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And (what is now called) DEISM;

Even with respect to the Present Life.


Preached at u.
St. Martin's in the Fields,

13. ÚARCH the.Sth. 169:
Being the First of the Lecture Founded by

the Honourable ROBERT BOYLE, Esquire.


Chaplain to the Right Reverend Father in God; EDWARD, Lord Bihop of Worcester.

The Fourth Edition.

Lo Noo N,
Printed by 7. H. for H. Mortlock at the Phenix in

St. Paul's Church-yard. 1693.

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D:: To my most Honoured Patrons, na gelen

TRUSTEES appointed by the Will of the '. Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq;

The Right Reverend Father in God,
The Thomas, Lord Bishop of Lincoln,"

Sir Henry Alburji, K and Baronet
Sir Fobn Rotheram, Serjeant át Law'

John Evelyn, senior, Esquire.
Moft Hanouredi

9 siektes ting VOD having disposed the Heart of that incom.

parable. Perjan, the Honourable ROBERT

BOYLE, Esquire, lately deceased, the Glory of our Nation and Ages whose Charity, and Goodnes were as Universal as his Learning and Fame; “To « settle an Annual Salary for some Divine or « Preaching Minister, who shall be enjoyned to “ perform the Offices following: 1. To preach

Eight Sermons in the Year, for proving the “ Christian Religion against notorious Infidels, “ viz. Atheists, Déifts, Pagans, Jews and Mahometans ; “ not descending to any Controversies that are a.

“ mong



« mong Christians themselves : These Lectures to “ be on the First Monday of the respective Months « of January, February, March, April, May, Septenn« ber, Oktober, November ; in such Church as the «« Trustees shall from cime to time appoint: 2. To “ be assisting to all Companies, and encouraging « them in any Undertaking for propagating the “ Christian Religion : 3. To be ready to satisfie « such Real Scruples as any may have concerning “ those Matters, and to anfwer such new Objecti. “ ons or Difficulties as may be started, to which “ good Answers have not yet been made : You have been pleased to believe me able in fome measure to perform these Offices, and to command this First Effay to be made publick. I am very sensible of the great Ho nour, as well as the great Extent and Difficulty of the Task; and shall endeavour to the utmost of my poor ability to answer the religious and generous Design of that Excellent Person, and the good Opinion you have entertained of,

My most Honoured Patrons, .' Your very obliged and humble Servant,

. ... .Ri Bentley,

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Pfalm XIV. verse 1. The Fool hath said in his Heart, There is no God;

they are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doth good. ; ; ::: I shall not now make any enquiry about the 1 time and occasion and other circumstances

of composing this Psalm : nor how it comes

to pass that with very little variation we have it twice over, boch here the 14th. and again num. ber che 53d. Not char these and such like are not important confiderations in themselves; but that I think them improper now, when we are to argue and expoftulate with fuch persons, as allow no Di. vine Authority to our Text; and profefs no greater, or, it may be they will say, less Veneration for these Sacred Hymns, than for the profane Songs of Ana. creon or Horace. So that although I my self do really believe, that all fuch as say in their Hearts, There is no God, are foolish and corrupt, both in Un. derstanding and Will, because I fee that infinite

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