Ra. Barker, Rmo in Chrifto Patri

ac Dno Dno Fobanni Archiep. Can

tuar. à Sacris Domest. June 19. 1 2 69.28

c. Asts XVII. 27. That they should seek the Lord, if hqply they might feel

after him, and find him : though he be, not far from ... every one of us ; for in him we Live, and Move, :: and have our Being.

to TN the former part of this Enquiry I have

I examin’d and refuted two Atheistical NoI tions opposed to the grand Doctrine of

the Text, Tbat pe ome our Living and Be ing to the power of God: The one of the Aristote lian Atheists, who, to avoid the difficulties of the first production of Mankind, without the intervention of Almighty Wisdom and Power, will have the Race to have thus continued without beginning by an eternal succellion of infinite past Generations; which Assertion hath been detected to be mere nonsense, and contradictory to it felf: The other of the Astrological undertakers, that would raise Men like Vegetables out of some fat and slimy soil well digested by the kindly heat of the Sun, and impregnated with the influence of the Stars upon some remarkable and periodical conjunctions: Which opinion hath been vamp'd up of late by Cardan

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and and Cefalpinus, and other News-mongers from the Skies; a Pretence as groundless and filly, as the dreaming Oneirocriticks of Artemidorus and Astrampsychus, or the modern Chiromancy and Divinations of Gypsies.

I proceed now to the two remaining Paradoxes of such Sects of Atheists, as laying aside Astrology and the unintelligible Influence of Heavenly Bodies more than by their Gravity, and Heat, and Light, do either produce Mankind mechanically and necesiarily from certain connexions of Natural Causes, or more dully and fupinely, though altogether as reasonably, resolve the whole Business into the unaccountable shuffles and tumults of Matter, which they call Chance and Accident. But at present I shall only take an account of the fupposed Productis on of Humane Bodies by Mechanism and Neceflity. "The Mechanical or Corpuscular Philosophy, though peradventure the oldest, as well as the best in the world, had lain buried for many Ages in contempt and oblivion; till it was happily restored and cultivated anew by some excellent Wits of the present. But it principally owes its re-establishment and luftre, to that Honourable Person of ever Bleffed Memory, who


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hath not only shewn its usefulness in Physiology
above the vulgar Doctrines of Real Qualities
and Substantial Forms; but likewise its great
serviceableness to Religion it self. And I think
it hath been competently proved in a former
Discourse, how friendly it is to the Immateria-
lity of Humane Souls, and consequently to the
Existence of a Supreme Spiritual Being. And I
may have occasion hereafter to Thew further,
that all the Powers of Mechanism are intirely
dependent on the Deity, and do afford a solid
Argument for the Reality of his Nature. So
far am I from the apprehension of any great
feats, that this Mechanical Atheist can do a-
gainst Religion. For if we consider the Phäno-
mena of that Material World-with a due and
serious attention, we shall plainly perceive, that
its present frame and constitution and the esta-
blished Laws of Nature are constituted and pre-
served by Gravitation alone. That is the pow-
erfull cement, which holds together this mag-
nificent structure of the world; Which stretcheth,
the North over the empty space, and hangeth the
Earth upon Nothing ; if we may transfer the words
of Job from the first and real Cause to the se-
condary Agent. Without that the whole Uni-
verse, if we suppose an undermind power of

Joi 26.7.

Motion infused into Matter, would have been a confused Chaos, without beauty or order, and never stable and permanent in any condition. Now it may be proved in its due place, that this Gravity, the great Basis of all Mechanism, is not it self Mechanical; but the immediate Fiat and Finger of God, and the Execution of the Divine Law; and that Bodies have not the power of tending towards a Centre, either from other Bodies or from themselves: which at once, if it be proved, will undermine and ruine all the Towers and Batteries that the Atheists have raised against Heaven. For if no Compound Body in the visible world can subsist and continue without Gravity, and Gravity do immediately flow from a Divine Power and Energy ; it will avail them nothing, though they should be able to explain all the particular Effects, even the Origination of Animals, by mechanical principles. But however at present I will forbear to urge this against the Atheist. For, though I should allow him, that this Catholick Principle of Gravitation is essential to Matter without introducing a God, yet I will defy him to shew, how a Humane Body could be at first produced naturally, according to the present System of things, and the mechanical affections of Matter.


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