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THE April number of the INTERNATIONAL MONTHLY MAGAZINE completes the fifth volume, and the series. The Publishers respectfully announce to its readers and the public, that from the issue of the present Volume, the Magazine will be blended with Harpers' Monthly Magazine, and, therefore, suspended as a distinct publication.

To the numerous subscribers to THE INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE, the Publishers beg to say, that each one will be served with HARPERS' MAGAZINE to the end of his term; or, if preferred, furnished with any other Magazine to the amount of his unexpired subscription.

The Publishers cannot take leave of the friends of the work, without expressing in terms of thankfulness their sense of the extensive and cordial support it has received during the period of its publication. They are happy to know that its good qualities will be perpetuated in the prosperous, admirable, and widely circulated periodical with which it will hereafter be united.

New-YORK, March 30, 1852.


American War-Engines: Colt and Jennings. (Seven

Engravings) . . . . . . . . 83
Ariadne, the Story of-By Erastus W. EUsworth, .45
Annuaries: A Series of Poems.— By Alice Carey, . 87
Autumn Leaves.-—By John R. Thompson, . . . 188
Aztecs, At the Society Library. (Engraving.) 289
Army Private, A Word About The, . . .
Ashburner, Mr., in New-York.-By Frank Man-

hatian, Jr., . . . . . . . . 824

Author of the Fool of Quality, The, . . . . 460

Adventures of an Army Physician in New York, 496

Arts, The Fine.-Kaulbach's Last Works, 138.-The

Publication of the Works of Ingres, 133.—The Art-

Unions, 277.-An Artist Sycophant in Naples, 277.-

Kugler's History of Art, 277.—Copies of Ancient

Egyptian Sculptures, 277.—Drawings by Schiller,

277.-Kaulbach, 277.-Greenough, 267.–Kaulbach's

Cartoon of Homer, 424.-Gallait's Last Moments of

Egmont, 424-Monument to Metastasio, 424.-New

England Art-Union, Etching of Alston's "Witch of
Endor," 425,-Drawing of the American Art-Union,

425,- Philadelphia Art-Union, 425.

Authors and Books.-Henry Heine turned Christian,

124.--Dr. Schmidt on German Romanticism, 125,-

German version of Firdusi, 125.—Bulau's Secret

History of Enigmatical Men, 125.—Historical Con-

cert at Dresden, 125.-Leipzig Book Fair, 125.-His-

tory of Music, 125.-Works of Bach, 125.-Lachman,

the Philologist, 125.-German work on Jonathan Ed-

wards, 125.-Dr. Andree's Das Westland, 126.—The

Gotha Almanac, 126.-Fruits of Humboldt's Kosmos,

126.- Auerbach's Village Stories, 126.-Religious

Novel by Storch, 126.-Schneider's House Chroni-

clas, 126.-Mugge's new Book, 126-Wells's Middle

Kingdom in German, 126.-Geographica Italiæ, 126.

- German History of the British Empire in India,

126.-Reverence in Reviewing, 126.-Adolph Stahr,

126.-Countess Hahn-Hahn, 127.—Prince Windisch-

gratz's History of the Hungarian War, 127.-Men-

zel's new Novel, 127.-Miss Bremer on the World's

Fair, 127.-Frederick the Great, 127.-Kobl's last

Book of Travels, 127.--Shakspeare in Swedish, 127.-

New History of German Literature, 127.—Listz's new

Operas, 127.-Haddock's Somnalism and Psycheism,

127.-Gervinus on German Poetry. 127.-Silvio Pel-

lico, 127.-English Eclectic Magazine in Tuscany,

127.-Gioberti on the Regeneration of Italy. 128.

The Israel of the Alps, 128.-Christian Missions in

China, 129.–New work on Horticulture in Paris,

130.-Laurent's International Law, 180.- Alexander

Dumas, 180.-Prudhon's last Absurdities, 130.-M.

Lefranc on the French Revolution, 131.--The Wa-

verly Novels in France, 131.—The Photographic Al-

bum, 131.-Guizot's Moral Studies and Meditations,

131.-F. Arago, 131.-M. Ott, on Socialism, 181.-M.

Reybaud, 131.--Lord Brougham, 131.--- Hartzen-

busch's Spanish Authors, 131.--The Grenville Papers

and the new volumes of Lord Mahon's History

of England, 131.-Sir James Stephens's History of

France, 182.--Mr. Merrivale's History of the Ro-

mang, 132.—Memoirs of Dr. Chalmers, 132.-Alico

Carey's Clovernook, Grace Greenwood's new volume

of Tales and Letters, and Miss Cheesebro's Dream-
land by Daylight, 182.-Daniel Webster, Mr. Ban-
croft, and Mr. Irving, on the Life of Washington,
182.–Baucher's Horsemanship, 132.--Heroes and
Martyrs of the Missionary Enterprise, 182.-Gutz-
kow's Ritter Vom Geiste, 268.—Henry Taylor re-
viewed in the Grenaboten, 268.-Germany in the
Revolutionary Period of 1522, 268.—Reading Poems,
268.-German views of Carlyle's Life of Sterling,

268.--Curious German work on Shakspeare, by Vesbe,

269.—The Gothic Runic Alphabet, 269.-Fac Simile

of an Ancient copy of the Gospels, 269.-German His-

torical Monuments, 269.--Hagberg's Swedish version.

of Shakspeare, 269.–German version of Dunlap's

History of Fiction, 269.— The Vagabonds, by Holtei,

269.-New German Poems, 269.-Richers on Nature

and Spirit, 270.-German Domestic Legends, 270.-

Fecknor's Zend Avista, 270.- Rappert's Negroman-

cer Virgilius, 270.-- German Temperance Tales, 270.-

Nichl on Civil Society, 270.-Correspondence of Go-
ethe and Knebel, 270.–New Collection of Eastern
MSS. at Berlin, 270.-German versions of Longfellow,

Dr. Mayo, and Bunyan, 270.-Recent German His-

torical Literature, 271.-German Booksellers, 271,

- Wholesale system of acquiring Languages, 271.-

Adolf Stahr's Prussian Revolution, 271.-Schloisen-

ger's Wanderings through London, 271.-Arabic MS.

of Euclid, 271.-New work by Baron Eötvös, 271.-

Wagner's Journey to Persia, 271.-Continuation of

Humboldt's Kosmos, 271.-German work on Kos-

suth, 271.-Cheever's Sandwich Islands, in German,

271.-Silvio Pellico, 271.--Clemens Brentano, 271.-

New Books on Scandinavia, 272.-The Widow of

Weber, 272.-Professor Nuytz, 272.-Maria Monk in

Germany, 272.-Works of Kepler, 272.-Works Pro-

hibited in Russia, 272.--Liebeck, on Landscape Gar-

dening, 272.—Cotta's new edition of Faust, 272.-

Writings of Spalatin, 272.-Scientific Works from

China, 272.—Biot's Translation of an Ancient Chinese

History, 273.—The Library of Cardinal Mezzolanti,

278.--Michelet, 278.-Nicolas and Ritter, 278.--Works

of Paganini, 274.-Philarete Chasles on American

Literature, 274.-Lafuente's History of Spain, 274,-

New Paris edition of Fenimore Cooper, 274.--Guizot

on Shakspeare, 274. - Paris by a Hungarian, 274.-

Villegos, the Spanish Historian, 274.-Tranion on

Land Tenure, 274.-Lady Bulwer's New Novel, 274.

-New Works on French History, 275.--Count Jo-

seph de Maistre, 275.-Don Antonio Saco, on Cuba,

275.–New edition of Turner's Anglo Saxons, 275.-

John Howard Hinton on the Voluntary Principle in

America. 275.-New Discussions as to Junius, 275.-

Smith's Natural History of the Human Species, 276.

-Bonynge's Wealth of America, 276. - The Past and

its Legacies, by J. D. Nourse, 276.-Head's Bundle

of French Sticks, 276.-Legends of Alexander in the

East, 414.-Hofner, on Dresses of Christians, in the

Middle Ages, 414.-German Version of Popular Now

menclature of American Plants, 414.--German Works

on History, 414.-Count Von Hugel on India, 414.-

Von Rommer's Historical Pocket Book, 415.--Tho

Art Journal, 415.-Beeker's Roman Antiquities, 418.

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