have in our eye a preservation from tem- SERM. poral evils; but this must be accompanied with the filial submission of our blessed Saviour to the disposal of the Almighty “ Nevertheless, not my will but thine be “ done."

The concluding clause of the Lord's Prayer is called the Doxology, the meaning of which is, a form of ascribing glory to God :-“ For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever. * Amen.” • Thou hast a perpetual and .immoveable authority, by which at all

times thou directest and governest all things, wherefore we profess to rely on "thee alone, and have a full confidence in • thee in all our wants ; thine is the glory; rall honour and reverence, all love and * thankfulness, are due unto thee, as in ' the beginning, so at this present time, • and will be to all eternity.'

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SERM. Having thus gone through with each are ar ticle of the Lord's Prayer separately, I

shall conclude with taking a more connected view of it, by presenting you with it in a short paraphrase.

O thou, the great creator and preserver of me and all the rest of the universe, who art enthroned in majesty above all height, and dwellest in light which no eye can approach ; mayest thou be honoured by all thy innumerable creatures, as thy unspeakable greatness requires ! may their minds be impressed with just sentiments of thy wisdom, goodness, and omnipotence !

" Thy kingdom come.” Oh! hasten the period, when the religion which thou hast graciously revealed to us by thine only begotten son, may be professed all over the world in its original purity, and may obtain such an influence over the hearts and lives of all its votaries, that thy will may be submitted to, and per



formed on earth as it is in heaven! that SERM. we, as far as the weakness of humanity will allow, may as exactly be guided by thy good pleasure as the blessed angels!

" Give us this day our daily bread.” During our passage through this transitory state, do thou, who gave us life, give us the means of supporting it; we pray not for superfluities to consume on our own lysts, nor do we too anxiously look forward into futurity; we will be satisfied with a moderate present provision, nor have we the foolish desire to be independent of thee. . “ Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive them that trespass against us." Remember that we are but dust, and, on our sorrow and amendment, pardon us all in which we have offended; be not extreme to mark what we have done amiss. And as thou hast justly made it a condition of obtaining mercy from thee, that we shew


SERM. mercy to our brethren, afford us thy as. IV.

sistance to conquer any imperfections in our temper; subdue in us all tendency towards malice and resentment; and grant that our benevolence may be universal, and without exception !

“ Lead us not into temptation, but de: « liver us from evil.” Permit us not to fall a sacrifice to the snares of the world, the allurements of the flesh, or the artifices of the devil: let us not be tempted above what we are able to bear; in every age, in every stations, in every change of circumstances, surround us with the shield of thy all-powerful protection! In prosperity, and in distress, in health, and in sickness, let thy holy spirit guard us from the approach of spiritual evil; and when we arrive at the closing scene of our earthly pilgrimage, still be thou 'near to aid and support us; suffer us not at our last hour, for any pains of death, to fall


from thee; nor let thy care of us conclude SERM. with this mortal life, but in the day of judgment also, of thy great mercy, good Lord, deliver us! Save us from the bitter pains of eternal death, and receive us into the happy mansions of saints and angels, These petitions we humbly offer to the throne of thy grace, in full confidence both of thy mercy and omnipotence; thou who spake and it was done, commanded and it was made fast, all that we can ask or want, thou canst abundantly confer on us; for boundless and uncontrolable is thy power and dominion, and to thy glory and kingdom there is no end !


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