Hamel's French Grammar. - (The Original Edition.) A New Universal French Grammar ; being an accurate System of French Acci

dence and Syntax. By N. HAMEL, Graduate in the University of Caen, and Rector of the Town of L'Aigle, in Normandy. New Edit. greatly improved,

12mo. 4s. bd. Hamel's French Exercises, Key, and Questions. French Grammatical Exercises. By N. HAMEL. New Edition, carefully revised

and greatly improved, 12mo. 4s. bound. KEY, 12mo. 3s. bound.-QUESTIONS, with Key, Id. sewed. Hamel's World in Miniature. The World in Miniature; containing a faithful Account of the Situation, Extent, Productions, Government, Population, Manners, Curiosities, &c. of the different Countries of the World : for Translation into French. By N. HAMEL. New

Edition, corrected and brought down to the present time, 12mo. 4s. 6d. bd. Sandhurst College French Grammar. A Summary of French Grammar, for the Use of the Gentlemen Cadets of the

Royal Military College, Sandhurst. By HENRI MARILLIER, French Master

in the Institution. 38 Edition, 12mo. 35. cloth. Tardy's French Dictionary. An Explanatory Pronouncing Dictionary of the French Language, in French and English; wherein the exact Sound of every Syllable is distinctly marked, according to the method adopted by Mr. Walker, in his Pronouncing Dictionary. To which are prefixed, the Principles of the French Pronunciation, &c. By the Abbé TARDY. New Edit. carefully revised, 12mo. 6s. bound.

ENGLISH GRAMMARS, READING BOOKS, ETC. M м Felix Summerly's Mother's Primer. The Mother's Primer. A Little Child's First Steps in many ways. By Mrs. FELIX

SUMMERLY. Fcp. 8vo. printed in Colours, with a Frontispiece drawn on Zinc

by William Mulready, R.A. Is. sewed. The Rev. J. Pycroft's Course of English Reading. A Course of English Reading, adapted to every Taste and Capacity: with Anecdotes of Men of Genius. By the Rev. JAMES PICROFT, B.A. Trinity College, Oxford, Author of “ Latin Grammar Practice,” and “Greek Grammar Prac

tice." Fcp. 8vo. 6s. 6d. cloth. Maunder's Universal Class-Book: A New Series of Reading Lessons (original and selected) for Every Day in the Year: each Lesson recording some important Event in General History, Biography, &c. which happened on the day of the month under which it is placed ; or detailing, in familiar language, interesting facts in Science; also, a variety of Descriptive and Narrative Pieces, interspersed with Poetical Gleanings : Questions for Examination being appended to each day's Lesson, and the whole carefully adapted to practical Tuition. By Samuel Maunder, Author

of “ The Treasury of Knowledge," &c. 2d Edition, revised, 12mo. 6s. bound. Lindley Murray's Works.

*.* THE ONLY GENUINE EDITIONS, WITH THE AUTHOR'S LAST CORRECTIONS. 1. First Book for Children, 25th edition, 11. Introduction au Lecteur François, 18mo. 6d. sd.

6th edition, 12mo. 38. 6d. bound. 2. English Spelling-Book, 47th edition, 12. Lecteur Francois, 6th edit. 12mo. 18mo. ind. bd.

5s, bound. 3. Introduction to the English Reader, 13. Library Edition of Grammar, Exer34th edit. 12mo. 2s. 6d. bd.

cises, and Key, 7th edit. 2 vols. 4. The English Reader, 24th edit. 12mo.

BY0.21s. bds. 3s. 6d. bd. 5. Sequel to ditto, 7th edit. 12mo. 4s. 6d. First Lessons in English Grammar bound.

New edit. revised and enlarged 6. English Grammar, 51st edit. 12mo.

18mo. 9d. bd. 3s. 60. bd.

Grammatical Questions, adapted to 7. English Grammar abridged, 121st the Grammar of Lindley Murray: edit. 18mo. ls. bd.

with Notes. By C. BRADLEY, 8. English Exercises, 50th edit. 12mo.

A.M. 8th Edit. improved, 12mo. 2s. bound.

2s. 6d. bd. 9. Key to Exercises, 12mo. Enlarged Edit. of Murray's Abridged 10. Exercises and Key, 48th and 25th

English Grammar, by Dr. GILES. editions, in 1 vol.3s. 6d. bound.

18mo. ls. 6d. cloth.


Mavor's Spelling Book.
The English Spelling-Book; accompanied by a Progressive Series of easy and

familiar Lessons: intended as an Introduction to the Reading and Spelling of
the English Language. By Dr. MAVOR. 452d Edition, with various revisions
and improvements of Dr. Mavor, legally conveyed to them by his assignment,
with Frontispiece by Stothard, and 44 beautiful Wood Engravings, designed
expressly for the work, by Harvey. The whole printed in an entirely new type,

12mo. Is. 6d. bound. *. The only Genuine Edition, with the Author's latest Additions and Improve

ments, bears the imprint of Messrs. Longman and Co. Carpenter's Spelling-Book. The Scholar's Spelling Assistant; wherein the Words are arranged according to

their principles of Accentuation. By T. CARPENTER. New Edition, corrected

throughout, 12mo. Is. 6d. bound. NOTICE.-The only Genuine and Complete Edition of CARPENTER'S SPELLING is published by Messrs. Longman and Co. and Messrs. Whittaker and Co. Any person selling any other edition than the above is liable to action at law, and on discovery will be immediately proceeded against, the whole book being copyright. Blair's Class-Book. The Class-Book; or, 365 Reading Lessons: for Schools of either sex ; every lesson having a clearly-defined object, and teaching some principle of Science or Morality, or some important Truth. By the Rev. D. Blair, New Edition,

12mo. 5s. bound. Blair's Reading Exercises. Reading Exercises for Schools; being a Sequel to Mavor's Spelling, and an Intro

duction to the Class-Book. By the Rev. D. BLAIR. New Edition, corrected,

12mo. 2s. bound. Smart's English Grammar, and Accidence. The Accidence and Principles of English Grammar. By B. H. SMART. 12mo.

4s. cloth. The Accidence separately, 1s. sewed in cloth. Smart's Practice of Elocution. The Practice of Elocution; or, a Course of Exercises for acquiring the several

requisites o a good Delivery. By H. B. SMART, 4th Edition, augmented, particularly, by a Chapter on Impassioned Reading Qualified by Taste, with

Exercises adapted to a Chronological Outline of English Poetry. '12mo. 58. cl. Graham's Art of English Composition. English ; or, The Art of Composition explained in a series of Instructions and Examples. By G. F. GRAHAM. 2d Edition, revised and corrected. Fcp. 8vo.

7s. cloth. “ Among the many elementary works on English composition, we know of none so admirably adapted to the purpose at which it aims as this." -ATLAS. Graham's Helps to English Grammar, Helps to English Grammar; or, Easy Exercises for Young Children Illustrated

by Engravings on Wood. By G. F. GRAHAM, Author of “ English ; or, the

Art of Composition.” 12mo. 3s. cloth. At once exact, fully intelligible and explanatory, and, above all, carefully suited to the capacity of children."-ATHEN ÆUM. Aikin's British Poets. Select Works of the British Poets. From Ben Jonson to Beattie. With Biogra

phical and Critical Prefaces, by Dr. AIKIN. A New Edition, with Supplement, by LUCY AIKIN, containing additional Selections from the Works of Crabbe, Scott, Coleridge, Pringle, Charlotte Smith, and Mrs. Barbauld. Medium 8vo.

18s. cloth. Aikin's Poetry for Children. Poetry for Children; consisting of Selections of easy and interesting Pieces from

the best Poets, interspersed with Original Pieces.' By Miss AIKIN. New Edit.

considerably improved, 18mo. with Frontispiece, 2s. cloth. Bullar's Questions on the Scriptures. Questions on the Holy Scriptures, to be answered in Writing, as Exercises at

School, or in the course of Private Instruction. By Joux BULLAR. New Edit. 18mo. 2s. 6d. cloth.

Wilson and Ogilvy, Skinner Street, Snowhill, London.

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