Body Guards: Protective Amulets & Charms

Element, 1999 - 224 pagina's
When it is threatened, the armadillo rolls up into a tight ball and is protected by its armor. Humans have no such armor and often we feel vulnerable as we go about our lives. We take special precautions daily to protect ourselves. From insurance policies to burglar alarms and pepper spray, we do practical things to feel secure. But they often fail to keep twinges of worry away.

Desmond Morris has traveled the world for over forty years studying the human species. Everywhere he has gone he has noticed that people always have some kind of lucky charm, protective amulet or talisman. The form it takes varies from country to country and culture to culture. In each place the favorite charm is treated very seriously and endowed with helpful, magical properties. Sometimes it is meant to protect its owner from bad luck, sometimes its meant to bring good luck. Always there is a fascinating history or symbolic background to the talisman.

During his travels Morris has collected hundreds of different lucky charms, amulets and talismans. Some are small objects that were worn or carried on the body. Others are slightly larger and are intended to protect their owners by guarding their horses, cars, boats or houses. For millions of people all over the world, the ancient magic of amulets helps relieve unspoken fears. Whether it is a protective amulet, lucky charm or talisman, carrying it brings personal reassurance and comfort. Some even become tangible symbols for an entire culture to share. The rabbit's foot in North America, the lucky horseshoe in England, the shamrock in Ireland, the St. Christopher medal in Belgium and the calico cat figurines of Japan are just a few. The book is divided intonine chapters delving into the fascinating mythology and tradition of animal, mineral, botanical, anatomical, religious and other bodyguards from around the world.

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Desmond Morris was born January 24, 1928 in Purton, North Wiltshire, United Kingdom. He is a British zoologist, ethologist, author, and surrealist painter. After Morris' military service, he attended the University of Birmingham and graduated in 1951 with a First Class Honours Degree in Zoology. In 1954, he received a D.Phil from Oxford University. After graduation, Morris was a Curator of Mammals at the London Zoo until 1966. Morris was a presenter of the ITV television program "Zoo Time" in the 1950s, but may be best-known for his 1967 best-selling book, The Naked Ape, which describes the evolution of human behavior from a zoological point-of-view. Morris has authored nearly fifty scientific publications.

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