India Divided Religion 'Then' (1947) (East-West): 'Now' What Languages ( North-South ) ?

PublishAmerica, 24 okt. 2011 - 374 pagina's

†The Islamic arrival and expansion in India by terror and destruction of the established 'Hindu-Buddhist-Civilization' continued nearly 947 years, till 1947 The exposition of this 'Islamic Turmoil Period' in India is the theme behind writing this book. China like India started as a peace loving Buddhist nation many centuries back. But later followed Islam and in 1954 occupied the peace loving 'Buddhist Nation' of Tibet, by force. China's ambitions to occupy the next 'Hindu-Buddhist' nation i.e. Nepal is quite obvious now. It is not a matter, if, but when. The signs are already there. One may say that the 'Hindu-Budhist' non-violent axis of civilization in 'India-Nepal-Tibet', gave an invitation to the non-peaceful 'Islamic-Chinese Civilizations' to occupy the 'Hindu-Buddhist' - 'India-Tibet-Nepal' nations.

The result of following peace, as the 'India-Nepal-Tibet' axis of civilization did, is that the opportunistic aggressive nations (Islamic-Chinese) have hijacked peace on earth.

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