Holy Bible, Human Bible

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 20 nov. 2006 - 171 pagina's

For most pastors and church members the field of biblical studies belongs to a different world.

Biblical studies in the west is dominated by technical enquiry into the origins, authorship, and sociological background of the text, while pastoral studies focus on concerns of pastoral counseling and healing of persons and communities. The fields ask the same questions in the same places, yet often do not communicate with one another.

Holy Bible, Human Bible asks bluntly whether it is possible to be truly human and truly biblical simultaneously. It asks imaginative questions out of genuine curiosity: What is a Bible anyway? Who owns the Bible? How does it witness to Jesus Christ? Can Jesus and pastoral practice really belong together? It retrieves the Bible from being a boundary between believers and instead builds a bridge from the academy and the local congregation.

Concise, critical and constructive, Holy Bible, Human Bible will enable pastors, biblical scholars and laypersons to use the Bible.


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How Does the Bible Relate to the Word of God?
Who Owns the Bible?
How Does the Bible Witness to Jesus Christ?
Do Jesus and Pastoral Practice Belong Together?
Is the Bible a Bridge or a Boundary?
Where in the Church Does the Bible Belong?
Can We Be Human and Biblical at the Same Time?

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