The American Naturalist, Volume 41

Essex Institute, 1907
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Page 220 - Given any species in any region, the nearest related species is not likely to be found in the same region nor in a remote region, but in a neighboring district separated from the first by a barrier of some sort, or at least by a belt of country, the breadth of which gives the effect of a barrier.
Page 544 - AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE ESTABLISHED BY BENJAMIN SILLIMAN IN 1818. The Leading Scientific Journal in the United States Devoted to the Physical and Natural Sciences, with special reference to Physics and Chemistry on the one hand, and to Geology and Mineralogy on the other.
Page 732 - English periodical literature to select from, it is able to present more important articles by well-known and brilliant writers than any other single magazine. It publishes The Best Fiction The Best Essays The Best Literary Criticism The Best Travel Articles The Ablest Discussions of Public Affairs The single numbers are light and easy to hold, and the reading matter is not smothered in advertising. The numbers for a year contain as much as two of the four-dollar magazines. The LIVING AGE has been...
Page 26 - The valid name of a genus or species can be only that name under which it was first designated on the condition: (a) That (prior to January 1, 1931) this name was published and accompanied by an indication, or a definition, or a description; and (b) That the author has applied the principles of binary nomenclature.
Page 373 - Secondly, there are two colors, namely, yellow and blue, which also if unalloyed we see, so far as can be ascertained, in the normal manner. But these two are the only colors of which we have any sensation.
Page 731 - An annotated list of characin fishes in the United States National Museum and the Museum of Indiana University, with descriptions of new species. Proc. US Nat. Mus., 1907, 33, 1-36.
Page 43 - The same individual does not always behave in the same Universality way under the same external conditions, but the behavior of tbl3 depends upon the physiological condition of the animal. The reaction to any given stimulus is modified by the past experience of the animal, and the modifications are regulatory, not haphazard in character. The phenomena are thus similar to those shown in the learning...
Page 412 - The artificial production of a single median cyclopean eye in the fish embryo by means of sea-water solutions of magnesium chlorid.
Page 605 - Journal ended its first series of 50 volumes as a quarterly in 1845 ! its second series of 50 volumes as a two-monthly in 1870; its third series as a monthly ended December, 1895. A FOURTH SERIES commenced in January, 1896.
Page 138 - THE JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL ZOOLOGY is issued quarterly. A volume consists of four numbers, containing from 100 to 200 pages each, with numerous illustrations. PRICE OF SUBSCRIPTION PER VOLUME (PAYABLE IN ADVANCE) To subscribers in the United States, Canada and Mexico, $5.00 To subscribers in other countries ..... 5.50 Price of single copies - 2.00 These prices are net and under no condition subject to discount Remittances should be made by Postal Money Order (Mandat de Paste, Postanweisung) or by...

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