The same reasons which, during the publication of the Mirror, made the Authors anxious to be concealed, and which are hinted in the last paper of that work, made them equally solicitous to be unknown during the publication of the LOUNGER. For this reason, during the time of this last publication, the circumstance of the Authors of these two works being the same, was endeavoured to be concealed from the Public, and several papers were industriously written on the contrary supposition. At the close of the publication, the reasons for that concealment ceased; and, therefore, in the concluding Number of the Lounger, it is admitted to be by the Authors of the MIRROR.

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1, 2. Mr. Mackenzie. 3. Mr. Abercromby. 4. Mr. Mackenzie. 5. Mr. Cullen. 6. Mr. Mackenzie. 7. A Correspondent, Mr. Fraser Tytler. 8. The letter signed Mary Careful, by a Corre

spondent, it is believed a female one; the

rest of the Paper by Mr. Mackenzie. 9. Mr. Craig 10. Mr. Abercromby. 11. A Correspondent, Dr. Henry, Author of the

History of England on a new Plan. 12. Mr. Cullen. 13. Mr. M.Leod Bannatyn. 14. Mr. Abercromby. 15. Mr. Mackenzie. 16. A Correspondent, Mr. Tytler, Author of the

Vindication of Q. Mary. 17. Mr. Mackenzie. 18. Mr. Craig. 19. A Correspondent, Mr. Fraser Tytler. 20. Mr. Mackenzie. 21. Mr. Craig. 22. Mr. Mackenzie.


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23. Mr. Abercromby: 24. A Correspondent, Mr. Fraser Tytler, 25. The Letter signed Theatricus, by a Correspond

ent, Mr. D. Hume–The End of the Paper

by Mr. Mackenzie. 26. Mr. Craig 27, 28, 29. Mr. Mackenzie. 30. Mr. Abercromby. 31, 32, 33, 34. Mr. Mackenzie. 35. Mr. Craig. 36. Mr. Mackenzie. 37. Mr. Craig 98. Mr. Mackenzie. 39. Mr. M‘Leod Bannatyn. 40, 41. Mr. Mackenzie. 42. A Correspondent, Professor Richardson - The

Notes at the End by Mr. Mackenzie. 43. Mr. Craig. 44. A Correspondent, Mr. Fraser Tytler -- The

concluding Part after the Letter by Mr.

Mackenzie. 45. Mr. Mackenzie. 46. A Correspondent unknown. 47. Mr. Abercromby. 48. Mr. Mackenzie. 49. Mr. Craig. 50, 51. Mr. Mackenzie.

VOL. XXXI. 52. Mr. Craig. 53. Letter from Night, by Mr. Mackenzie ; that

from Jessamina, by a female Correspondent. 54. Mr. Mackenzie. 55. Letter from Hannah Waitfort, by a Corre


spondent, Mr. D. Hume-Conclusion of the

Paper by Mr. Mackenzie. 56. Mr. Mackenzie. 57. Mr. Craig 58. Mr. Mackenzie. 59. A Correspondent, the Rev. Mr. Greenfield,

Professor of Rhetoric and Belles Lettres in the University of Edinburgh, and one of

the Ministers of that City. 60. A Correspondent, Dr. Henry. 61, 62. Mr. Mackenzie. 63. A Correspondent, Mr. Fraser Tytler. 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69. Mr. Mackenzie. 70. A Correspondent, Mr. Fraser Tytler. 71. Mr. Craig 72. Mr. Mackenzie. 73. Mr. Cullen. 74. Mr. Abercromby; except the short Note at

the end by Mr. Mackenzie. 75, 76. Mr. Mackenzie. 77. Mr. Craig 78. Mr. Mackenzie. 79. A Correspondent, Mr. Fraser Tytler. 80. Mr. Mackenzie. 81. Mr. Abercromby. 82, 83, 84. Mr. Mackenzie. 85. The Ode, by a Correspondent, Professor Green

field— The rest of the Paper by Mr. Mac

kenzie. 86. Mr. Craig. 87. Mr. Mackenzie. 88. Mr. Craig 89, 90. Mr. Mackenzie. 91. Mr. Craig 92. Mr. Abercromby. 93, 94, 95, 96, 97,98,99, 100, 101. Mr. Mackenzie.

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