0.M's MATCH, NOV. 1st, 1884.

We had expected a good game : our expectations were more than justified. A more interesting and more even Old Fellows' match we do not remember. Croakers had lamented the loss of such notables as Keeling and Padwick, but their places have been filled by worthy successors, and Bull is to be congratulated on the form shown in Saturday's match, which encourages us to hope for a successful season. The elements were fairly propitious; certainly so, compared with several previous All Saints' days that we can call to mind. A slight drizzle inconvenienced the spectators, but the ground was in good order and the wind moderate.

A strong team of O.M's turned up under the captaincy of Cheales, who lost the toss and kicked off from the town end. The ball was not returned, the squash formed within the school 25, and for some minutes our goal seemed in danger, till a useful run by Bett, who throughout was an exceedingly effective three-quarters, abated our fears and a series of squashes followed in the centre of the ground. Here Woolner, Cooper, and Martin were at once conspicuous among our forwards, while Hodgson and Hardy did good work for the O.M's. At the close of the first 15 minutes, a splendid dash by Bull taking the ball half the length of the ground made matters uncomfortable for the Old Fellows and they soon had to touch down in self defence. A prodigious drop off by Mangin was well returned by Annesley, who throughout showed much promise as a back and seemed fully to justify his choice. Again followed a series of squashes in the middle of the ground, in which we had slightly the best of it, till Hume, by some first-class forward play, taking the ball to their back, stopped it there within their 25, but the ground gained was not long kept, the ball soon returned to our quarters, when some judicious passing between Harvey, (half), Martyn, (threequarter), and Wynne (half), enabled the latter to run in for them high up at Lyne's end, and the place tried by Buckland made the score stand in favour of the O.M's one try to nil.

But the fortune of war soon chauged: after the kick off we pressed them gradually back till Bett getting the ball neatly passed it to Lias who with equal judgment returned it to the donor, thereby enabling him to make a really brilliant run resulting

in a try halfway down the line from which Bull kicked an excellent goal. Score in our favour 1 goal to a try.

The kick off again placed the ball in close proximity to our goal, and Cheales soon made an unsuccessful shot from a loose squash straight in front. Some quick play in which Lias and Tyssen were conspicuous took the ball back and forced our opponents to touch-down; but the game surged back, and when Hodgson and Harvey had brought the ball in front of our goal, Mangin just before half. time neatly dropped it between the posts; had our fellows followed his example the issue of the game might we think have been different. Score: School 1 goal to a goal and a try.

The second half of the game was chiefly remarkable for the behind play of Buckland for the O.M.s, whose skilful running contributed largely to win them the match. He commenced by taking the ball the whole length of the ground, and after being collared got the ball again and ran in half way up at the town end. From this try Cheales placed a good goal. Agaiu Buckland was not to be denied. A quick follow up, aided by some mistakes among our behinds, left only our back between him and our goal, but Annesley after missing him once stuck to him well and compelled him to be satisfied with a try low down, which Cheales failed to convert into a goal. Shortly after Buckland again ran round with a like result: and the failure of our behinds to stop him was one of the few bad features in our play. Score : 2 goals and 3 tries to 1 goal.

It was now the turn of our behinds, and some skilful passing between Bull and Bett enabled the latter twice to get behind the 0.M.'s line, but unfortunately both tries failed. Throughout this part of the game we noticed Kaye and Tyssen doing excellent service for the School, and Hodgson and Williams prominent among our opponents. Just before time was called, Bull, by a brilliant piece of collaring, prevented Buckland from adding to his score, and so the victory rested with the Old Fellows by 2 goals and 3 tries to a goal and 2 tries.

Such is our recollection of a thoroughly good match, quick and even, in which perhaps the ball was actually in our opponents' ground the larger portion of the time. Indeed we are inclined to think that had Bett trusted more often to himself instead of passing we might have won the match.

Davis was good at times, but fumbled considerably and seemed to lack the dash requisite for an effective three-quarters. Bull's play was invaluable and the rapidity with which he gets off makes him a most dangerous behind, while with Hume, Woolner, and Martin forward we need fear few teams in the squash. Lias at half-back was brilliant at times : Lewis, his partner, steady but slow. On the other hand too many mistakes were made behind, and why are not more attempts made at dropping goals ? The O.M's had two shots, one successful, and they practically won the match by it. The idea did not seem to occur to our behinds, yet the occasion was not wanting.

And lastly a word to the School in general. We never remember an O.M.’s match in which there was so little applause. Indiscriminate or one-sided cheering is bad, but the silence of Saturday last was depressing in the extreme. Yet there was plenty of play well worthy of recognition, and surely the enthusiasm of Marlburians for the game has not cooled. The recognition of meritorious play is a good tradition. We hope to see it revived on the 8th.

Appended is a list of the sides

School :Back, A. D. Annesley; three-quarters, F. E. Bull (capt.), H. C. Bett, and H. J. Davis; half, H. M. Lewis and C. R. Lias; H. Woolner, D. E. Martin, R. O. C. Hume, R. W. Ord, E. P. Kaye, H. S. Tyssen, R. N. Dundas, E. Robertson, H. J. Cooper.

0.M.8 :-Back, R. F. Cholmeley; three-quarters, H. G. Pulling, E. H. Buckland, A. W. Martyn ; R. R. Mangin, J. M. Harvey and 0. Wynne, half ; R. Hardy, F. W. Hodgson, A. V. Buckland, S. G. Williams, J. P. Cheales (capt.), H. A. FergusonDavie, C. S. Preston, A. Druitt.

get well together, and they finally had to touch down. After the drop out the School again were penned, and Robinson soon ran in, but Kitcat succeeded in holding him up and obtaining the ball, touched it down. The School now made a determined rush headed by Lane and Brown, and took the ball right in front of the O.M.s' goal. Bucknall soon got hold of it, and easily passing their three-quarters got in right behind. The goal was well placed by Buchanan. After the kick off the 0.M’s. were again penned, notwithstanding the efforts of Wilson and Alston, who relieved their side by several good runs. The ball was soon passed to Cooper, who ran right round and placed the ball behind their posts. The goal was again placed by Buchanan, and change was soon afterwards called. Some long squashes in the School's quarters followed the kick-off. Young, who had not had much chance hitherto, then got the ball, and after a long run up the hill, pursued by Bucknall, deposited it about fifty yards behind the posts. The goal was easily placed. The school forwards then carried everything before them, Buchanan and Ferguson-Davie being most conspicuous with Griffith at theree-quarters and the O.M.s were closely penned for some time, At last they rallied and made some furious onsets, the school forwards at times going down like nine-pins before the combined onsets of Townsend, Chaine and Jenner. For some time they appear d likely to get in, but were stopped by Cooper and Trethewy, whose collaring was very good throughout. Time was soon called and the school remained winners by two goals to one. Their victory was well deserved for they were far outweighted in the squash. The O.M. forwards understood when to pick up the ball far better then the School, and Robinson, Town. send and Bryans were at times very difficult to stop; but at three-quarters they were weak, and Griffith and Cooper frequently passed them. The school forwards played well together and dribbled better, Buchanan and Preston being most noticeable. Dobbs was most useful in turning the ball and stopping several dangerous rushes.

M.C. 2ND XV v. O.M’S 2nd XV.

This game was played on the Common. The fact that the two first XV's were playing on Big Game at the same time, doubtless accounted for the disappearance of the spectators, with the exception of about half-a-dozen. They nevertheless missed seeing a most evenly contested game. Dobbs having won the toss for the School, decided to play up the hill for the first half. Robinson kicked off for the 0.M's, and the School were at once penned. For the first ten minutes or so their squash did not seem to

HOUSE MATCH. Way's (Crescent) v. Ford's (Maltese Cross).

October 10th and 14th.—1st Day.-Way's kicked off, and a series of squashes followed, in which Way's forwar d ed by the Robertsons and Lane forced their opponents back. But Lias making good runs at the bottom of the ground kept the ball away from Ford's line till, after some good passing, P. E. Bucknall picked up the ball and ran in; the place was kicked by his brother. On resuming play, some forward play by Ashfield, and F. Davie, pro Tyssen, for Ford's, kept the ball in the middle of the ground; then Trethewy eluded all Ford's backs and ran right behind; the place unaccountably failed. Soon after change was called, and then Way’s were driven back by good dodgy runs of Lias and Risley; Bett by a good run brought the ball to the middle of the ground; then Ford's took Way's back and nearly got in. In the next quarter Way's played together in the squash and Trethewy made a dashing run right round, and secured a try low down ; the place failed. Then Lane and W. H. Robertson made good dribbles and brought the ball close to Ford's line, when E. Robertson gained a try; no goal resulted. After change a grand dribble by Lias, backed up by Ashfield and Davie, brought the ball close to Way's line, and Houseman nearly got in. Bett relieved his side by a run along the bottom and Wilding, Way's, made a useful dribble. P. E. Bucknall ran in ; the kick was again unsuccessful. Marsh, for Ford's, took the ball again to the centre, then Bett and Bucknall by a series of dashing runs brought the ball into Ford's quarter, where the latter was enabled to get a try, which his brother converted into a goal.

Second Day.—The play on this day was short and decisive. Trethewy got in twice by neat runs, and Roberts once ; one goal was the result, thus completing three goals and six tries to nil. For Ford's besides those mentioned, Browning, behind, and Williams and Guest, forward, showed conspicuously.

For Way's, Ellis, Atlay and Hildebrand played up hard. Ford's were unfortunately deprived of the services of Little during both days.

After Gould's had kicked off, the ball was at once taken into Gilmore's twenty-five, where it remained for the whole quarter, except on one or two occasions when Gilmore's had to touch down, the ball scarcely ever emerged from the squash. After change much the same process ensued, Gould's being now penned, until Evans obtained a try for Gilmore's, at the bottom. The place failed. In the 3rd quarter Gilmore's were again taken back, mainly owing to some good runs by Hayhurst, who proved very difficult to collar, backed up by some good forward play on the part of Keeling (pro Dundas) and Everett. The only other event of the day was a try obtained by Voss for Gilmore's in the last quarter.

2ND DAY, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14TH.—Dobbs started the ball from the town end. It was well returned by Loring, and for some time remained in Gilmore's half. Lazenby at length obtained the ball, and passed to Radley, who after a good run, safely deposited the ball between the posts. The place unaccountably failed. After the drop out, Woolner made several dangerous runs, and twice nearly succeeded in getting in along the top, but was stopped by Chaine and Padwick. The play till half-time was mainly confined to the forwards ; Gould's, headed by Dundas and Brown, several times taking Gilmore's back. After change, the ball for some time remained in Gilmore's twentyfive. At last however, Dobbs, aided by Hilleary (pro Hulbert) and Brown, dribbled the ball into Gould's quarters. Evans succeeded in obtaining a try, the value of which was not increased. Gould's now made a determined effort to avert defeat, and Hayhurst and Streatfeild looked like getting in. Gilmore's eventually rallied and Evans obtained the last try at the bottom. The place was well tried by Petrie, and nearly succeeded. Time was shortly afterwards called, Gilmore's remaining victors, by five tries to nothing. For the victors Dobbs, Brown, and Hilleary on the first day were always on the ball, and Lazenby was especially useful at half-back during the whole game. Gould's perhaps hardly made as much use as they might have of their captain, Woolner, who remained rather high up the hill, but Hayhurst at three-quarters and Streatfeild half, with Latter, Everett, Brown, and Dundas on the 2nd day were most conspicuous throughout.

HOUSE MATCH, 1st Ties.


This game was begun on Friday, October 10th, on Big Game. A strong wind blowing from Lyne's end, necessitated changing every quarter. Gilmore's won the toss and elected to play from the town end, against the wind.



Ford's (MALTESE Cross) v. Cotton HOUSE. Played on the Common, owing to the dangers of

This game was played on the C. and resulted in a Big Game' arising from the hardness of the ground.

victory for Ford's within the hour. Ford's won the Dobbs won the toss for Littlefield and Bull kicked

toss, and Cotton House kicked off from the town off up the hill. The Littlefield forwards, headed by

end. For some time the game was in Ford's quarter Dobbs and Brown, were on to the ball at once, and

and Cotton House looked like getting in, but some drove their opponents back, but Preston effecting a

good runs of Ford's behinds took the ball into their neat piece of dribbling, and Cairnes a smart run

opponents' 25, and after some loose squashes at brought the ball back. Some squashes à la mode

the bottom, Houseman ran in right behind, and followed, but Martyn, in spite of Lazenby's vigorous

Browning kicked the first goal. Cotton House efforts to prevent it, passed away to Bull, who got in

kicked off, but the ball was well returned, and the behind. Having kicked the goal, Poynton returned

squash was formed close to their line. Shortly the kick off well, and a run by Bull brought the

after, Michell dribbled the ball in and Guest, backing game into Littlefield's quarters. Hart-Smith's for

up smartly, got a try, which Browning converted into wards now began to wake up, and with their help

a goal. After kick off, Cotton House forwards Martyn after a short run got the ball away to Bull,

headed by Smith and Jowitt, penned their opponents, who ran round and got a try behind. Littlefield's

and some rash passing on the part of Ford's enabled forwards had it all their own way for a bit and

Boulton to get off, but Rowell collared him well beLazenby showed very well for them, but change

fore he could get in. Soon after this half-time was occurred, and, with the hill in their favour, Hart

called. Smith's forwards brought the ball along, Harvey and

Ford's kicked off, and some good runs by Burness Stanton doing plenty of work; the ball went into

and Mavrogordato enabled Boulton to reach Ford's touch close to the Littlefield goal line, and Martyn

line, where, however, be was well collared and dragged by a good piece of throwing out got the ball clean

out by Marsh. After the drop out, Rowell made a away to Harvey, who got his try well, and kicked

good run along the top and Alington succeeded in the goal. Kick off did not make much difference as

getting in at the bottom. The place resulted in Preston and Harvey helped by good runs from

Ford's third goal. After a few squashes, Browning Cairnes brought it back, and Bull got in behind.

by some good short dashes took the ball in front of Harvey missed the goal. Littlefield now played up

his opponent's goal line, and Guest passing very harder then ever, and worked the ball back and kept

well to Alington, the latter got in right behind, and it there for a time. Fletcher and Cairnes then united

Browning kicked the fourth and last goal. Ford's and by some loose squashes brought the ball back.

behinds were too strong for their opponent's but had Martyn soon managed to get the ball away to Cairnes

it not been for the good collaring of Houseman and who made a short run and then passed smartly to

Rowell, Burness and Boulton would have been very Bull, who repeated his previous performance and

formidable. In the squash Guest, Williams, and then kicked the goal. Hart-Smith’s were thus left

Michell, who played best for Ford's, were well victors by 4 goals and 1 try to nothing. They were

opposed by Smith, Jowitt, and Curtis. playing without Wynne-Willson whose place was well filled by H. M. Cairnes, while Littlefield had

HOUSE GROUNDS—Ist Ties. lost the services of Chaine, who was replaced by

War's v. Gould's. G. E. C. Martin. For the victors besides those 1st Day.—Everett set the ball going on LXXX mentioned W. C. Lascelles and E. A. Stanton did for Gould's. Way's at first penned their opponents good work forwards, and Poynton played a plucky and after good dribbling on the part of Meeres for game at half-back. For Littlefield, Dobbs and Way's, Hildebrand made a good run in. The place Brown did really good work and were ably supported was kicked by Meyrick-Jones. Then Gould's played by the Hulberts and Petrie, while Lazenby was up harder and C. E. Cooper made some runs for very quick and did his best to keep the ball from them and the game was fairly equal till T. C. Bett getting away.

got the ball and quickly obtained two tries right behind, neither of which were kicked. Hildebrand tioned Harvey (behind) and Chappel 1, Ross, Davies gained another try, which resulted in a goal, and Ellis and Batty (forward) played well, while for Hartalso got a try by a good dribble.

Smith's Clayton (on the first day), the two 2nd Day.—Gould's had lost the valuable services Lascelles and Fisher (forward) and Poynton and of Everett by promotion. Gould's kicked off and at Stedall (behind) strove hard to avert defeat. once penned Way's, but Meyrick-Jones relieved his side by a good run and by passing to T. C. Bett,

PRESHUTE V. LITTLEFIELD. when collared, enabled the latter to gain a try. Ist Day.—First hour on the LXXX. Preshute Latter and Brown made some good dribbles, but won the toss and kicked off from Lyne's end, and Way's behinds took the ball back again and Meeres immediately began to pen their opponents till gained a try. Then Maurice made a good dribble Harington secured a try; the goal was not kicked. the length of the ground, and Watson obtained a try Then they were penned by Littlefield, but Bulman, which was placed by Young. T. C. Bett for Way's by a good dribble obtained another try; the place shortly afterwards gained a try and as the place was again failed. The next event was a good run by successful, Way's won by 3 goals and 5 tries to l goal. Cairnes, who got a try low down, and kicked the

goal very well. For the rest of the hour nothing Baker's v. Hart-Smith's.

happened, but the ball was mostly in Preshute's 25. On the first day Baker's kicked off with the wind,

2ND DAY.–First hour on the LXXX. Preshute and the first squash was formed slightly in Hart

had lost Hilleary and Cairnes, and Littlefield Evans, Smith's territory. The forwards were pretty evenly

by promotions. At first the ball stayed in the matched, so that neither side had any very great

middle of the ground, till Martin, by a good dribble advantage in the squash. Soon after the commence

half the length of the ground, obtained a try for ment De Winton by a good run got in some few

Preshute, which Taylor converted into a goal. Beyards below the goal post, but the place by Prest

fore change Belk got another try, which Taylor was a failure. Just before change De Winton got

kicked. After change Littlefield played up hard in right behind and Chappel II kicked a goal.

and penned their opponents, and although Taylor Hart-Smith's now had the wind at their backs and

by a good dribble, took the ball from Preshute's Clayton kicked off for them. Neither side had

25, it was soon brought back there again, and much the best of the game for some time, until

Vans-Agnew got a try for Littlefield. Thus PreWaterfield got the ball and ran in, but was collared

shute won by 3 goals and 2 tries to 1 try. For the before he could get right behind. The place was

victors, besides those already mentioned, Stack tried by Chappel II, but the intervention of the trees

forward, and deMontmorency behind, who collared prevented what might otherwise have been a goal.

well, played best, while for Littlefield, Rogers in the After the drop out, Baker's had somewhat the worst

squash, and Radley behind, did their best to avert of it and twice had to touch down in self-defence,

defeat. but the danger was averted and soon after Waterfield by a good run got in right behind, and Chappel II

HOUSE GROUNDS, Second Ties. had no difficulty in converting this try into a goal. || FORD's (MALTESE CROSS) v. Baker's (FLEUR DE Lys). Hart-Smith's kicked off again and at call of time This game, played on the C., was won by Ford's in Baker's were being somewhat penned.

the hour. Baker's won the toss and Ford's kicked On the second day Baker's kicked off against the off from the town end. At first the game remained wind, and De Winton almost immediately ran in and in the middle of the ground and was very evenly Chappel II kicked a goal. Lascelles 1 then kicked contested, but soon Ford's forwards drove back their off for Hart-Smith's, and a minute later Chappel II adversaries and Little obtained a try, which was not got the ball and by a good run of more than half the however kicked. After kick off De Winton made a length of the ground got a try, which he converted good run and got in almost behind, but the place into a goal.

failed. At change the score was one try all, but from Baker's behinds were much too fast for Hart this time Ford's had the best of it throughout. The Smith's. For Baker's besides those already men- ll good play of Ford's forwards kept the ball in their

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