Aberdeen, Brown & Co.'
Alnwick, Smith.
Ashford, Jennings; Elliott.
Ashton-under-Line & Staley
Bridge, Cunningham.
Banbury, J. G. Rusher.
Bangor, Shone.
Barnet, Cowing.
Barnstaple, Brightwell.
Bath, Binns & Goodwin.
Birmingham, Langbridge.
Bolton, Heaton & Sons,
Boston, Noble.
Bourn, Daniells.
Bradford, Taylor.
Braintree, Joscelyne.
Bridport, Tucker.
Bristol, Vickery.
Burnley, Sutcliffe.
Bury, Lankester; Thomp-


Bury, (Lanc.) Crompton.
Cambridge, Stevenson.
Canterbury, Barnes.


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Exeter, Hannaford.
Faversham, Thiselton.
Glasgow, Murray.
Gloucester, Jew.
Guernsey, Moss.
Guildford, Russells.
Hertford, Simson.
Hinckley, Short.
Horncastle, Babington.
Huddersfield, Lancashire.
Hull, Cussons; Goddard
& Brown.
Huntingdon, Edis.
Ipswich, Deck.
Jersey, P. Falle.
Kendal, Hudson & Co.
Kettering, Dash.
Kidderminster, Pennell.
Kimbolton, Ibbs.
Kirby Lonsdale, Foster.
Lancaster, Milner.
Launceston, Cater.

Edinburgh, Blackwood & Leamington, Merridew,


Leeds, Baines & Newsome.

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Cardiff, Bird.
Carlisle, Thurnam.
Carmarthen, White.
Carnarvon, Potter & Co.
Chatham, Burrill.
Chelmsford, Guy.
Cheltenham, Lovesy.
Chertsey, Wetton.
Chester, Seacome; Pritch-
ard; Boult & Catherall.
Chichester, Glover.
Clitheroe, Whalley.
Cockermouth, Raily.
Colchester, Knibb.
Colne, Earnshaw.
Derby, Wilkins & Son.
Devonport, Byers.
Doncaster, Brooke & Co.
Dover, Batchellor.
Dublin, Curry & Co.
Dundee, Shaw.

Leicester, and
Lewes, Baxter.
Lincoln, Brooke & Sons,
Liverpool, P. Burns.
Llandovery, Rees.
London, Berger.
Long Sutton, Swain.
Lyme Regis, Dunster.
Lynn, Smith.
Manchester, Bancks and
Co.; Simms.
March, Sarjeant.
Maryport, Adair.
Merthyr Tydvil, White.
Middlewich, Lindop.
Monmouth, Heath.
Neath, Hayward.
Newark, Ridge.
Newcastle-on-Tyne, Finlay
and Co.; Currie and

Durham, Andrews.

Northampton, Birdsall.



Norwich, Muskett; Smith.
Nottingham, Wright.
Oxford, Slatter.
Penrith, Allison, Brown.
Peterborough, Bell.
Plymouth, Nettleton.
Portsmouth, Comerford.
Preston, Clarke.
Retford, Turvey.
Richmond, Bowman & Co.
Royston, Warren.
Rugby, Combe & Co.
Salisbury, Brodie & Co.
Sandbach, Lindop.
Scarborough, Theakston.
Sherborne, Penny.
Shrewsbury, Eddowes.
Sidmouth, Harvey.
Sittingbourn, Coulter.
Skipton, Tasker.
Southampton, Skelton..
Staffordshire Potteries,
Watts, Lane End.

Stamford, Mortlock; Rove.
Stockport, Claye.
Stratford-on-Avon, Bolton;

Swaffham, Gowing.
Tavistock, Helms.
Totness, Hannaford.
Ulverstone, Tyson.
Wakefield, Stanfield.
Warwick, Merridew; So-

Weymouth, Commins.;
Whitby, Rodgers.
Whitehaven, Gibson.
Wigton, Ismay.
Winchester, Jacob & Co.
Wisbeach, Leach.
Worcester. Deighton.
Workington, Kirkcouel.
Worthing, Carter.
Yarmouth, Alexander.
Yeovil, Porter.
York, Bellerby.

Berlin, A. Asher.Hamburg, Perthes & Besser. Leipsic, Black & Armstrong, (of London.)-St. Petersburgh, A. Asher.
United States of America, Adlard & Co., New York.-Upper Canada, Rowsell, Toronto.

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Considerations on Rome, 31

Constantia of Antioch, 246

Contemplation of nature, 31

Coutradictions, 69
Conversation, uses of, 24
Coral and bells, the, 247
Corfu, description of, 28
Cork, Glanworth castle in, 137
Costume of the Druses, 224
Maronites, 239
Count Raymond of Tripoli, 232
Courtesy, 3

Courtly philosophy, 67
Crow, the, 68


Crusades, 181

Cumino, description of, 175
Cuneiform characters, 6

Danger, 24

Dead, memory of the, 54
mourning for, 24


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Happiness, 24, 76, 179

Harbour of St. Simeon, 246
Headingham Castle, 61
Health, effects of fear on, 94

flowers, 103

Inhumanity of employing children as
chimney-sweeps, 6

Integrity, 104

Intellect, vanity of, 99

Ionian Islands:-

No. III., Antiquities, 250-Natural
History, 251-Health, 252-Qua-


Conclusion, 255-Postscript, 255

[blocks in formation]
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Religion, 159

Remarkable zoophytes, notice of some,

Sonnet by Wordsworth, 156
to Wordsworth, 8
Sorrow, to a friend in, 20
Sour, (Tyre,) description of, 207
South African antelopes, I., 95-11.,
South Africau Sketches,-

I. The Boors, or Dutch farmers, 57
11. The Bushman Hottentots, 73
III. The Korahs, 97

IV. The Kaffers, 153
V. The Bichuanas, 185

Southey, Dr., extract from, 6
on sheep, 32
Spanish sheep-dogs, ā
shepherd, the, 109
Spider, gossamer, 149
Spite, 139

Spread of British manufactures, 24
Squirrel, the, 133

Remorse, 104
Resignation, 14, 104
Rising, early, 56

Rocks of Meteora, 129
Ronie, considerations on, 31
Rural education, improvement of, 32

Sabbath, observance of the, 31
St. Chrysostom, remark by, 24
St. George, the, 139

St. Simeon, harbour of, 246
Saladin before Acre, 196
Salvator Rosa, and his Works, I., 178
-II, 218-III., 234
Sandford, Mrs., extract from, 3
Santa Maura, description of, 114
Scanderoun, description of, 247
Scepticism, 136

Scythian presents, the, 80
Seal-engraving, 243

Seleucis, description of, 247
Self-confidence, 147
Self-love and passion, 72
September, 91

Sève, Colonel (Soliman Pacha) 181
Sheep, different names of, 32

[blocks in formation]

Stock, the Brompton, 54

Study of botany, advantages of the,

Suicide, 27

Sullivan, Mrs., remark by, 198
Swediyah, description of, 247
Sympathy, 109

Syrian coast, the, I., 180-II, 191-
III., 195-IV., 206-V., 223-VI.,
231-VII., 238-VIII., 245

Kaffer village, 153

King Arthur's tombstone, 164

Tammuz, weeping for, 231
Tarabolous, description of, 232
Technicalities, 27
Temper, equality of, 69
The earth is the Lord's, 18
Theodoric, king, anecdote of, 248
The only two beautiful things, 64

Knight of Malta, 88
Korah Hottentots, preparing to re-
move, 97

Lantern-fly, Chinese, 112
Library, Whittington's, Christ's Hos-
pital, 201
Louth Church, Lincolnshire, 105
Luminous insects, 112, 141

Malta, Alof de Vignacourt, grand mas-
ter of the knights of, 88
harbour of, 169

knights of, 88

port of, in the time of the
knights, 81
Mantis oratorio, 156

Marine, of Valetta, 176
Marmot, the, 205

Mathematical and grammar schools,

Christ's Hospital, 225
Modern Sidon, 208
Monastery of Barlaam, 199
Mountain ash, 16
Mus avellanarius, 197

New hall, Christ's Hospital, 241
Nuthatch, the, 117
Nut weevil, 116

Old English Mansions, 1, 89
Old hall and Whittington's library,
Christ's Hospital, 201

Palace of St. Cloud, 128
the Tuilleries, 121

Palah, the, 109

Paris, Bastille and Rue St. Antoine, 33

Hôtel de Ciuni, 40

the Tuilleries, 121

Palace of St Cloud, 128

Hôtel de Ville, 209

iillar of the Place Vendôme,
Pausus sphærocerus, 141
Persian idol, 5
Physalia, 237

Place Vendôme, Paris, 216
Piazza, Grand, at Zaute, 45
Pillar of the Place Vendôme, Paris, 216
Plymouth, New Victualling Office, 148
St. Andrew's Church, 21
Port of Malta, in the time of the
knights, 81

Port Vathi, Ithaca, 113
Portuguese man-of-war, 237

[blocks in formation]


In Vol. XIII, p. 234, it is incorrectly stated, that the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich is used for the preparation of Cadets for the East India
Company's service; the institution in question is solely for the education of Officers for the Royal Artillery and Engineers,

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