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APR 19 1989

yin 30 À


Addresses and Remarks

Administration officials, meeting–434
American Association of Community and

Junior Colleges, meeting—450
Close-Up Foundation, meeting-443
James Madison High School students, meeting

in Vienna, VA-435

Appointments and Nominations Continued

New Zealand-453

Treasury Department, Assistant Secretary

(Public Affairs and Public Liaison 442
U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency,


Interviews with the News Media

Regional press—453
White House press corps-434


Actors' Fund of America Appreciation Month-


National Earthquake Awareness Week_433
Supplementary Materials

Acts approved by the President-463

Checklist of White House press releases-463

Digest of other White House announcements


Nominations submitted to the Senate_463



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Week Ending Friday, March 31, 1989

Proclamation 5946—Actors' Fund of The Congress, by Public Law 100_686, America Appreciation Month, 1989 has designated the month of April 1989 as March 24, 1989

“Actors' Fund of America Appreciation

Month.” By the President of the United States

Now, Therefore, I, George Bush, Presiof America

dent of the United States of America, do

hereby proclaim April 1989 as Actors’ Fund A Proclamation

of America Appreciation Month. I call upon The Actors' Fund of America has given

all Americans to observe this month with dedicated service to members of the enter

appropriate ceremonies and activities. tainment industry for more than one hun

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set dred years. Its history is the magnificent

my hand this twenty-fourth day of March, story of an organization built upon the gen

in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred erosity of entertainers—not only as a chari

and eighty-nine, and of the Independence table organization, but as the “conscience”

of the United States of America the two of their community.

hundred and thirteenth. Although it is the oldest theatrical charity

George Bush in the world, the Fund's services are not confined to actors; they are available to any [Filed with the Office of the Federal Regisbona fide professional who works in motion ter, 4:38 p.m., March 27, 1989) pictures, radio, television, ballet, opera, variety, circus, and the legitimate stage. Those

Note: The proclamation was released by the

1 services, designed to accommodate the spe

Office of the Press Secretary on March 27. cial needs of members of the entertainment community, range from financial assistance and career counseling to home nursing care. Through its actions, the Fund carries Nomination of William G. Rosenberg on the great American tradition of commu- To Be an Assistant Administrator of the nity. It is a tradition steeped in its values of Environmental Protection Agency concern for one another—the obligation March 27. 1989 borne of community to help another in need.

The President today announced his intenIn a less direct manner, the Actors' Fund tion to nominate William G. Rosenberg to of America benefits our entire country. As be Assistant Administrator of the Environthe Fund assists entertainers, entertainers, mental Protection Agency for Air and Radiin turn, donate their time and talents to ation. He would succeed J. Craig Potter. many worthy causes throughout the United Since 1982 Mr. Rosenberg has been chairStates. Performing artists have raised the man of the Investment Group in Ann morale of our Nation's Armed Forces in Arbor, MI, and Washington, DC. Prior to peacetime and in time of war. They have this he was president of Rosenberg, Freedemonstrated selfless generosity to count man and Associates, 1977-1982. He was Asless charitable events, bringing help to the sistant Administrator for Energy Resource needy and joy to the sick. And by their Development of the Federal Energy Adshining example, they demonstrate to all ministration, 1975–1977, and chairman of Americans that any definition of a success- the State regulatory commission of the ful life must include serving others. This Michigan Public Service Commission, 1973Proclamation provides the opportunity for a 1975. Mr. Rosenberg was executive director grateful nation to say “thank you."

for the Michigan State Housing Develop

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