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O gather into one galaxy the stars of our literary horizon has not been an easy or a simple task. In

the preparation of this volume I have given promi

nence to those writers who were contributors to "Confederate journals," and have omitted mention of well-known authors, whom we gladly claim as of our "Southland," but of whom the world knoweth as much as we could tell: Miss Maria I. McIntosh, Mrs. Anna Cora Ritchie, "Marian Harland," are of this number.

I believe there is much brilliant intellect in our land, which kind encouragement from our people will develop nobly, and judicious criticism will mould into fairest proportions. The day is not far distant when the literature of the South will be a power acknowledged in the thought of the world-when the once fallow field of Southern authorship shall bloom, like our physical soil, with fragrantest laurel and brightest roses.

Deprived of the aid of many co-laborers, it would have been almost impossible for me to have created this volume.

Often, when weary, and nearly despairing in my complex task, kindly words and sweet encouragement have nerved me to my work.


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