tions, to Mela, Celsus, Pliny, or Solinus. And having thus past the principles of Arithmetic, Geometry, Astronomy, and Geography, with a general compact of Phyficks, they may descend in Mathematicks to the instrumentall science of Trigonometry, and fr m thence to Fortification, Architecture, Enginry, or Navigation. And in naturall Philosophy they may proceed leisurly from the History of Meteors, minerals; plants, and living creatures asi fårre as anatomy. Then also in course might be read to them out of some not tedious writer the institution of Phyfick;: that they may know the tempers, the humors, the seasons, and how to manage a crudity' : 'which he who can wisely and timely doe;. is not




only a great Physician to himselfe, and to his friends, but also may at some time: or other, save an Army by this frugall, and expencelesse meanes only; and not. let the healthy and stout bodies of young men rot away under him for, want of this discipline, which is a great pitty, and no lesse a shame to the commander., To set forward all these proceedings in nature and mathematicks, what hinders, but that they may procure, as oft as fhall be needfull, the helpfull experiences of Hunters, fowlers, Fishermen, Shepherds, Gardeners, Apothecaries; and in the other sciences, Architects, Engi.. neers, Mariners, Anatomists; who doubt-: lefse would be ready fome for reward, and some to favour such a hopefull fe-:.



minary. And this will give then sucli a reall tincture of naturall knowledge, as they shall never forget, but dayly augment with delight. Then also those poets which are now counted-moft hard, will be both facil and pleasant, Orpheus, Hefiod, Theocritus, Aratus, Nicander, Oppian, Dionyfius, and in Latin Lucrctius, Manilius, and the rurall part of Virgil.

By this time, yeers and good general precepts will have furnisht them more distinctly with that act of reason which in Ethics is called Prouircis; that they may with some judgement contemplat upon morall good and evill. Then will be requir'd a speciall reinforcement of constant and found endoctrinating to set

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them right and firm, inftructing them more amply in the knowledge of vertue and the hatred of vice : while their young and pliant affections are led through all the morall works of Plato, Xenophon, Cicero, Plutarch, Laertius, and those Locrian remnants; but still to be reduc't in their nightward studies wherewith they close the dayes work, under the determinat sentence of David or Solonion, or the evangels and Apoftalic Scriptures. Being perfit in the knowledge of personall duty, they may then begin the study of Economies. And either now, or before this, they may have easily learnt at any odde hour the Italian tongue. And soon after, but with warineffe, and good antidote, it: would be wholsome anough to let them taft some choise comedies Greek, Latin, or Italian : those tragedies also that treate of houshold matters, as Trachiniæ, Alcestis and the like. The next remove must be to the study of Politics :. to know the beginning, end, and rea· sons of politicall societies ;, that they may not in a dangerous fit of the common-wealth be such poor, shaken,, un, certain reeds, of such a tottering conscience, as many of our great counsellers have lately shewn themselves, but stedfast pillars of the State. After this, they are to dive into the grounds of law, and legall justice ;: deliver'd first, and with best warrant by Moses; and as farre as humane prudence can be trusted,


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