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SERM. coming to church, on his recovery, re

quest the same congregation to join with him in giving thanks; otherwise, he subjects himself to our Saviour's reproach to the lepers, who, when he had healed ten of them, and only one returned to thank him, said, “ Were there not ten cleansed, “ but where are the nine?” After this follows the general thanksgiving, in which we testify our gratitude to God, for all the instances of his loving kindness to us, and more especially for his having condescended to redeem us, by giving his only Son to die for us; and we humbly entreat him, that we may not only with our lips, by empty words, but in our lives, by our deeds also, shew the sense which we entertain of his kindness. Last, comes a prayer taken from the Liturgy of Saint Chrysostom, one of the most celebrated fathers of the Christian church; in it we ascribe to God the grace which


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has prompted us to meet together, to put SERM. up our petitions to him; we encourage our selves with Christ's promise, that when two or three are gathered together, he is among them; all our desires, however, we submit to him, asking only that he will grant such as may be expedient for us, such as may be for our real advantage, among which we may speak with confidence of two particulars, knowledge of his truth, and life everlasting. Finally, we close with St. Paul's farewell to the Corinthians; praying that the favour of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the residence of the Holy Ghost, may be always amongst us.






I will pray with the understanding also.

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I should now, if I proceeded regularly in SERM. this subject, take into consideration those parts of our evening service, which differ from the morning, and after that explain to you the Litany; but as the celebration of the Lord's supper is approaching, I rather choose to postpone these for the present, and beg your attention, while I discourse on our communion service. It is called the communion service, because, in

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SERM. à part of it, we partake together of the sa

c rament of Christ's body and blood, the
meaning of the word communion' being
“ a partaking together.” The beginning
of it, which we use, when we do not cele-
brate the Lord's supper, goes by the same
name. It opens with the Lord's Prayer,
which appears peculiarly proper, when we
are entering on so-solemn an office. After
this follows an old and excellent collect, in
which we pray to God, to whom the hearts
of all men are open, and their desires, their
imaginations, and their wishes, known-to
cleanse, to purify, to make virtuous, the
thoughts of ours, by the inspiration of his
holy spirit, that is, by breathing into us
such good dispositions, that we may, as per-
fectly as human nature will permit, love
him, and worthily magnify his holy name;
fitly, properly, both in our conversations
and our lives, shew' the sense that we en.
tertain of his goodness. The ten com-



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