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or"Tell me, thou Star," a thing of close-wrought

a gold like“ My Last Duchess” or “ Ulysses,” the work-a-day vigour of Scott's lyrics, the sympathies of Wordsworth in their pensive and deliberate movement, the celestial-infantine fancies of William Blake, and the unconscious pathos and picturesqueness of an Old Ballad. He will perhaps compare Shelley's “ Fugitives" with Campbell's more realistic treatment of a similar theme in “ Lord Ullin's Daughter," finding himself in the midst of either stormwith the lovers pushing off from shore, where

“ In the scowl of Heaven each face

Grew dark as they were speaking,” and with the other two, murmuring proud pleasure,

“ While, around, the lash'd ocean,
Like mountains in motion,
Is withdrawn and uplifted,
Sunk, shatter'd, and shifted

To and fro." He will love Herrick (naturally and always a true lyrist), and taste, almost with a kind of awe, the delicately delicious lighter movements of our grand Master, like those of Philomel herself to the Faëry Queen

“ Philomel with melody
Sing in our sweet lullaby;

Lulla, lulla, lullaby :" and then admire how one little Song (such a one is “Go, lovely Rose,”) can save a sinking Poet, like a solitary plank in the shipwreck of his fame. He will bring fit audience to the

subtle, romantic vibrations of Coleridge's too often despondingly-introspective mind, or to the winged rush of Shelley's most eager spirit, leaving air alive with billows of melody, or to the rich and dreamful tones of that even younger voice which too soon fell silent. He will gladly claim America for blood-relation in intellect and poetry, on account of her one Great Writer (as yet), whose prose is so royally precious as to outvalue even his own verse, fine as that is. Nor will he fail to recognize the sad fantastic tune of the few weird notes, sounding as from a cave, which belong to the poet of “ the Raven;" or the firm and trustworthy tone of Bryant, the transatlantic Campbell. He will be one who can appreciate the emphatic swing of “ Ye Mariners," and the mysterious modulation in such words as “ Wild roses and ivy serpentine.And he will greatly rejoice to remember that of the men who have enriched these

and the world, some are still living, “ to brighten the sunshine.”


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