Several Books published by Dr. Richard Lucas, Vicar of St. Stephen Coleman-Street, and Prebendary of Westminster. Sold by Samuel Smith and Benjamin Walford, at the Prince'sArms in St. Paul's Church-Tard, London.


R. Richard Lucas's Practical Chriftianity, or an account of the Holinefs which the Gofpel enjoyns, with Motives to it, and the Remedies propofed against Temptation; with a Prayer concluding each diftin&t Duty. In Octavio, Price 3 s. 6 d.

His Enquiry after Happiness, in three parts in 8vo.
Vol. I. Of the poffibility of obtaining Happiness.
Vol. II. Of the true Notion of Humane Life.
Vol. III. Of Religious Perfection.

These three parts bound in two Vol. Price 10 s.

Chriftian Thoughts for every day of the Month, with a Prayer, wherein is reprefented the Nature of unfeigned Repentance, and of Love towards God, in 12°. Price is.

The Plain Man's Guide to Heaven, containing his Duty, first towards God; fecondly, towards his Neighbour, with proper Prayers, Meditations and Ejaculations, defigned chiefly for the Country-man, Trades-man, and fuch like, in 12°. Price I s.

The Duty of Servants, containing, first their Preparation for, and choice of a Service; fecondly, their duty in Service, together with Prayers fuited to each Duty; to this is added a Difcourfe of the Sacrament, fuited peculiarly to Servants. In Octavo, Price 1 s. 6 d.

Twelve Sermons preached on feveral Occafions before their Majesties, the Lord-Mayor, &c. fome of which were never before Printed. In Octavo, the Second Edition.

-Twelves Sermons preached on feveral Occafions, never before published, being his Second Volume in Octavo.

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