be of one form ; nay rather the perfec-tion consists in this, that out of many moderat varieties and brotherly diffimi.. litudes that are not vastly disproportionall arises the goodly and the gracefull; symmetry that commends the whole pile and structure. Let us therefore be more; considerat builders, more wise in spiri-. tual architecture, when great reforma-: tion is expected. For now the time seems come, wherein Mitoses the great Prophet may fit in heav’n rejoycing ton see that memorable and glorious wish. of his fulfill’d, when not only our sev’n-. ty Elders, but all the Lords people are. become Prophets. No marvell then though some men, and some good men. too perhaps, but young in goodnesle, as, 2 3.


Joshua then was, envy them. They fret, and out of their own weaknes are in agony, left these divisions and subdivisions will undoe us. The adverfarie again applauds, and waits the hour, when they have brancht themselves out, faith he, small anough into parties and partitions, then will be our time. Fool ! he sees not the firm root, out of which we all grow, though into branches : nor will beware untill he see our small divided maniples cutting through at every angle of his ill united and unweildy brigade. And that we are to hope better of all these supposed sects and schisms, and that we shall not need that solicitude honest perhaps though over timorous of them that vex in this behalf, but shall laugh in the end, at those malicious applauders of our differences, I have these reasons to perswade me.


First, when a City shall be as it were besieg'd and blockt about, her navigable river infested, inroads and incursions round, defiance and battell oft rumor'd to be marching up ev'n to her walls, and suburb trenches, that then the people, or the greater part, more then at other times, wholly tak’n up with the study of highest and most important matters to be reform’d, should be disputing, reasoning, reading, inventing, discoursing, ev’n to a rarity, and admiration, things not before discourst or writt’n of, argues first a fingular good will, contentednesfe and confidence in your pru



dent förefight, and safe government, Lords and Commons; and from thence derives it self to a gallant bravery and well grounded contempt of their enemies, as if there were no small number of as great spirits among us, as his was, who when Rome was nigh besieg'd by: Hanibal, being in the City, bought that peece of ground at no cheap rate, whereon Hanibal himself encampt his own regiment. Next it is a lively and cherfull presage of our happy successe and victory. For as in a body, when the blood is fresh, the spirits pure and vigorous, not only to vital, but to rationall faculties, and those in the acutest, and the pertest operations of wit and suttlety, it argues in what good plight and conftitution


the body is, so when the cherfulnesle of the people is so sprightly up, as that it has, not only wherewith to guard well its own freedom and safety, but to spare, and to bestow upon the solidest and fublimest points of controversie, and new. invention, it betok’ns us not degenerated, nor drooping to a fatall decay, but cafting off the old and wrineld skin of corruption to outlive these pangs and wax: young again, entring the glorious waies of Truth and prosperous vertue destin'd to become great and honourable in these latter ages... Methinks. I see in my mind a noble and puissant Nation rousing her-felf like a strong man after sleep, and fhaking her invincible locks : Methinks: I see her as an Eagle muing her mighty


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