Bell's British Theatre,: Consisting of the Most Esteemed English Plays ...

John Bell, near Exeter Exchange, in the Strand, and C. Etherington, at York, 1777
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Pagina 7 - Well, then, the promised hour is come at last, The present age of wit obscures the past...
Pagina 8 - And just abandoning th' ungrateful stage: Unprofitably kept at Heaven's expense, I live a rent-charge on his providence: But you, whom every muse and grace adorn, Whom I foresee to better fortune born, Be kind to my remains; and oh defend, Against your judgment, your departed friend! Let not the insulting foe my fame pursue; But shade those laurels which descend to you: And take for tribute what these lines express; You merit more; nor could my love do less.
Pagina 69 - I know not; but he's gone to Sir Paul about my marriage with Cynthia, and has appointed me his heir. MEL. The devil he has! What's to be done?
Pagina 7 - Our age was cultivated thus at length ; But what we gain'd in skill we lost in strength.
Pagina 5 - ... man, who has an entire confidence in one whom he takes to be his friend, and...
Pagina 29 - ... perverting me from the road of virtue, in which I have trod thus long, and never made one trip, not one faux pas; Oh, consider it, what would you have to answer for, if you should provoke me to frailty? Alas! humanity is feeble, Heaven knows! very feeble, and unable to support itself.
Pagina 69 - I'll bear the railings of a losing gamester. — But should he find me out before ! 'tis dangerous to delay. — Let me think — should my lord proceed to treat openly of my marriage with Cynthia, all must be discovered, and Mellefont can be no longer blinded.
Pagina 36 - How does he bear his disappointment? Mask. Secure in my assistance, he seemed not much afflicted, but rather laughed at the shallow artifice, which so little time must of necessity discover. Yet he is apprehensive of some farther design of yours and has engaged me to watch you.
Pagina 30 - Hear you? No, no; I'll deny you first, and hear you afterwards. For one does not know how one's mind may change upon hearing — hearing is one of the senses, and all the senses are fallible. I won't trust my honour, I assure you; my honour is infallible and uncomatable.
Pagina 30 - I know love is powerful, and nobody can help his passion. 'Tis not your fault; nor, I swear, it is not mine. How can I help it, if I have charms? And how can you help it, if you are made a captive? I swear it is pity it should be a fault. But my honour, — well, but your honour, too — but the sin! — well, but the necessity — O Lord, here's somebody coming, I dare not stay.

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