Anarchist Seeds Beneath the Snow: Left-libertarian Thought and British Writers from William Morris to Colin Ward

Ebsco Publishing, 14 mei 2014 - 414 pagina's
From William Morris to Oscar Wilde to George Orwell, left-libertarian thought has long been an important but neglected part of British cultural and political history. In Anarchist Seeds beneath the Snow, David Goodway seeks to recover and revitalize that indigenous anarchist tradition. This book succeeds as simultaneously a cultural history of left-libertarian thought in Britain and a demonstration of the applicability of that history to current politics. Goodway argues that a recovered anarchist tradition could OCo and should OCo be a touchstone for contemporary political radicals. Moving seamlessly from Aldous Huxley and John Cowper Powys to the war in Iraq, this challenging volume will energize leftist movements throughout Britain and the rest of the world."

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David Goodway is a professor of social history in Leeds. He is the author of Against Power and Death and For Anarchism

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