A Narrative of the Voyages Round the World: Performed by Captain James Cook. With an Account of His Life, During the Previous and Intervening Periods, Volume 2

Whittingham, 1826

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Pagina 174 - He bindeth up the waters in his thick clouds; and the cloud is not rent under them.
Pagina 38 - For if Rome decreed the Civic Crown to him who saved the life of a single citizen, what wreaths are due to that man, who having himself saved many, perpetuates in your Transactions the means by which Britain may now, on the most distant voyages, save numbers of her intrepid sons, her mariners ; who, braving every danger, have so liberally contributed to the fame, to the opulence, and to the maritime empire of their country...
Pagina 170 - ... abated. No incidental temptation could detain him for a moment ; even those intervals of recreation, which sometimes unavoidably occurred, and were looked for by us with a longing, that persons who have experienced the fatigues of service will readily excuse, were submitted to by him with a certain impatience, whenever they could not be employed in making further provision for the more effectual prosecution of his designs.
Pagina 77 - An additional evidence of human nature's being untainted with disease in New Zealand, is the great number of old men with whom it abounds. Many of them, by the loss of their hair and teeth, appeared to be very ancient, and yet none of them were decrepit. Although they were not equal to the young in muscular strength, they did not come in the least behind them with regard to cheerfulness and vivacity.
Pagina 192 - Most Excellent Majesty in Council. WHEREAS there was this day read at the Board a Memorial from the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, dated the seventeenth of April, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-two, in the words following, viz.
Pagina 215 - One of our seamen sold his stock alone for eight hundred dollars ; and a few prime skins, which were clean, and had been well preserved, were sold for one hundred and twenty each. The whole amount of the •value, in specie and goods, that was got for the furs, in both ships, I am confident did not fall short of...
Pagina 155 - ... water-side, his wife threw her arms about his neck, and, with the assistance of two chiefs, forced him to sit down by the side of a double canoe. Captain Cook expostulated with them, but to no purpose; they would not suffer the king to proceed, telling him that he would be put to death if he went on board the ship. Kariopoo, whose conduct seemed entirely resigned to the will of others, hung down his head, and appeared much distressed.
Pagina 164 - America ; but that you would treat the said Captain Cook and his people with all civility and kindness, affording them, as common friends to mankind, all the assistance in your power, which they may happen to stand in need of.
Pagina 155 - ... importunate and troublesome, and there was no such thing as getting rid of him or his noise. It seemed as if he meant to divert their attention from his countrymen, who were growing more tumultuous, and arming themselves in every quarter. Captain Cook, being at the same time surrounded by a great crowd, thought his situation rather hazardous ; he therefore ordered the lieutenant of marines to march his small party to the water-side, where the boats lay within a few yards of the shore. The Indians...
Pagina 196 - I was now well satisfied no continent was to be found in this ocean, but what must lie so far to the south, as to be wholly inaccessible on account of ice...

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