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Pagina 44 - I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.
Pagina 54 - Ital. must be written. (See No. 3.) When letters or words are set double, or are required to be taken out, a line is drawn through the superfluous word or letter, and the mark No. 4 placed opposite in the margin. Where the punctuation requires to be altered, the correct point, marked in the margin, should be encircled.
Pagina 47 - ... Egyptian is unquestionably the most ancient. The exact date of its discovery is unknown ; and even the place where it was first made is matter of dispute. According to Isidore, it was first made at Memphis ; and according to others in Seide, or Upper Egypt. It was manufactured from the inner films of the papyrus or biblos, a sort of flag, or bulrush, growing in the marshes of Egypt.* The outer skin being taken off, there are next, several films or inner skins, one within another. These, when...
Pagina 48 - ... another. The marks, therefore, of these are easily pressed out so as to be scarcely visible. The-greatest modern improvement in papermaking, is the bleaching of the rags. This enables the manufacturer to produce the finest paper in point of colour, from any kind of rags. He has therefore only to find such materials as will make a paper of a strong texture and a fine even surface, knowing that he can produce colour at pleasure. Bleaching is conducted by different methods, either by bleaching the...
Pagina 70 - That the Copyright in every Book which shall after the passing of this Act be published in the Lifetime of its Author shall endure for the natural Life of such Author, and for the further Term of Seven Years, commencing at the Time of his Death...
Pagina 22 - ... types in wood, and they were afterwards cut in metal, and finally rendered more durable, regular, and elegant, by being cast or founded. The consequence of this happy and simple discovery was a rapid series of improvements in every art and science, and a general diffusion of knowledge among all orders of society. Hitherto the tedious, uncertain, and expensive mode of multiplying books by the hand of the copyist, had principally confined the treasures of learning to monasteries, or to persons...
Pagina 70 - Author shall endure for the natural Life of such Author, and for the further Term of Seven Years, commencing at the Time of his Death, and shall be the Property of such Author and his Assigns...
Pagina 45 - He who lifts himself up to the observation and notice of the world is, of all men, the least likely to avoid censure. For he draws upon himself a thousand eyes, that will narrowly inspect him in every part.
Pagina 25 - see/ and is not wreton with penne and ynke as other "bokes ben/ to thende that...
Pagina 40 - Every part of matter swarms with living creatures." A simple sentence, however, when it is a long one, and the nominative case is accompanied with inseparable adjuncts, may admit of a pause immediately before the verb: as, " The good taste of the present age, has not allowed us to neglect the cultivation of the English language:" " To be totally indifferent to praise or censure, is a real defect in character.

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