign remedy for every evil.
Pagina 12 - Majesty to take the most effectual measures, in the present important conjuncture, for maintaining the security and rights of his own dominions ; for supporting his allies; and for opposing views of aggrandizement and ambition on the part of France, which would be at all times dangerous to the general interests of Europe, but are peculiarly so, when connected with the propagation of principles, which lead to the violation of the most sacred duties and are utterly subversive of the peace and order...
Pagina 323 - ... marriage of my son the Prince of Wales, with the Princess Caroline, daughter of the Duke of Brunswick. The constant proofs of your affection for my person and family persuade me, that you will participate in the sentiments I feel on an occasion so interesting to my domestic happiness, and that you will enable me to make provision for such an establishment, as you may think suitable to the rank and dignity of the heir apparent to the crown of these kingdoms.
Pagina 25 - ... pursued in open defiance of every principle of moderation, good faith, humanity, and justice. " In a cause of such general concern, His Majesty has every reason to hope for the cordial co-operation of those Powers who are united with His Majesty by the ties of alliance, or who feel an interest in preventing the extension of anarchy and confusion, and in contributing to the security and tranquillity of Europe.
Pagina 4 - The order of the day for taking into consideration the report of the committee on the cessions of New York, Virginia and Connecticut, and the petitions of the Indiana, Vandalia...
Pagina 36 - ... majesty has so much reason to expect from a brave and loyal people in repelling every hostile attempt against this country, and in such other exertions as may be necessary to induce France to consent to such terms of pacification as may be consistent with the honour of his majesty's crown, the security of his allies, and the interests of his people.
Pagina 454 - That an humble Address be presented to his majesty, that he will be graciously pleased to direct that there be laid before this house, copies of such Proclamations as have been received by his majesty's secretary . of state for foreign affairs, and which have been issued since the arrival...

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