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LONDON FASHIONS. GAILDEŇ COSTUME. || posed of two rows of vandykes, the Pelisse of Pomona-green gros de points meeting in the centre of the Naples, open in front, and lined with sleeve, and forming squares or dia. pale pink sarsnet: plain collar, slop- monds between, which are of white ed off from the front, stiffened, and satin, ornamented with a full-blown half turned, so as to display the China rose in each; the sleeve is terpink lining and the neat embroider-minated with narrow vandyke blond ed frill round the throat: the cor- | lace, the same as the tucker. The sage full, and of such a length as to skirt has a deep border, headed with shew an elegant shape to advantage: a band of citron-colour gros de Nas the sleeve large, and confined above ples, with pendant straps, supporting the wrist by a band and small oval a drapery of the same material formbuckle, and, secondly, by a broad | ed into vandykes, edged with satin, gold bracelet: straight cuff, slit as and uniting with a row beneath by a far as the wrist: corded band round satin button, and displaying the the waist, fastened by a gold buckle white satin diamonds with roses in on the right side.

| their centre, corresponding with the Plain jaconot muslin high dress: sleeve; wadded hem beneath, attachthe corsage made to fit, and elegant- ed by straps to the vandykes above; ly worked: the skirt scolloped at the || fancy buckle of different-coloured edge, and ornamented with three gems, fastening a broad ribbon with deep tucks, and insertion-work be- three ends of various lengths under tween. Hair in graceful ringlets à | the left arm. Turban of citron-cola Vandyke, partly covered by a || lour crèpe lisse, divided into bouf. beautifully embroidered lace veil. fants by bands of the same colour Necklace of red cornelian, worn out- | in satin as is the head-piece, which side the pelisse; ear-rings to corre- has two rows of French beads round spond. Lemon-colour gloves; pur- the edge. Necklace, three delicate ple morocco shoes; rose-colour pa chains of gold, fastened in front by a rasol, lined with white, and an an- | beautiful ornament of pearl and turtique wreath round the edge. quoise: ear-rings to suit: bracelets

of broad gold, studded with rubies, EVENING DRESS.

outside the gloves, wlrich are long, Silk barèges dress of citron-colour: and of white kid. White satin the corsage arranged in small per

shoes. pendicular plaits, rather high across the front of the bust, where it is | GENERAL OBS:RVATIONS ON FASHION straight, and set in a broad band,

AND DRESS. ornamented with a row of rosa sal The light garb of summer has now vatira: the shoulder-strap is broad completely given place to the warmand plain: the sleeve short, and com- er clothing of autumn. Shawls be

Vol. VI. No. XXXV.


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