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housing reasonably available and of a standard not less than that which is vacated, and to include compensation for not to exceed sixty days rental costs thereof, in the case of an employee who occupied Government housing and the death of such employee requires that housing to be promptly vacated, and (ii) to the nearest port of entry in the conterminous forty-eight States in the case of an employee whose last permanent station was outside the conterminous forty-eight States.

D. ACT OF AUGUST 7, 1946


(60 Stat. 885; 16 U.S.C. 17j−2)

AN ACT To provide basic authority for the performance of certain functions and activities of the National Park Service.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That [16 U.S.C. 17j-2] appropriations for the National Park Service are authorized for

(a) Necessary protection of the area of federally owned land in the custody of the National Park Service known as the Ocean Strip and Queets Corridor, adjacent to Olympic National Park, Washington; necessary repairs to the roads from Glacier Park Station through the Blackfeet Indian Reservation to the various points in the boundary line of Glacier National Park, Montana, and the international boundary; repair and maintenance of approximately two and seventy-seven one-hundredths miles of road leading from United States highway 187 to the north entrance of Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming; maintenance of approach roads through the Lassen National Forest leading to Lassen Volcanic National Park, California; maintenance and repair of the Generals Highway between the boundaries of Sequoia National Park, California, and the Grant Grove section of Kings Canyon National Park, California; maintenance of approximately two and one-fourth miles of roads comprising those portions of the Fresno-Kings Canyon approach road, Park Ridge Lookout Road, and Ash Mountain-Advance truck trail, necessary to the administration and protection of the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks; maintenance of the roads in the national forests leading out of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana; maintenance of the road in the Stanislaus National Forest connecting the Tioga Road with the Hetch Hetchy Road near Mather Station, Yosemite National Park, California; and maintenance and repair of the approach road to the Custer Battlefield National Monument and the road connecting the said monument with the Reno Monument site, Montana; repair and maintenance of the class "C" road lying between the terminus of F. A. 383 at the east boundary of Coronado National Forest and the point where said class "C" road enters Coronado National Memorial in the vicinity of Montezuma Pass, approximately 5.3 miles. (b) Administration, protection, improvement, and maintenance of areas, under the jurisdiction of other agencies of the Government, devoted to recreational use pursuant to cooperative agreements.

(c) Necessary local transportation and subsistence in kind of persons selected for employment or as cooperators, serving without other compensation, while attending fire-protection training camps. (d) Administration, protection, maintenance, and improvement of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.

(e) Educational lectures in or in the vicinity of and with respect to the national parks, national monuments, and other reservations under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service; and services of field employees in cooperation with such nonprofit scientific and historical societies engaged in educational work in the various parks and monuments as the Secretary of the Interior may designate.

(f) Travel expenses of employees attending Government camps for training in forest-fire prevention and suppression and the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Police Academy, and attending Federal, State, or municipal schools for training in building fire prevention and suppression.

(g) Investigation and establishment of water rights in accordance with local custom, laws, and decisions of courts, including the acquisition of water rights or of lands or interests in lands or rights-of-way for use and protection of water rights necessary or beneficial in the administration and public use of the national parks and monuments.

(h) Acquisition of rights-of-way and construction and maintenance of a water supply line partly outside the boundaries of Mesa Verde National Park.

(i) Official telephone service in the field in the case of official telephones installed in private houses when authorized under regulations established by the Secretary.

(j) Provide transportation for children in nearby communities to and from any unit of the National Park System used in connection with organized recreation and interpretive programs of the National Park Service.

E. ACT OF AUGUST 8, 1953
(67 Stat. 495; 16 U.S.C. 1b, lc, and 1d)

AN ACT To facilitate the management of the National Park System and miscellaneous areas administered in connection with that System, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, [16 U.S.C. 1b] That, in order to facilitate the administration of the National Park System, the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to carry out the following activities, and he may use applicable appropriations for the aforesaid system for the following purposes:

1. Rendering of emergency rescue, fire fighting, and cooperative assistance to nearby law enforcement and fire prevention agencies and for related purposes outside of the National Park System. 2. The erection and maintenance of fire protection facilities, water lines, telephone lines, electric lines, and other utility facilities adjacent to any area of the said National Park System, where necessary, to provide service in such area.

3. Transportation to and from work, outside of regular working hours, of employees of Carlsbad Caverns National Park, residing in or near the city of Carlsbad, New Mexico, such transportation to be between the park and the city, or intervening points, at reasonable rates to be determined by the Secretary of the Interior taking into consideration, among other factors, comparable rates charged by transportation companies in the locality for similar services, the amounts collected for such transportation to be credited to the appropriation current at the time payment is received: Provided, That if adequate transportation facilities are available, or shall be available by any common carrier, at reasonable rates, then and in that event the facilities contemplated by this paragraph shall not be offered.

4. Furnishing, on a reimbursement of appropriations basis, all types of utility services to concessioners, contractors, permittees, or other users of such services, within the National Park System: Provided, That reimbursements for cost of such utility services may be credited to the appropriation current at the time reimbursements are received.

5. Furnishing, on a reimbursement of appropriation basis, supplies, and the rental of equipment to persons and agencies that in cooperation with, and subject to the approval of, the Secretary of the Interior, render services or perform functions that facilitate or supplement the activities of the Department of the Interior in the administration of the National Park System: Provided, That reimbursements hereunder may be credited to the appropriation current at the time reimbursements are received.

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