World Music: Africa, Europe and the Middle East

Simon Broughton, Mark Ellingham, Richard Trillo
Rough Guides, 1999 - 762 pagina's
The world music scene has grown so massively in the last five years, that The Rough Guide to World Music has had to split into two volumes to maintain its role as the most authoritative guide. Within the two volumes the book is now arranged alphabetically by country. Each fully updated article includes an overview of the country's music, presenting the story behind every genre, band and artist, with its accompanying discographies, and offering illuminating insights into the countries today.

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Well done, particularly considering the scope of the task. A lot of prominent (at least prominent in world music circles) scholars, journalists and music industry figures take part (like Folk Roots ... Volledige review lezen

World music: the rough guide

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These eye-popping volumes, which omit the glossaries but otherwise update and expand to twice the size the marvelous single-volume 1994 edition (LJ 1/95), give general audiences over 160 articles on ... Volledige review lezen


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