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iniquities, we know them; in transgressing and lying against the LORD, and departing away from our God, speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving and uttering from the heart words falsehood. And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter. JER. 13 22. And if thou say in thine heart, Wherefore come these things upon me? For the greatness of thine iniquity are thy skirts discovered, and thy heels made bare. Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? Then may ye also do good,that are accustomed to do evil. Therefore will I scatter them as the stubble that passeth away by the wind of the wilderness. This is thy lot, the portion of thy measure from me, saith the LORD; because thou hast forgotten me, and trusted in falsehood.

EZEK. 2: 3. Son of man, I send thee to the children of Israel, to a rebellious nation that hath rebelled against me: they and their fathers have transgressed against me, even unto this very day. For they are impudent children and stiff-hearted. I do send thee unto them; and thou shalt say unto them, Thus saith the LORD God. And they, whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear, (for they are a rebellious house,) yet shall know that there hath been a prophet among them. And thou, Son of man, be not afraid of them, neither be afraid of their words, though briers and thorns be with thee, and thou dost dwell among scorpions: be not afraid of their words, nor be dismayed at their looks, though they be a rebellious house. And thou shalt speak my words unto them, whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear: for they are most rebellious. But thou, Son of man, hear what I say unto thee; Be not thou rebellious like that rebellious house.


and your father an Amorite. And thine elder sister is Samaria, she and her daughters that dwell at thy left hand and thy younger sister, that dwelleth at thy right hand, is Sodom and her daughters. Yet hast thou not walked after their ways, nor done after their abominations: but, as if that were a very little thing, thou wast corrupted more than they in all thy ways. As I live, saith the LORD God, Sodom, thy sister, hath not done, she nor her daughters, as thou hast done, thou and thy daughters. Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. And they were haughty, and committed abomination before me: therefore I took them away as I saw good. Neither hath Samaria committed half of thy sins; but thou hast multiplied thine abominations more than they, and hast justified thy sisters in all thine abominations which thou hast done. Thou also, which hast judged thy sisters, bear thine own shame for thy sins that thou hast committed more abominable than they: they are more righteous than thou: yea, be thou confounded also, and bear thy shame, in that thou hast judged thy sisters.

T16: 44. Behold every one that useth proverbs shall use this proverb against thee, saying, As is the mother, so is her daughter. Thou art thy mother's daughter, that loatheth her husband and her children; and thou art the sister of thy sisters, which loathed their husbands and their children: your mother was an Hittite,


JER. 14: 20. We acknowledge, O LORD, our wickedness, and the iniquity of our fathers; for we have sinned against thee. Do not abhor us, for thy name's sake, do not disgraec the throne of thy glory: remember, break not thy covenant with us. Are there any among the vanities of the Gentiles that can cause rain? Or can the heavens give showers? Art not thou he, O LORD our God? Therefore we will wait upon thee: for thou hast made all these things.

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wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, en


§ 2. THIS DISOBEDIENCE THE FRUIT vyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

ECCL. 8: 11. The heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

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MAT. 12:33. Either make the tree good and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit. O generation of vipers! how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. A good man, out of the good treasure of the heart, bringeth forth good things: and an evil man, out of the evil treasure, bringeth forth evil things. But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

15: 18. But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: these are the things which defile a man: but to eat with unwashen hands defileth not a man. (M. 7: 21.)

JOHN 3: 3. Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. 6. That which is born of the flesh is flesh.

ROM. 8: 7. The carnal mind is enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God.

LUKE 6: 44. Of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramblebush gather they grapes.

JER. 17: 9. The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; who can know it?

EZEK. 18: 31. Make you a new heart, and a new spirit: for why will ye die, O house of Israel?

Ps. 51: 10. Create in me a clean heart, O LORD; and renew a right spirit within me.

EZEK. 11: 19. I will give them one heart, and will put a new spirit within them: and I will take away the stony heart, out of their flesh, and will give them a heart of flesh, that they may walk in my statutes.

GAL. 5: 19. Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these, adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations,

2 Cor. 5: 17. If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away: behold, all things are become new.

GEN. 8: 21. The imagination of man's heart is evil, from his youth.

JER. 7: 24. But they hearkened not, nor inclined their ear, but walked in the counsels and in the imagination of their evil heart, and went backward and not forward. Since the day that your fathers came forth out of the land of Egypt unto this day, I have even sent unto you all my servants the prophets, daily rising up early and sending them: yet they hearkened not unto me, nor inclined their ear, but hardened their neck: they did worse than their fathers.

16: 12. Behold, ye walk, every one after the imagination of his evil heart.

1 COR. 2: 14. The natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God; for they are foolishness unto him; neither can he know them ; because they are spiritually discerned.

PROV. 6: 14. Frowardness is in his heart, he deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord.

Ps. 5: 9: There is no faithfulness in their mouth; their inward part is very wickedness; their throat is an open sepulchre; they flatter with their tongue.

JER. 4: 22. For my people is foolish, they have not known me; they are sottish children, and they have none understanding; they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge.

§ 3. DISPOSITION TOWARDS GOD. I. Love wanting.

Ps. 77: 3. I remembered God and was troubled.

ROM. 1: 25. They worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator.

1 JOHN 2: 15. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

ROM. 8: 8. They that are in the flesh cannot please God.

JOHN 12: 46. I am come a light into the world.

3: 19. Light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

1: 5. The light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not.-10. He was in the world and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. He came unto his own and his own received him not.

PHIL. 2: 21. All seek their own, not the things that are Jesus Christ's.

JOB 21: 14. They say unto God, depart from us, for we desire not the knowledge of thy ways. What is the Almighty that we should serve him, and what profit shall we have if we pray unto him?

Ps. 10: 4. thoughts.

God is not in all his Ho. 8: 14. Israel hath forgotten his Maker.

DEUT. 32: 18. Of the rock that begat thee, thou art unmindful; and hast forgotten God that formed thee.

JER. 2: 32. My people have forgotten me days without number.

3:21. They have perverted their way, they have forgotten the LORD their God.

1 JOHN 5: 3. This is the love of God, that we keep his command


despised his words, and misused his prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against his people, till there was no remedy.

PROV.1:30. They would none of my counsel, and despised all my reproof.

ISA. 5: 24. Because they have cast away the law of the LORD of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.

2 CHRON. 36: 14. Moreover all the chief of the priests, and the people, transgressed very much after all the abominations of the heathen; and polluted the house of the LORD which he had hallowed in Jerusalem. And the LORD God of their fathers sent to them by his messengers, rising up betimes and sending; because he had compassion on his people, and on his dwelling-places: but they mocked the messengers of God, and

ROM. 1: 28. As they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind.

ISA. 30: S. Now go, write it before them in a table, and note it in a book, that it may be for the time to come forever and ever: that this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of the LORD: which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits: get you out of the way, turn aside out of the path, cause the Holy One of Israel to cease from before us.

T DEUT. 32: 15. But Jeshurun waxed fat, and kicked thou art waxen fat, thou art grown thick, thou art covered with fatness; then he forsook God which made him, and lightly esteemed the Rock of his salvation. They provoked him to jealousy with strange gods, with abominations provoked they him to anger. They sacrificed unto devils, not to God; to gods whom they knew not, to new gods that came newly up, whom your fathers feared not. Of the Rock that begat thee thou art unmindful, and hast forgotten God that formed thee.

2 KINGS 17: 9. And the children of Israel did secretly those things that were not right against the LORD their God, and they built them high places all their cities, from the tower of the watchman to the fenced city. And they set them up images and groves in every high hill, and under every green tree: and there they burnt incense in all the high places, as did the heathen whom the LORD carried away before them; and wrought wicked things to provoke the LORD to anger: for they served idols, whereof the LORD had said unto them, Ye shall not do this thing. Yet the LORD testified against Israel, and against Judah, by all the prophets, and by all the seers, saying, Turn ye from your evil ways, and keep my commandments and my statutes, according to all the law which I commanded your fathers, and which I sent to you by my servants the prophets, Notwithstand

ing they would not hear, but hardened their necks, like to the neck of their fathers, that did not believe in the LORD their God. And they rejected his statutes, and his covenant that he made with their fathers, and his testimonies which he testified against them. And they left all the commandments of the LORD their God, and made them molten images, even two calves, and made a grove, and worshipped all the host of heaven, and served Baal.

Ex. 32: 1. And when the people saw that Moses delayed to come down out of the mount, the people gathered themselves together unto Aaron, and said unto him, Up, make us gods, which shall go before us; for as for this Moses, the man that brought us up out of the land of Egypt, we wot not what is become of him. And Aaron said unto them, Break off the golden ear-rings, which are in the ears of your wives, of your sons, and of your daughters, and bring them unto me. And all the people brake off the golden ear-rings which were in their ears, and brought them unto Aaron. And he received them at their hand, and fashioned it with a graving tool, after he had made it a molten calf: and they said, These be thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt. And when Aaron saw it, he built an altar before it; and Aaron made proclamation, and said, To-morrow is a feast to the LORD. And they rose up early on the morrow, and offered burnt-offerings, and brought peaceofferings; and the people sat down to eat and to drink, and rose up to play. And the LORD said unto Moses, Go, get thee down; for thy people, which thou broughtest out of the land of Egypt, have corrupted themselves: they have turned aside quickly out of the way which I commanded them: they have made them a molten calf, and have worshipped it, and have sacrificed thereunto, and said, 'These be thy gods, O Israel, which have brought thee up out of the land of Egypt.

II. It is hostile towards him.

JOHN 15: 18. If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you. 23. He that hateth me hateth my father also;... but now have they both seen and hated, both me and my Father.

ROM. S: 7. The carnal mind is enmity against God for it is not subject to the law of God; neither indeed can be.

LEV. 26: 43. They despised my judgments, and because their soul abhorred my statutes. NUM. 11: 20. Ye have despised the LORD which is among you. EZEK. 16: 61. Then thou shalt remember thy ways, and be ashamed, when thou shalt receive thy sisters, thine elder and thy younger: and I will give them unto thee for daughters, but not by thy covenant. And I will establish my covenant with thee; and thou shalt know that I am the LORD: that thou mayest remember and be confounded, and never open thy mouth any more because of thy shame, when I am pacified toward thee for all that thou hast done, saith the LORD God.

AMOS 2: 4. Because they have despised the law of the LORD, and have not kept his commandments.

Ps. 36: 1. The transgression of the wicked saith within my heart, that there is no fear of God before his eyes. He flattereth himself in his own eyes, till his iniquity be found to be hateful.

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great things of my law; but they were accounted as a strange thing.

2 CHRON. 24: 18. And they left the house of the LORD God of their fathers, and served groves and idols: and wrath came upon Judah and Jerusalem for this their trespass. Yet he sent prophets to them, to bring them again unto the LORD; and they testified against them but they would not give ear. And the Spirit of God came upon Zechariah, the son of Jehoiada the priest, which stood above the people, and said unto them, Thus saith God, Why transgress ye the commandments of the LORD, that ye cannot prosper? because ye have forsaken the LORD, he hath also forsaken you. And they conspired against him, and stoned him with stones at the commandment of the king in the court of the house of the LORD.

JER. 2:7. And I brought you into a plentiful country, to eat the fruit thereof and the goodness thereof; but when ye entered, ye defiled my land, and made mine heritage an abomination. The priests said not, Where is the LORD? and they that handle the law knew me not: the pastors also transgressed against me, and the prophets prophesied by Baal, and walked after things that do not profit. Wherefore I will yet plead with you, saith the LORD, and with your children's children will I plead. For pass over the isles of Chittim, and see; and send unto Kedar, and consider diligently, and see if there be such a thing: hath a nation changed their gods, which are yet no gods? But my people have changed their glory for that which doth not profit. Be astonished, O ye heavens, at this, and be horribly afraid, be ye very desolate, saith the LORD. For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.

LUKE 12: 58. Agree with thine adversary quickly, while thou art in the way with him.

JOHN 7: 7. The world hateth me because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil.

than the first, and they did unto them likewise. But last of all he sent unto them his son, saying, They will reverence my son. But when the husbandmen saw him, they said among themselves, this is the heir; come, let us kill him, and let us seize on the inheritance. And they caught him and cast him out of the vineyard and slew him. 43. Therefore the kingdom of God shall be taken from you. (M. 12: 1. L. 20: 9.)

22: 2. The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king which made a marriage for his son, and sent forth his servants to call them that were bidden. 5. But they made light of it, (they all with one consent began to make excuse. L. 14 18.) and went their ways, one to his farm, another to his merchandise; and the remnant took his servants and entreated them spitefully and slew them.

MAT. 21: 35. The husbandmen took his servants, and beat one, and killed another, and stoned another. Again he sent other servants, more

23: 34. Wherefore, behold I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes, and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city.

¶ LUKE 22: 2. The chief priests and scribes sought how they might kill him.

GEN. 18: 32. Peradventure ten (righteous men) shall be found there. And he said, I will not destroy it for ten's sake. [But four were found, and one of them afterwards became intoxicated, and two committed incest, and the fourth became a pillar of salt.]

MAT. 27: 12. When he was accused of the chief priests and elders, he answered nothing.-20. The chief priests and elders persuaded the multitude, that they should ask Barabbas and destroy Jesus. - 23. The governor said, Why? But they cried out the more, saying, Let him be crucified.

MARK. 14: 65. And some began to spit on him, and to cover his face and buffet him... and the servants did strike him with the palms of their hands.-71. Peter began to curse and to swear, saying, I know not this man of whom ye speak.

JOHN 5: 40. Ye will not come to me that ye might have life. 42. I know you, that the love of God is not in you.

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