The necessity of right notions of God to oblige us to be

truly religious, 158, 159. In what respects they are necessary

to oblige us to be truly religious, shewn in four particulars,

159—177. Of the way of forming right notions of God in

general, 177-180. Six general rules laid down for the

framing right notions of God, 180—205. Of the common

causes of men's misapprehensions of God, in six particular

instances, 205--225.

Sect. I.

Of the signification and notion of a Mediator, 228. Six

general articles proposed to our belief in scripture concern-

ing the person and offices of the Mediator. First, That he is

designed and authorized to this office by God, who is our

absolute Lord and Sovereign, 230. Upon what account the

belief of this is necessary, 232. Secondly, That this office, to

which he is authorized, consists in acting for and in the be-

half of God and men, who are the parties between whom he

mediates, 233. the belief of which article carries with it the

most indispensable obligations to Christian piety and virtue,

235. Thirdly, That his mediation proceeds upon certain terms

and stipulations between God and man, which terms he ob-

tained of God for us, and in God's name hath published to

us, 240. What these terms are, ibid. The performance of these

terms our Saviour solicits both of God and us, 241. Fourthly,

That as he acts for and in the behalf of God and man, so he

partakes of the natures of both, 247. That he should partake

of the nature of God was highly necessary to qualify him

for this sublime office of mediating for God with men, 248.

and the same necessity there was, that he should partake of

the nature of man, 250. That he should also partake of the

nature of both, no less requisite to qualify him to mediate

for men with God, 253. That he is God as well as man,

proved from scripture, 257. and also that he is man as well

as God, 268. Fifthly, That as he partakes of the nature of

both, so that he might transact personally with both, he was

sent down from heaven to us, and is returned from us to

heaven, 272. Of the birth and personal union of the divine

and human nature in Christ, 273. Of his death, resurrection,

and ascension, 275. Sixthly, That upon his return to heaven,

there to mediate personally for men with God, he substi-

tuted the divine and omnipresent Spirit, personally to pro-

mote and effectuate his mediation for God with men, 278,

279. This divine Spirit is the third Spirit in the triune God-

head, 279. That there is a third Person subsisting in the di-

vine nature, and that he is the same with the Spirit of God

in the Old Testament, 280. and first, that this Spirit is a

Person, 284. secondly, that he is a divine Person, 286.


that he is the third divine Person, 289. Of the sub-

ordination of these divine Persons, and that it arises not from

any inequality of essences, but from the inequalities of their

personal properties, 289. that there was always a subordi-

nation of the Son to the Father, and of the Holy Ghost to

both, 291. that in the affair of the mediation this subordi-

nation was founded, not only in the inequalities of their per-

sonal properties, but also in a mutual compact and agree-

ment, 292. That the Holy Spirit acts, and hath always acted

under Christ in the kingdom of God, 293. That by the Holy

Spirit Christ himself acted while he was upon earth, ibid.

That this Spirit is sent both from the Father and the Son ;

and of the different nature of their missions, 294. Some

things which the Holy Spirit hath done in the pursuance of

his ministry to our Saviour, and hath long since ceased to

do: as, first, he inspired the apostles and disciples of our

Saviour with the gift of languages, 297, 298. secondly, he

fully instructed them by his immediate inspiration in the doc-

trine which they were to teach the world, 299. thirdly, he

gave the most convincing evidence of the truth and divinity

of their doctrine, 302. fourthly, he conducted them by his

infallible advice through all the emergent difficulties of their

ministry, 304. Of the cessation of these miraculous assist-

ances, 306. Other things which the Holy Spirit hath always

done, and always continues in pursuance of this his ministry,

as being continually present with the church, 308. We receive

him in our baptism, 309. Of the different manner of his or-

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