Kingdom Living: How to Activate Your Spiritual Authority

Spirit of Life Ministries, 2007 - 205 pagina's
Every move of the Spirit of God throughout history has led up to this moment in time. From the days of John the Baptist God has been restoring His Kingdom on the earth. When Jesus came on the scene He declared saying, the time is fulfilled, repent (change your mind) and believe the Gospel of the Kingdom. The message of the Kingdom is a message of dominion, authority and purpose. According to Apostle Peter every born again believer is part of the priesthood of kings. Most believers are well acquainted with their priesthood but do we understand our kingship and how to walk in it? As a priesthood we can worship the Father in Spirit and Truth, sing, pray and prophesy. But what about our kingship? Throughout this book the Holy Spirit reveals this pivotal mystery of every believer's kingship. Jesus is the Kings of kings, discover who these kings are and take your position in Jesus? Kingdom revolution.

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