The Sexual Perspective: Homosexuality and Art in the Last 100 Years in the West

Routledge, 11 aug. 2005 - 400 pagina's
First published in 1986 to wide critical acclaim, The Sexual Perspective broke new ground by bringing together and discussing the painting, sculpture and photography of artists who were gay/lesbian/queer/bisexual. The lavishly illustrated new edition discusses the greater lesbian visibility within the visual arts and artist's responses to the AIDS epidemic. Emmanuel Cooper places the art in its artistic, social and legal contexts, making it a vital contribution to current debates about art, gender, identity and sexuality.

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The Soul Identified with the Flesh
The Sexual Code
Private Faces in Public Places
The New Woman 9 The DividedSubject 10 Veiling the Image 11 Lesbians Who Make
There I
Shouting andSinging Notes Biographies andGeneral Reference Index

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