like manner abandoned and debauched germ. persons, on the other side, seem indeed XIV.. sometimes for a season, to have full Ease and Satisfaction in their Folly: But This Ease, never is the Acquiescence of Reafon : It is the Stupidity only, of a Lethargy or Mortification : Not at all a Freedom from the Disease, but merely a Senselessness of the present Destruction. Sooner or later, Reason will be heard ; and Truth will force itself upon them. For, what is the Hope of the Hypocrite, when God taketh away his Soul ? Job xxvii. 8. I speak not here of the Punishments in a future State, but of the Just Apprehensions which attend Wickedness in the present. The Spirit of a man will fuftain bis infirmity, but a wounded Spirit who can bear ? Prov. xviii. 14. And IS. lvii. 20 ; The Wicked are like the troubled Sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt : There is no Peace, faith my God, to the Wicked.

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The Character of oppressive Power

in Religion.
[ Preached on the 5th of November.]

Dan. vii. 23.
Which shall be diverse from all Kingdoms,

and shall devour the Whole Earth, and
shall tread it down, and break it in

pieces. N A Y Design in This Place, is notS erm. C MK to enter into a particular In- XV. 19 t erpretation of the Prophetickmu

Language ; much less to propose any uncertain Conjectures, concerning the Times and the Seasons which the Almighty has put in his own Power ; but

. Z 3

to consider only a general Charakter, which XV. runs through a long Series of Prophecy

both in the Old Testament and in the New, of a certain great Power, formidable and lasting, of large Extent and of long Duration, and in its Nature and Kind, different from all Other Powers and Kingdoms in the World. The Character is such, as shows plainly one principal End and Dehgn of the Prophecy to be This; to give men repeated Warnings to take great Heed, that they neither fall (if possible ) under the tyrannical Oppreffion of this dreadful Power, nor Themselves have any Share in exercising it over Others.

THE Character or Description given by the Prophet, of this fingular and ex

traordinary Power, is in the following ch.vii. 21.

words. He shall make War with the ver, 25.

** Saints, and prevail against them : And ke

skall speak great Words against the most High, and all wear out the Saints of the

most High, and think to change Times and .262, Laws ; And they shall be given into his ver.26 27 ch. xi 36, band for a long Season, even till the c.

Judgment shall fit. He shall exalt kim


felf, and magnify himself above every God, S ER M. and shall speak marvellous things against XV.. the God of Gods:- Neither fhall be regard the God of his Fathers, for he shall magnify himself above All;and shall divide the Land for Gain. · FROM this description given by the Prophet Daniel, is plainly taken the charafter St Paul fets forth, of a Man of Sin 2 Thess. ii. to be revealed, the Son of Perdition : Who 3, &c. opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped : So that He, as God, fitteth in the Temple of God, hewing himself that he is God :Whole Corning is after the working of Satan, with all Power, and Signs, and Lying Wonders, and with all Deceivableness of Unrighteoufness : Teaching men to give 1 Tim. iv heed to seducing Spirits, and do&trines." of * Devils : Forbidding to marry, and Account

viw, Souls commanding to abstain from Meats, which departed, God hath created to be received with Saints. Thanksgiving, of them which believe, and know the Truth.

The same character is likewise evidently intended by St John, when he prophecies of a wild Beast, or Tyrannical


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