Writing and America

Gavin Cologne-Brookes, Neil Sammells, David Timms
Longman, 1996 - 310 pagina's

Writing and America surveys the writing genres that have contributed to the American notions of America . Essays from scholars from both side of the Atlantic chart the range of responses to American nationhood from colonial times to the present and include dissenting responses from communities such as native American, black and feminist writers. Case studies from writers such as James Fenimore Cooper and William Carlos Williams provide a framework for discussions on topics such as colonial notions of America as the promised land, the discourses of nationhood in the republic, the sense of nationhood in American historiography, and the formation of the American Canon. Draws upon extracts from the American Bills of Rights and the Constitution as examples of different types of writing.

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Over de auteur (1996)

Gavin Cologne-Brookes is Senior Lecturer in English and Creative Studies at Bath Spa University, UK.

Neil Sammells is Professor of English and Irish Literature at Bath Spa University, UK.

David Timms is Profesor of English at Bath Spa University, UK.

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