nicety, there was a low standard, there was an indisposition to strive against sin, there was the fear of committing myself, there was rank cowardice. So much for motives. But as to the tendency, as to the end whither the motives lead us, here I may speak of others as well as myself : and I say this, that the effects of contenting ourselves with the “ simple exhibition of truth," the end to which it comes, the results, are these : a compromise with the world ; a compromise with false doctrine; a compromise with sin in our people ; in one word, a compromise with the evil one. Look! What monstrous errors are beginning to stalk abroad. See how they come out and make mows at us before the sun. Mark what an age we live in : an evil and adulterous age; and withal a very smooth, gentle, conciliatory age : an age that cheats, robs, and lies : an age that deals in murders, poison, and sorcery. And we know these things; and we say nothing about them; because we are intent upon “the simple exhibition of truth.”

Oh, why is not every man a Bigot! I'll tell you what, my friend. If we want to do any good, we must go to work in earnest, and that speedily. Our plans must be totally changed. The Lord hath a controversy with this people ; and we ought to take part in it, on his side. You may be gentle, because it is the best way of managing people, and carrying objects : but this will not do. It is an evil time. The gentle, all-conciliating man is not the man for these days. The peaceful Solomon was the king exactly suited for the time when he reigned : but he would not have done for the warlike days of David. You will think it strange, what I am going to say: but we need more of a conTROVERSIAL style, in declaring the truth from the pulpit.—“Controversial? The pulpit surely is the last place for controversy." -It is, it is. But we are now almost driven to our last place. Here the stand must be made. The opposite plan has been carried so far, that the enemies of the truth hardly understand us: they hardly know that we are against them. We must begin, then, to controvert. I mean, we must begin so to state the truth, that our truth shall be opposed to their error, and that they may feel it to be so. We must not go on in one course and let them go on in another ; but we must so shape our course, as to meet them in theirs, to set ourselves against them. At present, indeed, even if truth and error do meet, they so meet that each slides by the other, without collision. We are terribly afraid of collision. But truth must now be so declared, as to lay hold of error: not to pass it by without a shock, but to meet it, full butt, with the full determination of bringing it to action, and trying the issue of the conflict. Are you delighted at the thought of general harmony ? I tell

you, General harmony, under present circumstances, is a very bad thing. Some among the partners in this harmony must be bad, unbelieving, unconverted men. Hence, if the word were so preached as really to touch them, you would have harmony no longer. We should at once find ourselves in conflict with them :-and oh for that glorious day, when the Lord of hosts, the God of battle, having put heart into them that are his, shall scatter the mist of treacherous concord, that

now sits like a stagnant pestilence upon our land, in the dust, the flames, the outcry, and the agony, of a glorious conflict ; out of which shall come forth celestial peace, beaming on the frightened world like sunshine after a storm, whilst mercy and truth meet together, and kiss each other, on the face of the renovated earth !-One thing is becoming more and more evident; that, in publicly declaring the truth, we ought to feel no hesitation in specifying prevalent errors. It has been urged, indeed, that by so doing, we may only put evil into the minds of our hearers, and lay a stumbling-block in their way. But the time for this objection is past. The evil is in their minds already. In bringing forth the error, therefore, we only bring forth what is there. Let every sermon, then, be a public execution. Drag out the caitiffs from their hiding-places : bind them hand and foot : bear them away, not down to the valley of Achor, but up to Calvary's summit, and slay them there.

What, my brother? Do we begin to talk of their burning us? This is grand talking indeed: but I almost doubt whether we have any thing combustible. They might perhaps carry us to the stake; they might even set light to the faggots : but whether they could get us to burn is another matter. I question whether, after all

, we might not escape the martyr's end; though not as salamanders, but as snowballs. The furnace is kindled; the culprit is thrown in; the people jump, and scream, and clap their hands. But, lo, a hissing noise, and the fire goes out!-Why, the Catholic bill passed both Houses, and not one Clergyman got taken up. Degraded church! Degenerate offspring of martyrs ! As many of her forefathers as found a tomb, turn round upon their faces in their graves !

I will tell you when we may expect the burning to begin. When we open our "Bibles, and therein, by the light of the Spirit shining upon their contents, but more especially shining on the page of prophecy, take our view of the world: when, speaking by the same Spirit, according to what has there been shewn us, we pronounce a just judgment on society as it now is, balancing, with all its murders, sorceries, delusions, and abominations, upon the brink of a yearning hell: when we proclaim aloud that the works which it does are the devil's works, and the men whom it worships as idols are the devil's agents : when we see and feel all this so clearly, so fully, and so forcibly, that we shall not proclaim it with an uncertain voice, or in language that seems hesitating or figurative, but distinctly, plainly, broadly, literally, and most offensively; so that what we state shall in some measure come up to what is in the recreant coNSCIENCES of those who hear us, and set their own shame before their faces, and lay open, in such manner, the secrets of each man's charnel- house, that is, his own bosom, that they shall begin to gnaw their tongues for pain and rage :-then will the fires also begin to blaze ; then will false professors begin to drop off, and leave the faithful to stand the brunt alone; and then perhaps will something happen to make it plain, that one at least thought far too highly of himself, and took far too good a name, when he signed himself



SONNET It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I might learn thy statutes.”

Psa. cxix. 71.
ANOTHER and another fearful blow !

My earthly hopes and comforts all o'erthrown!

And I am left, or shall be left, alone,-
An exile in this wilderness of woe !
'Tis well! From this time forward I shall know

That in the Lord all comfort must be sought;

That by His power and grace it must be wrought,
And from this only fountain it must flow.
O faithless, whom such foretaste doth not cheer!.

I shall exult, if with the steady hand
Of faith, triumphant over doubt and fear,

I use even pain and anguish to withstand
The base affections which would bind me here,
A sensual captive in a slavish band.


THE CATHOLIC QUESTION NOT SETTLED. The Catholic question still waits the settlement of that day, when He, who already rules, a spiritual King, shall be manifested to all, sitting upon the throne of his glory, openly to redress and rectify all things, whether in the world or in the church, and to judge his enemies. The writer who a few months since announced "the last of the Catholic question," announced a falsehood, palpable at the time ; but à falsehood not discernible in its full extent; which remains to be measured out with each sueceeding year, that shall behold the question still undetermined, still agitated, and still agitating ; and which will probably reach in length from the time when the lie was uttered to the consummation of all things.-Some may think, indeed, that they have disposed of the question by an Act of Parliament. But if so, its ghost still walks; and behold it here, once more to blanch their cheeks, and carry terror to their guilty hearts. THE. CATHOLIC QUESTION IS NOT SETTLED.

The present state of our country is prophetically depicted, in the word of the Lord spoken against the merchant-city of old by Ezekiel : “ Thy rowers have brought thee into great waters : the east wind hath broken thee in the midst of the seas?! (xxvii, 26). Thy rulers have pulled thee out into dangers far beyond their powers to fathom; and in that situation an offshore storm has come upon thee and is shattering thee, at once forbidding thy return, and whelming thee in that ocean which was once thy wealth but is now thy destruction, in the general turmoil and concussion of thy resources, which once made thee great.—Behold the difficulties of a government, which emancipates Popery, and—be the two things always mentioned together, for together they ought always to be viewed—which emancipates Popery, and tolerates Blasphemy. Be it always remembered, in connection with the present state of the Catholic question, that we LIVE UNDER A GOVERNMENT BY WHICH PUBLIC BLASPHEMY, OF THE MOST ATROCIOUS KIND, IS NOT PUT DOWN. And, wherever this is so, we live in constant and imminent danger of great concussions, affecting all the institutions of the country, and the throne itself. For though the powers that be are ordained of God, yet, upholding them, does he require that they should uphold his honour : and, upon their failing to do this, it is a small thing with him to shake them-yea, if the shaking be disregarded, it is a small thing with him to overturn them.-Meanwhile, heavy calamities are already resting upon our land. The Catholic question, so far from being settled, is every day coming out more clearly in its true character; as a question between the King of heaven and the rulers of this realm. The nation is now under Divine judgments. To conceal the effects of these judgments, there is a general conspiracy. Yet each knows that he is conspiring to aid a lie: and the people of the Lord, while in private they deeply bewail their own sinfulness, and humble themselves in secret for that participation in the national guilt from which few individuals composing a nation are entirely clear, ought loudly to proclaim these judgments, and denounce their causes.

But by dwelling on external and visible calamities, we should only shew our ignorance of that which is worst in our present state. View rather the moral ills of this land. The offensive truth, six months ago proclaimed by us, which pronounced the supporters of Catholicism Catholics, is now daily receiving more and more development. Meanwhile, the national character is sinking rapidly: and even the resources of the country are not dwindling away so fast, as public principle.

But while these dangers press, we are cut off even from a remedy. The obvious course, under national afflictions, is to proclaim a day of humiliation and of public fasting. But this our rulers cannot do: for to do it would be to make a public acknowledgment. They must acknowledge two things that they have done wrong, and that they are punished. This they would acknowledge, by proclaiming a fast. But never! They deny any evil consequences, they deny the having done wrong. Hence, no public humiliation by authority. Or even if the fast were to be proclaimed on the ground of public distress, still VOL. III.-NO. IV.

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the guilt would be concealed; and therefore the whole proceeding would be hypocritical, and tend only to bring down greater judgments.-But, as far as we can perceive, this is not to be apprehended. It seems the intention, rather, to the last possible point, to the last possible moment, to deny guilt, to deny suffering, altogether. There is a desperate determination, apparently, to try how far this can be carried : to howl “ Prosperity,

Prosperity," with the very yells extorted by the scourge of judgments now upon us : to go lying on, beneath the very beams and brightness of terrible truth, that pierces like lightning, and scorches like fire.—What peculiar, what sanguinary atrocity, in that part of this lying system, which embraces unhappy Ireland! There also, aided by the full cooperation of the tyrannical and slavish press, we have the same plan of denial and concealment. In concealing the effects of the weather, in concealing the amount of national suffering, but above all, in concealing the true state of the sister Island, what abominable iniquities are now daily perpetrated ! Consider. Here is rapine, violence, murder, going on from day to day, and the facts garbled or suppressed, to save the honour of a political measure! Nay, worse. These horrors are suffered; from the same base motive permitted, suffered, tolerated ! because to interfere effectually for their suppression would be to admit their existence. What! was it a thing to be prevented by making every concession, was it a thought too shocking to be endured, that Ireland should suffer the horrors of bloodshed even for a single day? And yet how many days of bloodshed have you left her to suffer since, without moving a finger for her relief! Oh, there is no hypocrisy like the hypocrisy of mock humanity. But it succeeds, it gains its end ; and then drops deceit, merely because it has no longer an end to gain ! Thus bloodshed is hushed up, and permitted to proceed, and to be now going on; thus suffering is concealed and audaciously denied in the face of facts; thus there is to be no departure from error in the sight of men, no public humiliation before God; that a disgraceful measure may not appear in its true character, that compromise and concession

may not be seen in their proper colours of iniquity and baseness, that dupes and traitors may not be put to shame!

But can there be no humiliation before God, except on public authority? Are we restricted as individuals ? Assuredly not, Individual ministers may of course raise the voice of warning, and exhort their respective flocks to such measures of humiliation as the condition of our beloved and suffering Country requires. And though this will not be the same thing as a day of National Humiliation, yet even national humiliations are always partial

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