Rochester; or, King Charles the second's merry days: a burletta, by W.T. Moncrief


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Pagina 11 - But join'd with marriage — soon had birth, A train of little loves. Love wild and free, is false as well, Tis marriage truth must bring, Then if you'd chime in sir, with Bell, At church give her a rinc ! [Exit Bell. Easy. So, I'm to keep my ladies' secrets, and learn the secrets of all the family here.
Pagina 16 - And will he not come again? And will he not come again? No, no, he is dead; Go to thy death-bed, He never will come again. His beard was as white as snow All flaxen was his poll, He is gone, he is gone, And we cast away moan: God ha
Pagina 52 - Buckingham, bored and seeking for intrigue, in a country inn. Two gay (but of course virtuous) ladies of quality come down and cheat them finely. How unhistorical the atmosphere is may be gauged from one remark of Rochester's in the third act: All powerful nature, how potent is thy sway? Silvia, you have conquered me. — The honour of woman should always be kept sacred, when entrusted to the honour of man. That this admixture of sentimentality and risque-ness was pleasing to the age is proved by...
Pagina 42 - To ecstasy the bosom ; Yet sweeter far yon summer sky, Whose blushing tint discloses, Give me the lustre-beaming eye, The sun that lights the roses. The voice of love is soft and clear, Exciting fond emotion ; How sweet it sounds upon the ear, Like music on the ocean ; Yet dearer far to lover's sight, The eye that truth discloses, Surpassing -with its splendour bright The sun that lighu the roses.
Pagina 34 - A rake, my dear, is a thing that tumbles and tosses other things about. Count. Ah ! what they pull the hay about with in the fields — I can handle a rake very well.
Pagina 2 - We will speak of that another time ; for the present, your presence here amply repays me all — and while you meet pleasant company, a good bill of fare and rational entertainment — let me presume to hope, my humble house may again and again be gladdened by your coming.
Pagina 11 - Till Heaven gave sweet marriage birth, That clipp'd his wings might be : With marriage join'd, love proved they tell, A kind and constant thing. Then if you'd chime in, sir, with Bell; At church give her a ring ! When first love single rov"d the earth, He frighten'd beauty's doves, But join'd with marriage — soon had birth, A train of little loves.

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